U.D.O. - 'Live From Russia' (Anniversary Edition)  


     THE BAND:
Udo Dirkscheider - vocals
Stefan Kaufmann - guitar
Igor Gianola - guitar
Fitty Wienhold - bass
Lorenzo Milani - drums

disc I:
1.) "Holy"
2.) "Raiders Of Beyond"
3.) "Midnight Mover"
4.) "Independence Day"
5.) "Metal Eater"
6.) "Protectors Of Terror"
7.) "Animal house"
9.) drum solo
10.) "T.V. War"
11.) "No Limits"
12.) "Run If You Can"
13.) "Winter Dreams"
14.) "In The Darkness"
disc II:
1.) "Like A Loaded Gun"
2.) "Recall The Sin"
3.) "Break The Rules"
4.) "Midnight Highway"
5.) "Heaven Is Hell"
6.) "Monster Man"
7.) "Living On A Frontline"
8.) "Heart Of Gold"
9.) "Shout It Out"
10.) "Cut Me Out"
11.) "I'm A rebel"
12.) "They Want War"

     Recorded in 2001 while U.D.O. was on tour in support of their 1999 release titled,  'Holy".  'Live From Russia' was the first live album from U.D.O. since Dirkschneider formed the band after leaving Accept for the second and last time in 1996.  'Live In Russia' consists of two CD's.  The setlist Udo chose for the recording consisted of twenty-five songs, fourteen from his solo career and eleven songs he recorded while he was with Accept.  I'm sorry however I was glad when I looked at the set list and saw other Accept songs besides "Balls To The Wall".  Not that I don't like "Balls To The Wall".  I am just burnt out from hearing it over the years.  It is almost like a lot of people think that was Accept's only song! The sound quality on 'Live From Russia' isn't as good as other U.D.O. live albums yet the set list was amazing!  If you are an Udo fan and your buying the Anniversary Editions then you will have to by it to complete the set.  If not and you still want a good live U.D.O. release I would purchase 'Live In Sofia'.