W.E.T. - 'One Live - In Stockholm'


Jeff Scott Soto - Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Erik Martensson - Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Backing & Lead Vocals
Robert Säll - Keyboards, Guitar & Backing Vocals
Magnus Henriksson - Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Robban Bäck - Drums
Andreas Passmark - Bass

1.) "Walk Away"
2.) "Learn To Live Again"
3.) "Invincible"
4.) "I'll Be There"
5.) "Love Heals"
6.) "Rise Up"
7.) "Bleed & Scream"
8.) "Bad Boy"
9.) "Still Unbroken"
10.) "Broken Wings"
11.) "I'll Be Waiting."
1.) "If I Fall; Shot"
2.) "Comes Down Like Rain"
3.) "The Great Fall"
4.) "What You Want"
5.) "Brothers In Arms"
6.) "Mysterious; One Love"
7.) "Poison (Numbing The Pain)" (Bonus Studio Track)
10.) "Bigger Than Both Of Us" (Bonus Studio Track)

W.E.T - is the acronym for the bands comprised of this sensational project. Introducing Robert Säll, guitarist of Work of Art, Erik Martensson of Eclipse and Jeff Scott Soto, singer of Talisman.
What do these three guys have in common?
They share the love for great Arena Rock Music, big melodic hooks, fiery guitars and of course the feel for magical melodies.
Why did these 3 individuals come together?
These artists all part of the Frontiers Records family, who had the vision of putting two of the most promising Swedish songwriting talents around (Säll and Martensson) together with one of the most entertaining and exciting singers that has graced World stages the past few years: a force who's worked with Yngwie Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, Soul SirkUS and of course US AOR legends, Journey. When asked to comment on the songs the two talented Swedes had written, JSS said "Quite simply, this is the Journey album that could have been had I continued with them!".
Enough about the who & the why, what counts most is how GOOD is this band really? The answer is within the 2 CD they recorded with ease, influenced by Journey, Talisman, Whitesnake and Giant in a grandiose sound with contemporary production and arrangements that is as current as the Top 10 artists around the World!  This is the super group W.E.T.!

      On January 17th, 2013, W.E.T. played an exclusive show at the Debaser Club in Stockholm, Sweden to celebrate the release of their sophomore album, “Rise Up”. The show was promoted almost exclusively through a viral web campaign, so that night the faithful and energized crowd’s fever for the band, featuring Robert Säll (the “W” from Work of Art), Erik Mårtensson (the “E” from Eclipse) and Jeff Scott Soto (the “T” from Talisman) was incredibly high (despite the cold Swedish winter being in full force). Fans flew in from all over the world and the venue was packed to the rafters when the band hit the stage with their driving number “Walk Away”.
     W.E.T showcased songs from the then forthcoming album “Rise Up” as well as from the critically acclaimed self-titled 2009 debut album. A truly exquisite performance, where the band played many fan favorites including two Talisman songs, as well as one song each from Eclipse and Work of Art. The Eclipse song was "Bleed & Scream" which was sung by Erik Martensson and the Work Of Art song was "The Great Fall" where the band were joined by Lars Säfsund, lead singer of W.O.A.
      Jeff Scott Soto recalls: “For us, it was a magical night as much as a nervous one... We all have the experience of performing live to multitudes of people, the wisdom on how to take the show from A-Z but none of these items together as a new band. With that, you’re witnessing something I know in 10-20 years time, we will all reflect upon as something special captured on film and recording as a moment in time we’ll never forget”.
      The show was filmed and recorded for a live CD / DVD release, which also includes two unreleased bonus tracks, studio cuts taken from the “Rise Up” sessions.
      Recorded while the guys were on their 'Rise Up' tour the set list included most if not all of the songs from the bands first two releases.  I will be the first to admit I'm only a fan of a select few artist recording live CDs.  One of those artists is Jeff Scott Soto.  That is because Jeff sounds just as good live as he does in the studio.  I can say the same for the rest of the members of W.E.T.  The guys never miss a note sounding just as good live as they do in the studio.  The only difference is the crowd.  One of the things I really enjoyed about this live release is that there is no guitar, bass or drum solos.  I am sorry guys however I feel live solos are a waste of concert time.  When you tally up the time solos take up the band would have time to play another song.  Please don't get me wrong I know bands do them to give the other members a break.  However personally I would, rather the entire band take a break and play one more song as opposed to a member getting on stage a showing you how talented they are.  Play a cover song instead.  In this case, I am glad to report W.E.T. played no solo sections.  At The end of disc II there are two bonus studio tracks.  These tracks were amazing and should be added on their next studio CD. Because of the band's great live sound along with the bonus tracks this is one of the few live releases I would sujest that you buy.