Hinder - 'When The Smoke Clears'


Marshal Dutton – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Cody Hanson – drums and percussion
Joe "Blower" Garvey – lead guitar, backing vocals
Mark King – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mike Rodden – bass guitar, backing vocals

1.) "Rather Hate Than Hurt" - This intro opens with a very simple keyboard effect.  The keyboard effect lasted maybe close to a half of a measure before the lead vocals kick-in.  In between the lead vocal lines and keyboard effect there was a piano arrangement.  For the opening verse Marshal repeated the third lyric line.  Underneath the fifth lyric line Cody plays a very simple cymbal rhythm.  The drum and bass line along with the rhythm guitar arrangement kicks-in for the musical chorus.  The vocal lines of the chorus consisted of huge Hinder hooks.  For the second verse Marshal keep the same vocal line arrangement with the addition of the full band. The second verse consisted of two different rhythm guitar arrangements one atop of the other.  In doing this the band were a loud to give the song a very full sound.  There was a very simple snare/tom tom fill connecting the second verse with the second chorus.  After the third chorus there was a rhythm guitar change that lead to a very short lead guitar solo.  After the solo the band slows the song down leading into the fourth chorus. 
2.) "Hit The Ground" - This track opens with an acoustic guitar arrangement underneath an electric guitar rhythm.  These two rhythm are playing two different arrangements.  For the musical verse the band continues with the same rhythm guitar arrangements as the one they used for the intro.  The lyrical verse consisted of a very nice hook.  For the last lyric line the music fades underneath the lyric line leading into the pre-chorus.  There was a cymbal crash that opened the drum line of the pre-chorus.  Over the top of the two rhythm guitar arrangements that opened the intro and verse the band added a second electric guitar arrangement.  This gave the pre-chorus not only a very full sound, but also itgave it a very nice hook.  This chorus solidified Marshal's place as Hinder's new front man.  After the second chorus there was a lead guitar solo.  This was a very well structured song!
3.) "Wasted Life" - Over the top of this intro Marshal sings several vocal accents.  There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse. Underneath the fourth lyric line of the verse the band added a second rhythm guitar arrangement.  The two electric guitars are playing two different rhythm arrangements.  There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical chorus.  The chorus had a huge Hinder hook attached to it.  For the third chorus the band changed the musical arrangement a little.  This musical change consisted of the opening chorus consisting of lead vocals over the top of a snare drum fill.  The choruses are amazing!!!!
4.) "If Only For Tonight" -  This semi-ballad opens with a acoustic rhythm guitar arrangement over the top of a piano.  For the verses Marshall's vocals have a very subtle feel to them.  Underneath the sixth and seventh lyric lines the guys either double-tracked Marshal's vocals or the band added a backing vocal.  There was a rhythm change for the musical chorus.  Though the band arranged the lyric lines of the chorus to have more of a early nineties pop rock sound it fit with this type of arrangement.  The band used the same arrangement for the second verse as the one they used for the first verse.  For the fourth chorus the band slowed the beats per minute down just a little.
5.) "Intoxicated" - This intro consisted of a drum and bass line underneath a rhythm guitar riff.  The rhythm guitar riff over the top of the intro was heavily influenced by Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains. Marshal's sings a vocal accent to connect the intro with the musical verse.  For this vocal accent Marshal reminded me a lot of Layne Staley.  For the musical verse the band kept the same basic rhythm guitar arrangement.  For the musical Marshal changed the lyric arrangement just a little.  After the first lyric line of the chorus there was a rhythm guitar riff that connected the first lyric line with the second lyric line.  The main lyric lines of the chorus had a huge hook attached to them. After the second chorus there was a very small lead guitar solo.  After the solo the band slowed the song down a little to lead into the third chorus.
6.) "Dead To Me" - This track opens with a very intense intro arrangement.  For the musical verse the band slowed the song down quite a bit.  The first lyric line consisted of just vocals.  For the verse the band slowed the musical arrangement down.  There was a tom-tom fill connecting the verse with the chorus.  The chorus had an amazing hook!!!  I really feel in love with the way this song was arranged!!!!
7.) "Foolish Eyes" - This track consisted of no intro section.  Over the top of the lyric lines there was an acoustic guitar arrangement.  It sounded like Cody used a trigger to his snare drum to give it a little bit of a different sound.  After the pre-verse the band changes the arrangement a little with the addition of an electric guitar and bass line.  At the end of each lyric line of the verse there was a small echo.  There was a small musical rest connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus.  The lead vocal lines of the chorus had a huge hook attached to them.  After the second chorus there where several backing vocals that lead to the third chorus arrangement.  The third chorus was arranged as a breakdown section.
8.) "Nothing Left To Lose" - Though the verses were simplify structured in an almost country music style.  The choruses consisted of huge hook hooks which made for a great sounding song.  This was the second song on the CD that had a lead guitar solo.  Though short it was a solo never the less.
9.) "Letting Go" - this track opened with a piano arrangement.  As the piano arrangement continues Marshal begins singing the lyric lines.  It sounded like some of the lyric line were double-tracked. The band kicks the song-in for the musical chorus.  The band keep the choruses very simple.  Because the full band played on the second musical verse it gave the verse a different sound.  There was a very short lead guitar solo connecting the second and third verse.
10.) "I Need Another Drink" - This track was simple yet utterly amazing!!!!!!!


    I must confess if it had not been for my wife I probably would not have ever became a fan of Hinder.  It was she that heard their first single 'Lips Of An Angel' and pushed me to request a promotional copy. So on July 10, 2013 when I heard that original lead vocalist Austin Winkler was entering rehab and would not be returning to the band I have to say I thought the band was over.  Boy I could have never been so far off base!!!
    'When The Smoke Clears' is the band's fifth studio album and the first with new lead singer Marshall Dutton.  Though Dutton has been working behind the scenes writing and recording with Hinder since 2009, I could not help but wonder how he would be as their front man.  Because let's be honest he did have huge pipes to fill.  For the group's first release with Marshal he did a more than admiral job!  There was not a bad song on the release and I can only expect great things from the band in the future.  If you are a fan of Hinder's then you will love this release!!!!