Autograph - "You Are Us We Are You"

Steve Lynch - lead guitar and vocals
Randy Rand - bass and vocals  
Simon Daniels - lead vocals and guitar
Marc Wieland - drums

1.) "You Are Us We Are You" - Some of the notes of the rhythm guitar arrangement that opened this intro reminds you a little of  Blue Öyster Cult's - "Don't Fear The Reaper".  After the first measure the main intro kicks-in.  The main intro section consisted of a second rhythm guitar arrangement.  Outside of a note or two it sounded like the second guitar rhythm was very similar to the first.  One notable difference between the two was the second rhythm was turned up a little louder and more of a lead guitar rhythm.  Underneath the rhythm guitar arrangements Marc played a couple cymbal crashes along with setting the time on his hi-hat.  There was a snare/tom-tom pattern connecting the musical intro with the musical verse.  The rhythm guitar arrangement and the snare/tom-tom pattern are playing the same notes.  When the main intro kicks-in the rhythm guitar arrangement had a huge hook attached to it.  There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  The seventh and ninth lyric lines of the verse had a backing harmony attached to them.  The pre-chorus and chorus has that same huge Autograph hook that I fell in love with when I first heard their freshman album in 1984.  The fourth lyric line of the second verse consisted of a backing harmony.  After the second chorus there was a lead guitar solo.  Steve started his solo out as a single lead guitar solo then as it progressed he double-tracked it making it a twin lead guitar solo.  After the solo there was a musical breakdown that consisted of lead vocals.



     In 1985, my best friend from high school and I both purchased Autograph's freshman release 'Sign In Please'.  Cruising the strip that summer we listened to the cassette so much that we ruined his copy and mine!  Personally, I liked Autograph's next two releases 'That's The Stuff' (1985) and 'Loud And Clear (1987) equally as good.  If fact, these releases are still rotated pretty often.  When Steve Lynch decided it was time to reform Autograph original lead vocalist Steve Plunkett was not interested so original members Steve Lynch and Randy Rand invited  former Jailhouse vocalist Simon Daniels to front the band.
    The first single from the yet to be titled up and coming 2015 Autograph release is titled "You are Us We Are You".  This single was completely amazing.  The songs from Autograph's first three CD's doesn't even hold a candle to the new single!  This is just a sample of what will be the greatest Autograph release to date!!!!!