3 Legged Dog - 'Frozen Summer'
Accomplice - 'She's On Fire'
Adrenaline Factor -
Aerosmith – 'Just Push Play’
Alleycat Scratch - 'Dead Boys In A Trash Can' (CD/DVD)
Airey, Don - 'A Light In The Sky'
American Angel – ‘Vanity’
American Heartbreak – self-titled
Angra – 'Rebirth'
Animal - self-titled
Anthrax - 'The Greater Of Two Evils'
Axxis - 'Eyes Of Darkness'
Aztec Jade - 'Frame of Mind'
Babylon A.D. – 'American Blitzkrieg'
Babylon A.D. - In The Beginning'
Bach, Sebastian – 'Bring ‘Em Bach Alive'
Backwash - 'Kick Ass'
Baltimoore - 'Ultimate Tribute'
Baltimoore - 'Fanatical'
Baltimoore - 'Kaleidoscope'
Baltimoore - 'X'
Baltimoore - 'Quick Fix'
Bang Tango - 'From The Hip'
Basse, Willie - 'The Money Grind'
Beautiful Creatures - 'Deuce'
Bellas, George - 'Venomous Fingers'
Ben Jackson Group - 'All Over You'
Big Elf – 'Money Machine'
Black Knight – 'Tales from the Darkside'
Black Label Society –'1919 Eternal'
Black Label Society - 'Blessed Hellride'
Black Label Society - 'Mafia'
Black Label Society - 'Hangover Music Vol IV'
Black Label Society - 'King Of Damnation'
Black Stone Cherry - 'Folklore And Superstition'
Blackmore’s Night – 'Fires at Midnight'
Blackmore’s Night – ‘Ghost Of A Rose’

Blazed - 'Now The Party Starts'
Blind Alley – ‘Destination Destiny’
Blind Date – self-titled

Blue Cheer – ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’
Boloney Ponyz – self-titled
Boned - 'Up The Crack'
Bonfire – ‘Live Over Europe’
Bonfire – 'Strike Ten'

Brass Kitten – 'Across America'
Brazen Abbot – ‘A Decade Of Brazen Abbot’ (dvd)
Brides of Destruction - 'Here comes the Brides'
Britny Fox – 'Long Way Live'
Broken Teeth – ‘Blood On The Radio’
Bullistic - 'Chronicles of Love & Hate'

Burn - 'Global Warning'
Byrd, James –'Flying Beyond the 9'
Cage – 'Unveiled'
Cascone, Dean - 'Guitar Chop Shop'
Cain’s Alibi – 'Sanctified'
Catley, Bob – 'Legends'
Catena, Chris – ‘Freak Out’

Charlemagne - 'self-titled'
Crash Street Kids - 'Transatlantic Suicide'
Cherry St. - 'Monroe'
Cherry St. – 'X-Rated'
Christian, James - 'Meet The Man'
Cline, David Neil – ‘Malific Influence’
Cline, David Neil – ‘Through Scrutiny’
Clutch – ‘From Beale Street To Oblivion’
Cold Truth - 'Do Watcha Do'
Cooper, Alive - 'The Eyes of Alice Cooper'
Cooper, D.C. – self-titled
Corrosion Of Conformity - 'In The Arms Of God'
Court Jester – ‘Gina’
Covered Call - 'Money /never Sleeps'
Coverdale, David –'Into the Light'
Cowboy Prostitutes – self-titled
Crash Kelly – ‘Electric Satisfaction’
Crimson Glory – 'Astronomica'
Crucified Barbara – In Distortion We Trust’ (enhanced CD)

