Tempt - 'Under My Skin'


Zach Allen - vocals
Harrison Marcello - guitars, keyboards and vocals
Zak Gross - bass and vocals
Jimmie Kane - drums

1.) "Under My Skin" -  This intro consisted of two different rhythm guitar arrangements.  One was a lead rhythm riff the second underlining guitar was a fill-in rhythm.  There was a short musical rest that consisted of a snare crack connecting the musical intro with the musical verse.  It sounded like Zach double-tracked the lead vocals.  In many was Zach's vocals were reminiscent to early Stephen Pearcy of Ratt.  There not only was a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse however the musical verse also consisted of just one guitar.  The pre-chorus consisted of the same lead rhythm as the intro section.  The way the guys arranged the lyric lines of the chorus reminded you a lot of the way Ratt arranged their lyric lines.  The backing vocals of the chorus had an echo attached to them.  There was a short drum fill connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  After the second chorus there was a Ratt influenced breakdown section.  This breakdown section leads to the lead guitar solo.    
2.) "Use It Or Lose It" - This intro opened with a lyric line.  The musical verse had a very simple eighties hard rock sound to it.  There was a rhythm guitar lick connecting the musical intro with the rhythm change of musical verse.  The musical arrangement of the musical verse had a very simple hard rock feel to it.  The last two lyric lines of the first verse had backing vocals attached to them.  After these two lyric lines there is a short arrangement change were the rhythm guitar and snare drum play the same pattern.  The chorus had a classic eighties hard rock hook attached to it.  There was a very short minor lead guitar solo connecting the second and third choruses.       
3.) "The Fight" - The guys ripped this intro off of Bon Jovi's first big hit "Runaway".  It even has almost the same lead guitar lick that leads into the opening lyric line of the first verse. After the second lyric line the band kicks the song in.  The rhythm arrangement of the chorus had a classic eighties melodic rock feel to it.  There was lead guitar solo connecting the second chorus with the third verse.  There was a second lead guitar solo after the third chorus.  This solo ran over the top of the coda. 
4.) "Time Won't Heal" - There was a minor lead guitar solo over the top of this intro arrangement.  For the musical verse, Harrison switched from an electric guitar arrangement to an acoustic guitar arrangement.  There was a build-up arrangement connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus.  The choruses had small hooks attached to them.  There was a lead guitar solo connecting the second and third choruses.  There was a minor lead guitar solo underneath the fifth chorus and coda of the song. 

     'Under My Skin' is a special limited edition E.P. released in honor of their first appearance at the annual Rocklahoma festival.  Tempt are currently working with legendary Rock producer Michael Wagner (Dokken, Great White) on a full-length fourteen song CD that should hit the stores in October 2014.
Fronted by two nineteen year olds, Zach Allen on vocals and guitarist/keyboardist Harrison Marcello, along with Zak Gross (bass) and drummer Jimmi Kane 'Under My Skin' is Tempt's first release.  These four young men have the classic eighties Hard Rock sound down so well if one did not know any better you could argue the point that during one of the three 'Back To The Future' movies they hitched a ride to the future with Marty McFly.  If you did not know these were young adults you would swear they were seasoned eighties Hard Rock veterans.  if you are a fan of eighties Hard Rock keep checking Amazon had as you as you can pre-order the full length release then you might as well place the order. It will be worth every dime spent!!