Autograph - "I Lost My Mind In America"

Steve Lynch - lead guitar and vocals
Randy Rand - bass and vocals
Simon Daniels - lead vocals and guitar
Marc Wieland - drums

1.) "I Lost My Mind In America" - Steve opened the rhythm guitar arrangement of the musical intro with a small lead guitar effect.  The intro consisted of a rhythm guitar arrangement over the top of a drum and bass line.  The rhythm guitar riffs of the intro consisted of a Steve Lynch rhythm guitar hook.  It sounded as if Steve double-tracked some of the notes of his rhythm guitar arrangement.  After the second rhythm riff there was a small snare drum fill.  There was musical arrangement change for the musical verse.  For the musical verse Marc changed the hi-hat pattern just a little by taking one of the notes and opening the hi-hat.Simon's lead vocals for the lyrical verse was completely amazing!!  For the second verse Simon added a small auto-tune to a few of the lyric lines.  Though the vocal lines did not need the effect it did however distinguish it from the first verse. For the musical verse Steve either double-tracked a separate rhythm guitar underneath the lead rhythm.  Or Simon played a rhythm guitar arrangement underneath Steve's lead guitar rhythm.  There was a very small rhythm change for the musical chorus.  Every lyric line of the musical chorus consisted of backing vocals.  The backing vocals of the choruses consisted of amazing hooks.  The amazing bass line really bleeds through on the choruses.  There was a lead guitar solo connecting the last chorus with the musical coda.

    "I Lost My Mind In America" is the second single sent to me from the guys in Autograph.  Several weeks ago I was allowed by Steve Lynch to review the first single titled, "You are Us, We Are You".  Being a fan of Autograph since their 1984 release 'Sign In Please' I have to say I was a little apprehensive about reviewing the new single.  One of the top reasons was due to not knowing how the band was going to sound with Simon. I mean just because Simon Daniels can sing and his former band Jailhouse was a great band does not necessarily mean he was going to sound good with Autograph.  Not long into the review and all my apprehension was washed away!  So when Steve ask if I would be interested in reviewing the second single, I jumped at the chance.  If I thought the first single was good then the second single is AMAZING!!!!  From Autograph's first release 'Sign In Please' in 1985 up to the latest single there is one word that comes to mind and that word is consistency!!! They sound as great today as they did in '85.  As a taste of what is to come you can guarantee the rest of the new CD will be AWESOME!!!!  The songs are so good that if you do not have an iTunes account it is well worth opening one just to buy these two songs!