Jeff LaBar - 'One For The Road'

Jeff LaBar - vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard cello
Troy Luccketta -(Tesla) drums track 1, Chris Williams - (Pat McGee Band) drums on tracks 2 and 6, Ronnie Honeycutt(Jackyl) - drums on track 4, Cheney Brannon (Collective Soul) drums on track seven


1.) "No Strings" - This track opens with Jeff singing the lyric line, "I gave it all away".  The musical intro consisted of each measure opening with a half-note.  Underneath the half-note Jeff double-tracked a second rhythm guitar arrangement.  As the intro progressed Jeff played a minor lead guitar solo.  The minor lead guitar solo leads right up to the first lyric line.  There was a simple rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  The way Troy wrote the high-hat pattern consisted of eighth-notes with Troy completely closing the hi-hat on the +'s.  A hi-hat pattern such as this always gives the drum line a nice sound.  Jeff changed the rhythm arrangement for the musical chorus.  The musical chorus Troy changed the hi-hat pattern.  After the second chorus there was a small drum fill connecting the chorus with a breakdown section.  After the breakdown, there was a much-laid back melodic lead guitar solo.  Underneath the lyric lines of the coda there was a minor lead guitar solo.
2.) "Asking For A Beating" - This track opens with two measures of a single rhythm guitar riff.  Some of the sounds Jeff gets on these riffs are classic guitar sounds you heard him play over the years with Cinderella.  After the second measure Jeff double-tracked a second guitar.  This second guitar consisted of the same guitar arrangement as the one that opened the song. It is at this time the drum and bass line kick-in.  There was a small echo attached to the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth lyric lines.  There were a couple double-tracked lead guitar licks connecting the verse with the musical chorus.  The way Jeff arranged the lyric lines of the chorus reminded me a little of the stuff Ace Frehley wrote in the late seventies while he was with KISS.  There were several lead guitar licks connecting the second verse with the second chorus.  After the second chorus there was a major lead guitar solo.        
3.) "Muse" -  Instrumental
4.) "Hello Or Goodbye" -The acoustic guitar rhythm that opens this track begins coming out of just the left speaker.  Because "Muse" was an acoustic guitar instrumental and this track opened with an acoustic guitar it only made sense to have these two tracks back to back.  After about two measures a second acoustic guitar begins out the right speaker.  Jeff used the same acoustic guitar arrangements for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  Between the fourth and fifth lyric lines Jeff tripple-tracked a third acoustic guitar rhythm.  The lyric line of the choruses real shows Jeff's vocal talent.  After the first chorus there was a drum and bass line kick-in.  After the second chorus there was an electric lead guitar solo.        
5.) "Ode To Page" - Instrumental

6.) "Nightmare On My Street" - There was a tom-tom fill underneath the intense rhythm riff that opened this song.  There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  Jeff used a studio effect for the vocal lines of the verses.  The hook of the chorus had an Alice Cooper feel to it.  In fact one could argue Alice Cooper wrote this song.  The lead guitar solo was after the second chorus.  The way Jeff recorded the solo made it sound as if there were two different guitarists playing it.  Compared to the rest of the songs on this release this track was intense as Hell!!
7.) "One For The Road" -The intro that opened this track had a hard rock blues feel to it.  Jeff used the same rhythm guitar arrangement for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  There was a simple rhythm change for the musical chorus.  After the second chorus there was a very laid back lead guitar solo.  The solo ran underneath the third chorus.

     If you are a die-hard fan of hard rock then you should recognize the name of Jeff LaBar.  The lead guitarist of the eighties hard rock band Ciderella.  What you may not know is not only is he a talented lead guitarist however plays bass, keyboards, cello and sings, not to mention one hell of a songwriter!  'One For The Road' is the first solo CD Jeff has released.  This is something I think when most people after hearing it will say.  What's taken so long?  The CD consisted of five songs and two instrumentals making it seven songs in total.  Outside of Fred Curry, Jeff is the third member of Ciderella to release either a solo CD or solo project.  Some artists claim rock is dead while the Industry itself has it on life support.  Well, 'One For The Road' is just one release I have heard this years that proves it is alive and well!  The two instrumentals shows Jeff still has the chops to play guitar.  The other five shows me the next time Cinderella hits the studio Jeff needs to be more involved in not only the songwriting however also singing lead!  'One For The Road' is a must own for all hard rock fans!!!!!