Bian Tarquin & Heavy Friends - 'Guitars For Wounded Warrors'

Track Listing:
1.) " Black Hawk" feat Billy Sheehan
2.) " Taliban Terror" feat Bumblefoot & Rob Beach
3.) " Charlie Surfs" feat Chris Poland
4.) " 5 Klicks To Hell" feat Gary Hoey
5.) " Surgical Strike" feat The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers
6.) " Hunting" feat Chris Poland
7.) " Baghdad" feat Gary Hoey
8.) " Broken Arrow" feat Alex De Rosso
9.) " Sand & Blood" feat Hal Lindes
10.) " Escape Kabul" feat Chuck Loeb
11.) " Freedom" feat Steve Morse

From veteran multi-Emmy Award winning producer/composer Brian Tarquin comes this very special project featuring an incredible cast of musical virtuosos playing their hearts out for America’s fallen soldiers! Tarquin produced, engineered and composed ‘Guitars For Wounded Warriors’, which showcases Tarquin’s guitar prowess on every song along side such world-class shredders as Steve Morse, Billy Sheehan, Gary Hoey, Bumblefoot (Gun n Roses), Reb Beach (Whitesnake), Hal Lindes (Dire Straits), Chris Poland (Megadeth) and Chuck Loeb. The album features exclusively released tracks inspired by those military soldiers who have fought for country.
The Multi Emmy Award winning composer/guitarist Brian Tarquin has established himself as a top rate TV composer/recording artist and owner of Jungle Room Studios. In 2002, 2003 and 2005 he won an “Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series” and has been nominated for an Emmy 6 times. In 2006 SESAC honored him with the Network Television Performance Award. Tarquin first graced the Top 20 Billboard Charts back in 1997 with the commercial release; ‘This is Acid Jazz, Vol. 2′ on Instinct Records, followed by several solo jazz albums, which charted Top 10 at Contemporary Jazz Radio in the late 90′s. From 1996 to 2001, Brian recorded four solo albums, ‘Ghost Dance’, ‘Last Kiss Goodbye’, ‘Soft Touch’ and ‘High Life’ and has appeared in over 32 releases, selling over 140,000 records in his career.

     Guitarist Brian Tarquin put out a call and some friends answered! Guitars For Wounded Warriors includes such heavy shredders as Billy Sheehan(Mr. Big, David Lee Roth Band, Talas), Steve Morse(Dixie Dregs, Deep Purple), Bumblefoot(Guns n Roses, soloist) and Reb Beach(Winger, Dokken, Whitesnake) just to name a few.
     Tarquin handled all the production, engineering and the composing duties to come up with a in your face, yet melodic frontal assault with some of the finest guitarists on the scene today. All of the tunes were inspired by combat experiences of U.S. soldiers with the result being an emotional yet action packed feast for the six-string fanatic.
     Unlike a lot of instrumental releases it is very difficult to tell where the musician is taking you on the song.  Ex. I remember buying a Steve Via CD onetime and talking to a guitar teacher friend of mine about it.  After several minutes he came back with the sad thing with heavy metal instrumentalist is you have to be Steve Via to understand it!.  It was not until I went to school for music did I completely understood what he meant.  This is not the case with this release. You can hear the songs and know where the musicians are taking the songs. 
     This is one instrumental you should have in your CD collection.