Whitesnake - 'Live In '84
Back To The Bone' (CD/DVD)


This DVD/CD is dedicated to Cozy Powell, Jon Lord & Mel Gallery

David Coverdale - vocals
John Sykes - guitar
Cozy Powell - drums
Neil Murray - bass

Mel Galley - keyboards


Super-Rock Japan '84:
1.) "Gambler"
2.) "Guilty Of Love"
3.) "Love Ain't No Stranger"
4.) "Ready An' Willing"
5.) "Slow An' Easy"
6.) "Crying In The Rain"
7.) guitar solo
8.) "Soldier Of Fortune"
9.) drum solo
10.) "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City"
11.) "Don't Break My Heart Again"
Jon Lord's Final Performance:
1.) "Gambler"
2.) "Guilty Of Love"
3.) "Love Ain't No Stranger"
4.) "Ready An' Willling"
Photo Gallery:

Snakeskin Boots: The Best Of The Bootlegs:

1.) "Gambler"
2.) "Guilty Of Love"
3.) "Love Ain't No Stranger"
4.) "Slow An' Easy"
5.) "Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues"
6.) "Ready An' Willing"
7.) guitar solo
8.) "Crying In The Rain"
9.) "Soldier Of Fortune"
Super-Rock Japan - '84:
10.) "Love Ain't No Stranger"
11.) "Ready An' Willing"
12.) "Slow An' Easy"
Jon Lord's Final Whitesnake Performance:
I. "Gambler"
II. "Guilty Of Love"
III. "Love Ain't Stranger"
IV. "Ready An' Willing"


Biography on 'Slide It In'

In late 1983, the band recorded 'Slide It In', which was released in Europe in early 1984. It was the band's fourth top 10 album in their native UK, peaking at number nine.  At this same time, the band secured a major US record deal with the Geffen label. The 'Slide It In' (1984) album had drawn mixed reviews, the negatives particularly focusing on its "flat" mix.  While a personnel change saw the touring band replace Moody with former Thin Lizzy guitarist John Sykes, plus the return of bassist Neil Murray in place of Hodgkinson, producer David Geffen insisted that the album be remixed for the US release. In addition to the remix, Sykes and Murray re-recorded the lead guitar and bass parts. This revised version of the album had its US release in April 1984. Despite Coverdale's misgivings regarding the lack of edge in these new tracks, Slide It In (1984) just barely missed the US Top 40, and went double platinum there three years later after the release of the band's eighth album.
The band's first official logo appeared on their 1979 album 'Lovehunter', and was used between 1978 and 1984.
'The Slide It In (1984) album led to the album-oriented rock hits in the US: "Slow an' Easy" and "Love Ain't No Stranger", as well as the album's title track. It was at this point that Geffen suggested to Coverdale that he "start taking America seriously."
While touring in spring 1984, Mel Galley suffered a broken arm in an accident, leaving John Sykes as the sole guitarist for the remaining dates. A few weeks later, Jon Lord left to reform Deep Purple Mk. II, and keyboard player Richard Bailey was brought in. The band was booked in the US to open for acts such as Dio and Quiet Riot. The tour ended with a performance in front of a crowd of over 100,000 people, at the Rock in Rio festival held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Galley remained a member — "he's still getting paid," said Coverdale — until Galley rashly discussed plans to reform Trapeze in an interview, and Coverdale then fired him.


   In early1984 my brother came home from college with a sixty-holder cassette case.  Just some of the cassettes that was consisted in the case were Whitesnake's, 'Trouble' (1978), 'Lovehunter' (1979), 'Ready An' Willing' (1980), 'Come An' Get It' (1981).  After listening to these releases and musically being right up my alley I could have told you that they would still be together today.  I just did not anticipate all the line-up changes!
'Back To The Bone' is a CD/DVD combo.  The DVD consists of two live concerts.  The first show was filmed at Super-Rock Japan in 1984.  This show features a full band setlist consisting of eleven blistering Whitesnake songs.  The DVD also features a cut down set that features Deep Purple's Jon Lord on keyboards.  There also is a photo gallery for fans to scroll through.  Over the years, I have never really what you could call David off his game live.  However, call it age, call it a new band with great material but David it dead on!  Same with the band Cozy Powell never misses a lick and is greatly missed by drummers such as myself.  John Sykes (the greatest hair in rock 'n' roll) is dead on!  The second show featured Jon lord (Deep Purple) instead of Mel Galley on keyboards.  As much as I have always thought Mel was a great keyboardist, you just really cannot beat Jon Lord!
The CD is basically the same as the DVD.

     Since 'Slide It In' I have seen Whitesnake a total of five of six times.  Though over those years I have to say this line-up was one of my favorites.  Not some much because it was the best musician's I have seen with the band.  However, it is the freshness the band had.  Don't get me wrong every time I have seen any of these members live they have put on one HELL of a performance.  However for the 'Slide It In' Tour and this performance the newness has not wore off the band yet.  If you were one of the unlucky ones to see Whitesnake on this tour or even if you were one of the lucky ones then you must add this CD/DVD to your colletion!!!!