Primal Fear - 'Delivering The Black'



Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Magnus Karlsson – Guitar, Keyboards
Randy Black – Drums
Mat Sinner – Bass & Vocals

1.) "King For A Day" - This track opens with a rhythm guitar riff coming out of just the left speaker.  Underneath the rhythm guitar of the first measure Randy plays an eighth-note on his snare.  After the first measure a second guitar rhythm kicks in.  This second rhythm is the same as the one that opened the song.  Underneath the rhythm guitar, Randy plays a double-bass drum pattern.  Randy connects the intro with the musical verse with a huge tom-tom fill.  Stacked atop of each other the musical verse consisted of two different rhythm guitar arrangements.  Ralf carries out the vocal note of the last lyric of the first two lyric lines.  This was very reminiscent to the stuff Rob Halford and Tim 'Ripper' Owen has done with Judas Priest.  There is a backing vocals in between the third and fourth and then in between sixth and seventh lyric lines.  There was a small echo attached to Ralf's vocals on the ninth lyric line.  This backing vocal arrangement is repeated before going into the chorus arrangement.  It does not sound like they changed the rhythm guitar arrangements for the musical verse.  After the first chorus there was a double repeat of the pre-chorus.  After the second chorus there was a rhythm guitar change.  This rhythm guitar change lead to a twin lead guitar solo.  Both Alex and Magnus played the lead guitar solo.  This was a jaw dropping twin lead guitar solo!     
2.) "Rebel Faction" - This track musically is just pure gold!  I believe of all the songs that I have ever heard I do not believe I have ever heard one were the double-bass drum and rhythm guitar match so perfect.
3.) "When Death Comes Knocking" -This track opens with a keyboard effect.  For the first two measures over the top of the keyboard effect there are eight amplified acoustic guitar riffs.  Musical rests separated these acoustic riffs.  There was an electric guitar effect over the top of the sixth and seventh acoustic guitar riff.  The eight amplified riffs had a small echo effect attached to them.  After the eighth riff there was a snare drum and tom-tom fill.  it is at this point the band kick-in the musical verse.  The band kept the musical verse pretty basic.  The third and fourth lyric lines had a backing vocal attached to them.  Ralf carries out the last note of each lyric line.  In doing so Ralf gets to express his great vocal ability!  The chorus vocally had a huge Rob Halford feel to it.  After the third chorus there was a breakdown section that consisted of a drastic musical change.  The breakdown section consisted of an amplified acoustic guitar playing Arabic chords giving the breakdown section a Middle Eastern sound.  Every now and then over the top of the amplified acoustic there is an electric guitar riff.  The lead guitar solo was a twin lead guitar solo played by both Alex and Magnus.  The solo was very melodic.
4.) "Alive & On Fire" - This was a very simple straight forward Heavy Metal song.
5.) "Delivering The Black" - This is a straight forward in your face Heavy Metal song.
6.) "Road To Asylum" - This intro consisted of a very intense rhythm guitar riff over the top of tom-tom and snare pattern.  In addition, I felt it sounded very similar to the music arrangements Metallica was written when they were recording their '...And Justice For All' CD which was released August 25, 1988.  There was a rhythm arrangement change for the musical verse.  The chorus had a huge intense feel to it. Though the twin lead guitar solo was short it was never the less amazing!!!     
7.) "One Night In December" - This song was amazing!!!!!
8.) "Never Pray For Justice" -This track opens with the special effects of a chainsaw.  This intro consisted of a twin lead guitar rhythm arrangement.  There is a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  The musical chorus had an early eighties progressive metal hook attached to it.  There was a tom-tom fill connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  After the second chorus there was a twin lead guitar solo.  However, short this solo section was one of my favorite on thr release.

9.) "Born With A Broken Heart" - This was an amazing ballad and has quickly became one of my favorite Primal Fear songs!
10.) "Inseminoid" - The highlight of this track had to be Randy's foot work and the double-bass drum pattern!

     'Delivering The Black' is the tenth studio release since forming in 1998.  I will be one of the first Primal Fear fans to admit the band like most over the years had falling into sort of a stale funk.  That was until their 2012 release 'Unbreakable', released on January 20, 2012.  Something or someone lit a huge fire underneath the band and they returned to the true form metal fans fell in love with!  'Delivering in Black' continues this current path.  This is the Primal Fear I feel in love with in'92.
    While Metal fans are waiting for the long awaited 2014 Accept and Judas Priest releases you can bloody your eardrums with 'Delivering In Black'!  If you are a Metal fan then you absolutely must buy this CD!!!