Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle - 'More Than One Way Home'

Alex Beyrodt - guitars
David Readman - vocals
Jimmy Kresic - keyboards
Markus Kullmann - drums
Matt Sinner - bass & backing vocals

1.) "Graveyard City" - The rhythm guitar riff that Alex wrote for this intro section was very reminiscent of the same rhythm guitar riff Jake E. Lee brought with him when he joined Ozzy.  (This riff eventual became the song "Bark At The Moon" taken off of the release by the album of the same title.)  Underneath the riff, Markus plays a short tom-tom pattern.  Connecting the musical intro with the musical verse there is a small rhythm were the rhythm guitar and bass line play the same notes.  After this small rhythm pattern, the rhythm guitar goes back to the rhythm of the intro.  It is at this point Markus switches to a standard hi-hat drum pattern. For the musical verse Alex double-tracked a second guitar arrangement.  This second guitar rhythm was different from the first.  It also gave the musical verse depth.  There is a musical rest connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus.  The way the musical chorus arrangement was very reminiscent to Badlands's.  At times David's vocals had a Ray Gillen feel to them.  It is more the way he arranged the vocal lines than sound.  There is a very almost Steve Vai influenced lead guitar solo connecting the second and third choruses.
2.) "Tears In The Rain" - This track opens with a blues riff.  The main musical intro consisted of a Heavy Metal Blues arrangement.  The musical intro was very reminiscent to the stuff the guys in Whitesnake was writing in the early and mid-eighties.  If one did not know better even if it was a die-hard Whitesnake fan.  Most if not all of them would swear the vocals of this track was Coverdale.  Alex double-tracked several lead licks over the top of his rhythm guitar arrangement of the musical verse.  The chorus has a huge vocal hook attached to it.  After the third chorus there very well may be one of the best lead guitar solos I have ever heard.  The lead guitar solo runs underneath the fourth chorus. David really has a Coverdale sound on the fade-out of the coda.  
3.) "Heart Of Babylon" - This track opens with a keyboard riff over the top of several snare drum fills.  Over the top of the snare drum fills there is a guitar riff and bass line.  All three instruments are playing the same notes.  For the opening musical arrangement of the musical verse the main instrumentation is the keyboard arrangement.  The vocal lines of the musical verse are very reminiscent of Ray Gillen.  There was a minor lead guitar solo underneath the rhythm guitar arrangement of the chorus.  The major lead guitar solo was after the second chorus.  It sounded as if there was a small-orchestrated string arrangement done with the keyboards underneath the solo.  After the lead guitar solo there is a short keyboard progression.  There was a second solo section after the keyboard progression.  Over the top of this David sings several vocal accents. 
4.) "Cry For Love" - This track opens with Jimmy using the pipe organ effect on his keyboard.  The verse consisted of just keyboards and vocals.  It is very eerie how much David Readman sounds like David Coverdale.  His vocal sound is almost an exact copy of Coverdale's.  There are two lyric lines over the top of the song kick-in.  These lyric lines were not only double-tracked however consisted of bassist Matt Sinner on backing vocals.
5.) "Alissa" - This track opens with the ambient noise of wind followed by a wooded egg shaker.  This lead to the pre-verse, which lead to an acoustic guitar rhythm.  Underneath the acoustic guitar rhythm there was a keyboard arrangement.  The lead vocal line opens with almost a David Coverdale vocal accent.  Also underneath the intro and verse there is a bongo pattern.  The drum line consisted of a cross stick.  About half way through the verse you can hear a violin arrangement.  You could say that the vocal lines are the first were David sounds like himself.  After David says Alissa there is a snare drum fill. Over the top of the drum fill there is an electric guitar riff that matches the snare note for note.  David double-tracked the last two lyric lines.      
6.) "The Ghost In Your Heart" - This track opens a heavy influenced Jon Lorn -"Perfect Strangers" keyboard pattern..  This keyboard efecr effect leads to a whole-note.  After the whole-note the there is a keyboard rhythm change.  Underneath this rhythm change the drum line kicks-in with a sixteenth-note hi-hat pattern.  The way Voodoo arranged this section of the intro gave it a Deep Purple feel.  There is a drum fill connecting the intro with the musical verse.  There is a rhythm guitar change underneath the lyric lines.  The way David arranged the lyric lines was very similar to the way Paul Rogers arranged many of Bad Company's songs.  There was a lyric arrangement change for the musical chorus.  The keyboard became the main focus connecting the musical chorus with the second verse.  The second chorus had a bigger hook than the first.  Like the song the solo was very laid back and melodic.  After the third chorus there s a second lead guitar section.  The solo runs through the coda.     
7.) "Bane Of My Existence" - This track opens with a pick slide effect before going into a Doug Aldrich influenced rhythm guitar riff.  Underneath the guitar riff there is a hi-hat and bass drum pattern.  The drum line kicks-in for the musical verse.  The guys used the same guitar rhythm for the opening of the musical verse.  There is a rhythm guitar change underneath the opening lyric line.  The chorus was very arranged in a very early Whitesnake style.  There is a lead guitar solo after the second chorus.  After the solo there was a short breakdown section.  
8.) "More Than One Way Home" - This track was bad as hell!!!!
9.) "The Killer In You" - This track opens with a drum fill.  The rhythm guitar of the intro had an eighties Whitesnake feel to it.  There is a musical rest underneath the opening lyric.  The band used the same rhythm for the musical verse as the one they used for the intro section.  There is a rhythm change for the musical pre-chorus and chorus.  After the second chorus there is a lead guitar solo.  after the third chorus there is a minor lead guitar solo over the top of the coda.   
10.) "The Saint And The Sinner" -This track opens with a rhythm guitar arrangement over the top of several tom-tom fills.  There is a minor lead guitar solo over the top of the intro arrangement.  This minor solo connects the intro with the musical verse.  The musical verse consisted of two separate rhythm guitar arrangement.  The chorus consisted of a huge musical hook.  Underneath the last lyric line of te chorus there was a minor lead guitar solo.         
11.) "Victim Of Love" -This was a great semi-ballad!!!
12.) "Open Your Eyes" - This track was recorded live

     At the time I was typing this review out I did not know David fronted a Whitesnake tribute band.  It is should also be noted that he not so much sounds like Ray Gillen however, it is more the way he arranged the lyric lines.
Looks can always be deceiving as with the case of the third Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle release titled, 'More Than On Way'.  When I read the band members, you had David Readman (Pink Cream 69) on vocals and Matt Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) so I was expecting something along the lines of a heavier style of Progressive Metal.  What I ended up hearing was a cross between Whitesnake, Deep Purple with just a little Badlands thrown-in.  Especially on the first track titled, "Graveyard City" if one did not know any better they would swear Jake E. Lee himself was playing it!  The music and vocals are epic!  If you are a metal fan this release is a must have!!!!