Carmine & Vinny Appice - 'Drum Wars'

Jim Crean - vocals
Ethan Brosh - guitarist
James Caputo - bassist
Carmine & Vinny Appice - drums

1.) Intro
2.) "The Mob Rules"
3. Drum Wars
4.) "Holy Diver"
5.) "We Rock"
6.) "The Flintstones"
7.) Carmine Solo
8.) "Bark At The Moon"
9.) "Do Ya Think I m Sexy"
10.) Drum Wars Part 2
11.) Vinny Solo
12. ) "Stand Up And Shout" / "Heaven And Hell"
13.) "Crazy Train"



    Carmine Appice [ә pee' chee] (born December 15, 1946) is an American drummer/percussionist, most commonly associated with the rock genre of music.
Appice first came to prominence as the drummer with the late 1960s psychedelic band Vanilla Fudge. Appice contributed distinctive background harmonies with bassist Tim Bogert. After five albums, the pair left Vanilla Fudge to form the blues rock quartet Cactus, with vocalist Rusty Day and guitarist Jim McCarty. Appice and Bogert then left Cactus to join Jeff Beck in the power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice. Appice joined Rod Stewart's backing band in 1977, co-writing songs such as "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and "Young Turks". He also played drums on a track on Paul Stanley's eponymous solo album (1978).
He was a member of KGB which featured Ray Kennedy, Ric Grech, Mike Bloomfield, and Barry Goldberg. Appice has recorded with artists such as Stanley Clarke, Ted Nugent, and Pink Floyd. He has also played with King Kobra and Blue Murder with John Sykes. On May 23, 1981, Mayor Tom Bradley of Los Angeles proclaimed that day as Carmine Appice Day in LA in recognition of Appice's charitable and educational work. Later in 1983 he toured with Ozzy Osbourne to promote 'Bark at the Moon' (1983).
Appice recorded Caso Cerrado (1995) with the Argentine guitarist Pappo. They were also joined by bassist Tim Bogert on four songs including "P. B. A. Boogie". In 2000, Appice formed the power trio DBA with Tim Bogert and Rick Derringer and was reunited once again with Bogert when they reformed Vanilla Fudge.
In 2005, he became an official supporter of Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization which provides free musical instruments and instruction to children in less privileged public schools throughout the USA. He has personally delivered instruments to children in the program, and has also performed at benefit concerts for the organization and sits on its Honorary board of directors.
In 2006, he formed the drum ensemble SLAMM in which Appice participates on drums playing alongside four young drummers. The show they put on has been described as "Stomp on steroids". The band filmed a promotional video for the Cable Network station ESPN, using a NASCAR garage as a set and mechanic's hardware as instruments. They were voted as the runner-up in the Drum magazine poll for Percussion Ensemble (2008) after a special appearance at the magazine's drum festival. SLAMM also appears on the Modern Drummer festival DVD (2008). He recorded Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus: Conquering Heroes (2009). This was the third album in his Guitar Zeus series. These albums have featured guitarists such as Jennifer Batten, Brian May, Ted Nugent, Richie Sambora, and Yngwie Malmsteen. From Vanilla Fudge to King Kobra Carmine has recorded sixty-eight albums and has become one of the premier hard rock/metal drummers of all-time.

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    Vincent Paul "Vinny" Appice [ә pee' chee] (born September 13, 1957), is best known for his work with bands such as Dio, Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell just to name a few.
    Appice took up the drums at the age of nine, taking lessons from the same teacher as his brother Carmine. When he was sixteen, Appice and his band BOMF met John Lennon at The Record Plant Recording Studios, leading to him appearing on several Lennon recordings. He moved on to record with Rick Derringer on 'Derringer' (1976), 'Sweet Evil' (1977), and 'Derringer Live' (1977), before forming his own band Axis and recording 'It's A Circus World' (1978).
Appice joined Black Sabbath during the tour in support of the 'Heaven and Hell' album in 1980. Vinny was brought in to replace original drummer Bill Ward, who quit the band mid-tour due to personal issues.
    Vinny performed his first show with Black Sabbath at the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1980 while the band were on their 'Heaven And Hell' Tour. He was forced to learn the band's songs on stage, using hastily written crib notes for each unfamiliar song.
   According to an interview conducted at NAMM in 2012, Vinny stated that due to a rainstorm that night at the end of the show during the bows he tossed the notebook into the crowd. Appice subsequently appeared on the Black Sabbath albums 'Mob Rules' (1981) and 'Live Evil' (1982).
In late 1982, Vinny along with then Black Sabbath vocalist Ronnie James Dio made the decision to branch out on their own. The two along with Jimmy Bain on bass, Scott Warren on keyboards and a then young unknown guitarist by the name of Vivian Campbell formed the band DIO. On a side-note, many people do not know Jake E. Lee was the original guitarist of DIO however left the band to join the Ozzy Osbourne band. 
    From playing with Rick Derringer in '76 up to WAMI in '14 Vinny has played on thirty-one releases and has also become one of the premier hard rock/metal drummers of all-time.

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    Carmine and Vinny not only have two very distinct playing styles. However, they have two completely different pronunciations of same last name. If you go by Vinny neither pronunciation is pronounced correctly. In addition, when asked which is the better drummer both will also tell you with a child-like smile that they are the better of the two.
Between the two they have written books, filmed instructional DVD's and have either recorded with or played with just about everyone that is anyone within the music business except each other. That is until recently when Carmine and Vinny came up with 'Drum Wars!' I received my first drum kit for Christmas in 1980 along with a subscription to Modern Drummer Magazine. From Modern Drummer I ordered Carmine Appice's book 'The Updated Realistic Rock Drum Method'. That book got me started then a few years later I ordered the VHS Carmine Appice 'Master Class' by Hot Licks and Vinny Appice's new book 'Rock Steady'. Though the eighties these two books along with the VHS taught me more about playing drums than playing in the high school stage band ever did! I will still say to this day when ask who I took drum lessons from. I say Carmine and Vinny Appice.
The CD contains twelve tracks which include eight full length songs, two twin drum solos, a single drum solo by each brother, and Carmine and Vinny playing a drum solo called The Flintstones. Because it is just drums it is hard to tell if this was the theme to the cartoon or not. As for the eight full length songs I have to say the interpretation of the Rod Stewert song that Carmne co-wrote "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" was amazing! Not counting the drum solos however the songs themselves have a thunderous drum sound that just pounds on you like a prize fighter. As a drummer I could not get enough of this!
Is this release a release every hard rock fan should purchase? No. Should every young hard rock drummer listen to this CD? HELL YES!!!!! If you want to learn how to be the perfect showman then buy this release, go see it live, and buy it on DVD when one gets released!!!!