Crushed - 'My Machine'
Cry Havoc - 'Fuel That Feeds the Fire'
Cutt, The (with Paul Shortino) – ‘sacred place’
Danger Danger – '4 the Hard Way'
Danger Danger – 'The Return of the Great Gildersleeves'
Danger Danger – 'Cockroach'
Danger Danger - 'Revolve'
Dark Sky – ‘Edge Of Time’
Dee, Franky – 'I Like to Rock'
DeTone, Ray – 'Strange World'
Di’anno – 'Nomad'
Dickinson, Bruce - 'Tyranny Of Souls'
Dio – 'Magica'
Dio – 'Killing the Dragon'
Dio - 'Master of the Moon'
Dirty American – ‘Strange Generation’
Dirty Penny - 'Take It Sleezy'
Dog Faced Godz – ‘Stoned Council’
Dogpound - 'The Hellbum'
Dokken –'Long Way Home'
Dokken – ‘Hell To Pay’
Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again'
Domain - 'Artefact'
Dommin - 'Love Is Gone'
Doors, The - 'Live in Boston '70'
Dynazty - 'Bring The Thunder'
Edenbridge – 'Sunrise in Eden'
Empire – 'Hypnotic'
Empire -'Trading Souls'
Enemy Of Thought - self-titled
Enuff z Nuff - '?'
ESP – self-titled
Evanescence - 'The Open Door'
Eve To Adam – ‘Queens To Eden’
Every Mother’s Nightmare – 'Smokin’ Delta Blues'
Every Mother's Nightmare - 'Songs from Somewhere Live'
Evolicity - self-titled
Fatal Smile - 'Beyond Reality'
Fat Nancy – ‘Pure American Muscle, Baby’
Felony - 'Helltown Hotel'
Fire Alley - self-titled
Fire Alley - 'Scorcher'
Firehouse – 'Bring Em’ Out Live'
Firehouse – 'O2'
Firesign - 'Wheelin an' Dealin'
Firkins, Michael Lee – 'Decomposition'
Foghat - 'Live II'
Funny Money - 'Stick It'
Tracy G. Group - self-titled
Gillis, Brad – 'Alligator'
Girlschool - 'Believe'
Graal - 'Realm Of Fantasy'
Great White - 'Rising'
Gun Shy - 'After Dark'
Gynger Lynn - 'S/T'
Hardlein - 'Down To The Wire'
Hardline - 'Leaving The End Open'
Hagar, Sammy – 'Red Voodoo'
Hagar, Sammy – 'Ten 13'
Hard Traveller
Harem Scarem - 'Human Nature'
Halford, Rob - 'Metal God the essentials'
Haven – 'The Road'
HavocHate – ‘Cycle Of Pain’
Heaven & Earth - 'A Taste Of Heaven'
Heaven & Earth - self-titled (re-issue)
Heaven Sake – ‘self-titled
Helix – 'The Best of.. Deep Cuts'
Helix - 'Never Trust Anyone Over 30'
Helix - 'Rockin' In My Outer Space'
Helix - 'A Heavy Mental Christmas'
Helix - 'Vegabound Bones'
Hensley, Ken - 'Blood On The Highway'
High Noon - 'No Turning Back'
Hinder - 'Extreme Behavior'
Hinder - 'Take It To The Limit'
House of Lords - 'Come To My Kingdom'
House of Shakira - 'First Class'
Hughes, Glenn –'Building the Machine'
Hughes, Glenn - 'Soul Mover'

Hughes, Glenn - 'Music For The Devine'
Hughes, Glenn - 'Future Underground Nuclear Kitchen'
Ian Perry - 'Consortium Project'
Ilium - 'Ageless Decay'
Ignarus - self-titled
Impellitteri - 'Pedal To The Medal'
Iommi w/ Hughes - 'Fused'
Iommi w/ Hughes - 'The 1996 Dep Sessions'
Iron Horse - 'Bring It On'
Iron Maiden - 'Death On The Road'
Iron Maiden - 'Essential'Jackson, Ben –'Here I Come'
Jackyl - 'Live From Full Throtle' (CD)
Journey – 'Arrival'
Judas Priest - 'Essentials'
Judas Priest - 'Nostradamus'
Judge Jackson -Self-Titled
Keeling, Kelly - 'Giving Sight To The Eye'
Keldian - 'Heaven's Gate'
Kelly Simonz Blind Faith – 'Sign of the Times'
Kick Axe - 'IV'
Kingdom Come - 'Independent'
Kings X - 'Ogre Tones'
Kinrick - 'Sense Your Darkness'
Kittie - 'Safe'
Krasied - 'Haywire Logic'

