Leatherwolf - 'Unchained Live'


Michael Olivieri – vocals, guitar
Dean Roberts – drums
Pat Guyton – bass
Rob Math – guitars
Greg Erba – guitars

1.) " Spiter"
2.) " Kill and Kill Again"
3.) " The Calling"
4.) " Rise or Fall"
5.) " Dr. Wicked (Rx O.D.)"

6.) " Wicked Ways"
7.) " Hideaway"
8.) " Street Ready"
9.) " Thunder"
10.) " Black Knight" (studio bonus)

     Long before British metal legends Iron Maiden picked up on the concept, a pack of hungry Huntington Beach, CA-based teenagers, collectively known as LEATHERWOLF, pioneered and perfected the heavy metal Triple Axe Attack – documented via a trifecta of critically acclaimed and much loved ’80s scorchers. The eponymous debut EP, expanded to a full-length LP, entitled ‘Endangered Species’ for international release, and a pair of stunning albums for Island Records, ‘Leatherwolf’ and ‘Street Ready’ (yielding the MTV videos "The Calling" and "Hideaway", respectively), saw the band flying the flag of decidedly European-styled metal amidst a sea of formulaic L.A. contemporaries.
     After a lengthy self-imposed break, the band’s classic line-up resurfaced in 1999 with a storming live album, ‘Wide Open’, which went on to sell well over 10.000 copies without the support of a label or extensive touring, underscoring LEATHERWOLF’s enduring appeal among metal enthusiasts. The band also made a triumphant return to Europe by special invitation with a one-off gig at the prestigious Wacken Festival in Germany.
     Regrouping in 2006, LEATHERWOLF emerged with a new line-up, fronted by former Crimson Glory vocalist Wade Black, to once again turn the metal world on its ear with ‘World Asylum’, the band’s heaviest effort to date. Fusing familiar lupine trademarks with a modern-day edge, commanding vocals, and ten-ton hammer sonics, courtesy of Danish studio whiz Jacob Hansen who was brought in for the mix. ‘World Asylum’ earned top marks in major publications such as Rock Hard and Aardschok and LEATHERWOLF played a much celebrated gig at the Bang Your Head!!! Festival alongside In Flames, Foreigner, Helloween and others (documented on the BYH 2006 double DVD). Closer to home, the band also helped kick off the festivities with a blistering set at ProgPower VII in Atlanta, North America’s premier indie heavy metal event.
     Coming full circle in 2007, LEATHERWOLF were once again kicking out the jams in classic formation, with a returning Michael Olivieri leading the charge. The band completed a whirlwind fall tour of Europe, which included a headline appearance at the 9th edition of Germany’s Keep It True Festival, and issued a re-worked version of their acclaimed 2006 comeback disc, titled ‘New World Asylum’, with Olivieri on vocals. Closer to home, the band shared the bill with Anthrax, Saxon, Metal Church and others at the third annual Rocklahoma festival in 2009.
      With a new live album mixed by Roy Z in the offing and a rejuvenated line-up consisting of original members Michael Olivieri and Dean Roberts, long-time friend and bassist Patrick Guyton, and the guitar duo of Rob Math and Greg Erba in place, LEATHERWOLF are gearing up for an active 2013. “We are all excited about this new constellation and the possibilities it holds”, enthuses Olivieri. “More than anything, we’re looking forward to getting out there and really kicking some ass on stage. I think live is where it’s always been at for us and this group of guys can definitely deliver the goods!

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     For a brief moment in 1987 Leatherwolf was just out of reach from making it.  If it had not been for the fact of the flood of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock releases that flooded the market that year Leatherwolf would have probably made it.

      'Unchained Live' is the second live album release by Leatherwolf .  The setlist Mike chose for this live album mainly consisted of songs from the band's first three studio albums, 'Leatherwolf' (1985), 'Leatherwolf' (1987) 'Street Ready' (1989). 'Unchained' is the first LEATHERWOLF album to feature the lead guitar duo of Rob Math and Greg Erba who are joined by original members, vocalist/guitarist Michael Olivieri and drummer Dean Roberts, and longtime bassist Patrick Guyton. Do not let the fact that some of the members are not original members or members that originally recorded theses songs. The guys perform the songs with the same intensity and passion as they would have if they had written the songs themselves. This is one hell of a live CD. If you're a fan of Leatherwolf then this is an absolute must buy!!!!!