Hollywood Monsters - 'Big Trouble'


Steph honde - vocals, guitar, bass
Paul Di'Anno - vocals (track 11)
Denis Baruta - guitars (track 5 & 11 second chorus n track 9)
Tim Bogert - bass (tracks 1, 2, 10)
Oliver Brossard - bass (track 11)
Vinny Appice - drums (all tracks except 7, 10 & 11)
Don Airey - Hammond B3 (track 2)
Emmanuel Lamic - drums (tracks 10 & 11)
Laetitia Gondran -drums (track 7)
Scott Tenzer - (orchestral arrangement track 6)

1.) "Another Day In Grey - part 1" - Steph opens this track with a very simple clean electric guitar rhythm.  Tim Bogert (Catus) plays a very simple bass line underneath the rhythm guitar arrangement.  Steph played the same rhythm guitar arrangement for the musical pre-verse as the one he used for the intro.  For the musical pre-verse Tim changed the bass line adding more notes to the measures.     
2.) "Move On" - It seems the pause between track one and track two is shorter than normal.  This intro opens with a heavy rhythm guitar riff.  After the opening riff Vinny plays a small fill with a cymbal crash.  At this time Steph continues to ply the same riff only it what I believe to be a different key.  Vinny kicks the main body of the intro in with several bass drum kicks.  This is when the entire band kicks-in.  It is at this time that not only does Steph change his rhythm guitar arrangement however it also sounded like he double-tracked a second rhythm guitar arrangement.  Though the guitar rhythm is heavy, the addition of a second guitar gives the song an even heavier sound.  There was a very cool rhythm guitar change leading into the opening lyric line.  Underneath Sheph lyric lines of the verse Steph changed the rhythm guitar arrangement.  The musical and lyrical verse had a seventies hard rock feel to it.  Very similar to bands such as Cactus, Beck, Bogert & Appice...etc.  There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical chorus.  Underneath the lyric lines and ain musical arrangement of the second verse there is a Hammond B3 played by the legendary keyboardist Don Airy.  The way the guys wrote the second verse gave it a breakdown feel.  Don B3 riff connecting the second chorus with the solo second had a very Deep Purple feel to it.  You could take this as a tribute to the late Jon Lord or just the fact Don is currently playing with Deep Purple.  The lead solo had an amazing seventies hard rock feel to it.  There was small vocal accent connecting the lead guitar solo to the third chorus.  At the end of the song there was a short musical rest leading into the coda.  The end of the coda kind of reminded me of Iron Butterfly.
3.) "Big Trouble" - This track opens with a full Vinny Appice tom-tom fill.  After the fill the band kicks the intro in.  The intro was a fairly standard intro arrangement.  There was a short yet cool snare drum fill connecting the intro with the musical verse.  I know the drum fill was very simple however, Vinny gives it a very cool sound.  There was a very cool rhythm change underneath the lyrical verse.  The guitar arrangement Steph wrote along with his bass line gave the musical verse a nice groove.  I just love it when a band locks into a groove like this!!!!  There is a musical change connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus.  This musical change consisted of the drum and bass line along with the rhythm guitar riff playing the same arrangement.  The chorus was arranged very simple with a nice hook.  Vinny really shows his playing experience during the second verse.  There is a lead guitar solo after the third chorus.  The lead guitar solo had a very melodic feel to it. As a musician myself I must say this track was amazing musically!       
4.) "The Only Way" - This intro consisted of a clean electric guitar rhythm.  Steph used the same guitar rhythm for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  Underneath the lyric lines and rhythm guitar of the verse there is a very simple bass line.  It sounded like the last lyric line of the musical verse was double-tracked.  The drum line kicks-in for the musical chorus.  After the first chorus there was a drastic musical change for the second verse.  This musical change had a progressive feel to it.  There was a third musical change for the third verse and chorus.  As abstract, as this song is I think musicians will find it very interesting.
5.) "The Cage" - This is a cover song written by Denis Baruta/Steven Stevens.  Denis was kind enough to play on the song.   
6.) "The Ocean" - This intro opens with an orchestrated arrangement conducted by Scott Tenzer.  Over the top of the orchestrated arrangement, there was a rhythm guitar arrangement.  Over the top of that Steph played an acoustic lead guitar solo.   The minor lead guitar solo connects the intro with the musical verse.  The way Steph arranged the lyrics of the verse was very reminiscent to the way Robert Plant arranges his lyrics.  Steph double-tracked some of the lyric lines giving them an echo effect.  All in all this song had a very nice flow to it.  It wasn't the worst song on the release however, it sure wasn't the best.    
7.) "Oh Boy!" - This track had Pink Floyd with Roger Waters written all over it!
8.) "Underground" - For me everything about this song was amazing!
9.) "Village Of The Damned" - Denis Baruta plays guitar on the second chorus of this track.  This song blew me away.  The only way I can describe it would be if old Black Sabbath and Deep Purple had a love child!!!!  I loved the heaviness of this song.

10.) "Song For A Fool" -This track opens with a snare drum and tom-tom fill.  The best way to describe this intro is a modern heavy metal sound with a sixties Motown feel.  The band used the same arrangement for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  Lyrically it sounded like a song John Lennon wrote with Roger Waters or David Gilmore (Pink Floyd) singing.  Though strange, it is kind of cool!  There is a lead guitar solo after the second verse. ****Steph Honde BTW: It;s a bass solo on "Song For a Foll" Everybody think it's a guitar solo :)****
11.) "Fuck You All" (bonus track) - This track has a metal/punk feel to it.

     French einger, songwriter and guitarist Stéphane “Steph” Honde has formed the ultimate supper group called The Hollywood Monsters featuring such musical giants as Vinny Appice (drums), Tim Bogert (bass), Don Airey(keyboards), and Paul Di'Anno (vocals) just to name a few. 
     'Big Trouble' features some of classic rock and heavy metal greatest musicians of all-time. Though the name Tim Bogert who plays bass may not be a very recognizable name, in the late sixties and early seventies he helped pave the way for the music we all love today with bands like Cactus and Beck, Borgert & (Carmine) Appice.
     'Big Trouble' features ten tracks plus one bonus track. This release is pure classic rock fused with early heavy metal.  The always unbelievable drumming style of Vinny Appice along with the smooth bass playing of Tim Bogert in cohort with the intelligent & smooth sound of his guitar playing along with Steph's blazing lead vocals gives 'Big Trouble' an amazing sound!  If you are into hard rock and heavy metal than you should check this band out!