Krackerjack - 'Rock On!'
Krokus - 'Rock the Block'
Krokus -'Fire and Gasoline'
Krunk – 'Greatist Hits'
L.A. Guns – 'Shrinking Violet'
Laidlaw - self-titled
Leonardo – 'The Absolute man'
Lillian Axe - 'Waters Rising'
Lillian Axe - 'Sad Day On Planet Earth'
Lima, Johnny – Shine On’
Lima, Johnny -'Made in California'
Lima, Johnny - 'Version 1.2'
Lima, Johnny - 'Livin' Out Loud'
Lion Share – 'Fall from Grace'
Living Loud - 'self-titled'
Lizards, The - 'Against All Odds'
Lizards, The - 'Cold Blooded Kings'

Lizards, The - ‘Är-chē•l’•gy’
Lotus – 'Quartet Conspiracy'
Loud 'n' Nasty - 'Too Much Ain't Enough'
Lynch/Pilson - 'Wicked Underground'
Lynch Mob - 'Smoke And Mirrors'
M3 -'Classic Snake Live'
Mad Margritt – 'In the Name of Rock'
Madslie - self-titled
Malmsteen, Yngwie (Rising Force) - 'Unleash The Fury'
Marino, Frank - 'Real Live'
Marsh, JJ - 'Music From Planet Marsh'
Masi, Alex – 'In the Name of Bach'
Masi, Alex - 'In The Name Of Beethoven'
Masi, Alex –'Attack of the Shark' (re-master)
Masi, Alex – 'Downtown Dreamers' (re-master)
Masi, Alex - 'Late Night At Desert Rimrock'
Mass - 'Take You Home'
Mass - 'Voices In The Night'
Mattersson, Lars Eric – 'Eternity'
Mattersson, Lars Eric - 'Power Games'
Maximum Overdrive - self titled
McQueen Street - '2'
Megadeth - 'End Game'
Metal Church - 'The Present Wasteland'
Meniketti – self-titled
Midnight Circus - 'Money Shot'
Million – 'Get Millionized'

Miss Crazy 'II'
Moon, Gary - 'Still Moon'
Motley Crüe – 'New Tattoo'

Mother's Army - 'Fire On The Moon'
Mother's Army - 'Planet Earth'
MSG – 'Unforgiving'
MSG – 'Be Aware of Scorpions'
MSG (Schenker/Barden acoustic project) - 'Gipsy Lady'
My Wicked Twin - 'Decibel Music'
Naked Beggars - self-titled
Naked Beggars - 'Spit it Out'
Nocturne - 'Guile To Extinction'
Northrup JK – ‘Wired To My Skin’
Octane Gypsy - 'Tough Love'
Outpatience - 'Anxious Disease'
Overkill – 'Coverkill'
Overkill - 'Relixiv'
Owens, Tim 'ripper' - Play My Game'
Pearcy, Stephen - 'Fueler'

Pell, Axel Rudi – 'Shadow Zone'
Pell, Axel Rudi - 'Ballads III'
Phoenix Down – 'Under a Wild Sky'
Pleasure Maker - 'Love On The Rocks'
Pistol Dawn - 's/t'
Poison –'Power to the People'
Poison –'Hollyweird'
Poison – ‘Poison’d’
Praying Mantis - 'Sanctuary'
Pretty Wild - 'All The Way'
Queensryche - 'American Soilder'
Quiet Riot - 'Rehab'
Radiocraft - 'Red'
Rain - 'Stronger'
Remedy - 'Strange Fast Now'
Renegade - 'Back From The Dead'
Renegade - 'On The Edge'
Rhapsody - 'Live In Canada 2005' - (the dark secret)'
Rivera/Bomma - 'Invisible Force'
Rockaroma - self-titled
Rolie, Gregg – 'Roots'
Romeo Delite – self-titled
Russell, Jack –'For You'

Saints Of The underground - 'Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner'
Saxon – 'Killing Ground'
Screamin Lords, The - 'Long Live Me'
Scorpions – 'Eye to Eye'
Scorpions – 'Acoustica'
Scorpions – 'Moment of Glory'
Scorpions - 'Unbreakable'
Scorpions - 'Humanity Hour 1'
Screlerata - 'Darkness and Light'
Sequel - 'Back'
Sentance, Carl - 'Mind Doctor'

