Every Mother’s Nightmare -
‘Grind’ –(E.P.)


Rick Ruhl - lead vocals
Lonnie Hammer - drums
Travis "Gunner" Butler - guitar
Troy Fleming - bass
John Guttery – guitar

Special Guest:
Zach Myers of Shinedown – guitar on “Loco Cazy”
Wayne Swinny of Saliva – guitar on “Snake”





1.) "Snake" – The rhythm guitar riff that opens this song was done with an effects pedal.  The effects pedal that was used was very high end on bass.  So in many ways the guitar had a bass sound to it.  After the rhythm guitar was repeated once the band kicks-in the song.  The musical verse consisted of two different rhythm guitar arrangements.  One of those arrangements was the same one that opened the song however it was without the special effect.  Underneath the opening lyric line there was a rhythm guitar change.  This rhythm guitar change consisted of both Travis and John playing the same guitar arrangement.
Rick used an audio processing effect to enhance the sound of his vocal lines of the verses.  When listening to the song while wearing headphones you hear an echo effect connecting the third, fourth, sixth and seventh lyric lines.  From someone who has listened to every song Every Mother’s Nightmare has released this is the first time I have ever heard him use a vocal effect in this manner.
The hi-hat pattern of the drum line for the musical verse consisted of an opening and closing rhythm.  For me, this song had a mean drum line.  There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical chorus.  The rhythm guitar arrangement of the chorus was playing chords that followed along with the lyrics of the lyric lines.  For the lyric lines of the chorus Rick sings without the vocal effects.  After the second chorus there was a lead guitar solo.  Over the top of the last few notes of the solo Rick sings a few lyric lines.  After the solo there was a one measure breakdown before going into the third chorus.  After the third chorus there was a minor lead guitar solo over the top of the coda.          
2.) "Loco Crazy" – Rick sings several vocal accents over the top of the musical intro of this track.  For the drum line of this intro section was played with a tom-tom pattern.  For the last few measures of the intro section Lonnie switched from a tom-tom pattern to a standard hi-hat rhythm.  This was separated by a musical rest that consisted of a lead vocal line.  Underneath the first four lyric lines of the verse the main instrumentation consisted of a bass line and tom-tom pattern.  Over the top of this there is a rhythm guitar arrangement however it was very simple and mainly used as a fill-in instrument.  The main guitar rhythm does not actually kick-in until the musical chorus.  The drum line of this song is where the song gets its intensity. After the second chorus there was a lead guitar solo section. 

3.) "Upper Hand” - This track opens with a bass line.  After one measure the drum line kicks-in.  Over the top of the bass line and drum line there was a spoken lead vocal line.  There was a rhythm guitar riff then a short musical rest to connect the intro with the musical verse.  Not only the way Rick wrote the lyric lines of the musical verse however, also the way he sang the lyric lines was very reminiscent to the stuff he wrote for Every Mother’s Nightmare’s sophomore’s release ‘Wake Up Screaming’ released in 1993.  There was an arrangement change for the musical chorus.  After the first chorus there was a lead guitar solo.  This lead guitar solo lead to a small breakdown section.  The coda consisted of a spoken lyric line.      

4.) "Blown Away" –Rick has always wrote amazing ballads and this song is no exception!!!!

5.) "Sacred Circle" –This track opened with two rhythm guitar riffs.  After the second riff the band kicks the song in.  There was a rhythm guitar change underneath the opening lyric line. As a longtime EMN fan I loved the choruses of this track.  After the second chorus there was a lead guitar solo over the top of the solo Rick sings a few lyric lines.  After the solo there was a musical rhythm change.  For this rhythm change Lonnie switched from a 4/4 hi-hat rhythm to a sixteenth-note hi-hat rhythm.  There was a minor lead guitar solo underneath the lyric lines of the third and fourth choruses.  This was the only solo on the song.


      First things first, Rick Ruhl is the type of person who is not worried about the flavor of the month club. If Rick writes a song like “Love Can Make You Go Blind” and sell 500,000 copies that’s great however if he writes a song like “Delta Voodoo” and sells 10 copies that’s OK to. He writes what he feels and that is exactly what he has done with ‘Grind’. 
Every Mother’s Nightmare was formed in Nashville, TN in 1987 by vocalist Rick Ruhl and guitarist Steve Malone. The band was rounding out by bassist Mark McMurty and drummer Jim Phipps. Just like southern moonshine Rick used a special recipe. But instead of using grain, yeast and sugar, Rick used a musical recipe of special blend of blues, hard rock, southern rock and heavy metal.
Every Mother’s Nightmare quickly became the most prominent leaders of the Nashville and Memphis Tennessee metal scene, packing smoke filled venues throughout the cities as the word spread of their energy-packed performances. Before long Arista Records took notice and signed the band to a record contract.
Outside of Every Mother's Nightmare's first two releases Ruhl has found a line-up that as suited his great vocal ability.
Since forming the band  'Grind' is the first five son EP the band has ever released.  It is safe to say since the CD says EMN Records that it was recorded and released solely by the band.  In many ways this is a very good thing, there is not anyone standing in front of you telling you the songs don't work.  The down side there is no label to properly promote it.  However, their last release was not properly promoted and it was recorded under a label. 
Some of the production techniques Rick used for this release are just amazing and makes songs sound great sounding!  If you don't believe me just listen to the first single 'Loco Crazy' (video above).  It is very hard for to say this is the best the band has ever recorded because I am such a EMN fan.  However, I can't help it!  The only real down fall the release is it leaves you wanting more!  Please buy and promote this CD!!!!!