SGT. Roxx - 'Miss Distraction'
Sherinian, Derek - 'Blood Of The Snake'
Shortino, Paul – 'Stand or Fall'
Shortino, Paul (the Cutt) - 'Sacred Place'
Shortino, Paul - 'Chasing My Dream'
Shugar/Schenker -'Under Construction'
Silent Force – 'Infatuator'
Skid Row - 'Revolutions Per Minute'
Slaves To The System - self-titled
Smith, Stuart –'Windows to the World'
Soto, Scott Jeff - 'Lost In Translation'

Soto, Scott Jeff - 'Beautiful Mess'
Spiders & Snakes - 'Hollywood Ghost'
Spiders & Snakes - 'Melodrama'
St. James – ‘Americana’
Strike Twice - self-titled
Starbreaker – self-titled
Steelheart - 'Just A Taste' (EP)
Steelheart - 'Good 2b Alive'
Stryper - 'Reborn'
Sulentic Brothers Band - 'South Bend'
Sunstorm - self-titled
Sunstorm - 'House Of Dreams'
Supared - self-titled
Supervillian -'The Stand'
Switch Blade - 'Rock 'n' Roll 4Ever'
Sweet - 'Live In America!'
Taglieri, John – 'Leap of Faith'
Taglieri, John - 'Everything We Are' (ep)
Taglieri, John - 'Lives'
Takara -'Best Of..'
Takara - 'Invitatin To Forever'
Ten – 'Babylon'
Teodori, Bruce – ‘Tyranny’
Tesla - 'Into the Now'
Tesla - 'Forever Now'
Thunder - 'Magnificent Seventh'
Thunder - 'Shooting at the Sun'
Thunder - 'Six Shooter'
Tims, Terri – 'Whole Lotta Trouble'
TNT - 'All The Way To The Sun'
TNT - 'My Religion'
Tour Bus – 'Road Show'
Top Johnny - 's/t'
Tuff – 'The History of Tuff”
Turner, Joe Lynn – 'Holy Man'
Twisted Sister - 'A Twisted Christmas'
Twisted Sister - 'Still Hungry' ('Stay Hungry ' re-recorded)
Tygers of Pan Tang - 'Noises from the Cathouse'
UFO – 'Covenant'
UFO - 'The Visitor'
UZI - 'Madhouse'
Vagh - 'Into the Future Zone'
Vagh - 'Sands of Time'
Vain - 'On The Line'
Vainglory – self-titled
Vaughn, Danny - 'From The Inside'
Vaughn, Danny - 'Traveller'
Vaughn, Danny - 'The Road Less Travelled'
Velocity – 'Activator'
Verismo - 'City of Kings'
Vicious Circle – 'Fine Line'
Vicious Rumors – 'Sadistic Symphony'
Violent Storm - 'Storm Warning'
Viper, Jack - 'Murder'
Vision - 'on the Edge'
Vixen - 'Live & Learn'
Voodoo Hill - 'Wild Seed Of Mother Earth'
V-Project – 'Lost Demos'
Walk The Sky - self-titled

Wanderlust - Self-Titled
War & Peace - 'The Walls Have Eyes'
War and Peace – 'Light at the End of the Tunnel'
Warrant - 'Cherry Pie' (re-mastered/+2)
Warrant - 'Dirty Rotten Filthy Sticking Rich' (re-mastered/+2)
Warrant – 'Under the Influence'
Warrior - 'The Wars of Gods and Man'
Way, Pete - 'Live'
XYZ -'Letter to God'
Zan Clan - self-titled
Zardoz - 'Broken Mirror'
Compilations, Tributes & Soundtracks:
'Back Against The Wall' - A Tribute to Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'
Blackmore's Castle - 'Tribute to Ritchie Blackmore Vol. I'
Blackmore's Castle - 'Tribute to Ritchie Blackmore Vol. II'
Hollywood Rocks
Metal Tribute - 'Girls Got Rhythm'
Misfits Meet Nutley Brass - 'Fiend Club Lounge' (Misfits Tribute)
Tribute to Aerosmith – ‘Not The Same Old Song And Dance’
Tribute to Aerosmith – 'Aerosmithsonian'
Tribute To Bon Jovi – ‘Always’
Tribute to Def Leppard – 'Leppardmania'
Tribute to Jason Becker – 'Warmth in the Sun'
Tribute to Shawn Lane - Shawn Lane Remembered vol. I
Tribute to the Scorpions – 'Covered like a Hurricane'
Tribute to UFO – 'Only You Can Rock Me'