Texas Hippie Coalition - 'Peacemaker'


Big Dad Rich  - vocals
John Exall -  bass
Tim Braun - drums
Wes Wallace - All Guitars

1 .) "Hands Up" - Of the eleven songs on this release I don't think they could have picked a better track to open the CD up with than this one.  This is one of those songs the more it's played the better it gets.
2 .) "Damn You To Hell" - Just like the first song this second song is perfectly written! 
3 .) "8 Seconds" -The intro to this track consisted of a rhythm guitar riff over the top of a bass drum kick.  The second half of the third measure there is a snare drum fill.  There is a minor lead guitar solo connecting the intro with the musical verse.  The musical verse consisted of a minor rhythm guitar change.  There is a second minor solo after the first chorus.  After the solo there is a short musical rest that consisted of big daddy laughing.  For the first breakdown section Scott switched the hi-hat pattern to a opening and closing hi-hat pattern.   For the major lead guitar solo it sounded like the band slowed the bpm (beats per minute) down.  After the second chorus there is a breakdown section. For this breakdown section  Scott played a drum pattern on his snare rim. The rhythm guitar arrangement of this song has a stinking groove to it.  There are three minor lead guitar licks over the top of the coda.       
4 .) "Outlaw" - This track opens with a big daddy vocal scream.  After the second measure a bass drum kick kicks-in.  The bass drum kick is 12 quarter notes or the equivalent of three measures.  The fourth measure opens with a snare fill.  For the drum line that connects the pre-verse with the verse Scott used his crash cymbal  instead of his hi-hat or ride cymbal.  Scott using the crash cymbal like this caused the guitar riff to be intensified which in turn intensified the song itself.  The guys kept the chorus fairly simple.  There is a small musical rest that consisted of a Scott hitting the floor tom connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  After the second chorus Mike plays a small palm muting riff that leads to the lead guitar solo.  
5 .) "Turn It Up" -This is the first single taken off the release and once you hear it you will know why.  This track is just fucking amazing!
6 .) "Wicked" -This intro opened with a short snare drum fill.  For the main musical intro Michael overdubbed several lead guitar licks over the top of the rhythm arrangement.  Michael used the rhythm riff of the intro for the musical verse.  As a drummer I have to say the hi-hat pattern and sound is what made the musical verse for me.  The hook of the chorus was one of the main reasons I feel in love with this song.  The music arrangement of the second verse resembles the chorus as opposed to the musical verse.  Scott's hi-hat rhythm had a syncopated sound to it.  Vocally Big Daddy especially on this track reminded me of someone else.  However at this time I cannot think of who.  The lead guitar solo runs underneath the next chorus. 
7 .) "Don't Come Lookin'" - One hell of a ballad!!!!
8 .) "Sex & Drugs & Rock N' Roll" -The first half of the opening measure of this intro was done using an effects pedal.  After the first half of o the first measure Mike kicks-in the main rhythm arrangement.  This rhythm  riff is the same as the one that opens the intro.  There is a rhythm arrangement change for the musical chorus.  The chorus was kept very simple. The second pre-verse was kept very simple.  The coda consisted of a Big Daddy whispered lyric line.

9 .) "Paw Paw Hill" - This track opens with a cross stick pattern being played on the rims of the tom-toms.   Over the top of Scott's cross stick pattern Michael plays an acoustic slide guitar riff.  Connecting the intro with the verse there is a pre-verse.  There is a huge musical change for the musical verse.  Michael plays a simple yet very huge rhythm guitar riff for the musical verse.  This rhythm guitar riff had an awesome hook to it.  There is an acoustic guitar rhythm underneath the electric guitar arrangement of the musical verse.  There is a small rhythm change for the musical pre-chorus.  For the chorus the band used the same arrangement as the one for the verse.  The coda consisted of the same rhythm guitar riff as the intro.
10 .) "Peacemaker" - This song had a very cool sound too it!!
11 .) "Think Of Me" -This is an amazing ballad!!!

     'Peacemaker' is the third release from the Texas outlaws Texas Hippie Coalition.  When people ask me who does THC sound like I usually say it's as if Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) along with Vinnie Paul and 'dimebag' Darrell Abbot had a love child.  I don't know if that's what THC was going for however their sound is about that close.  Only better and by say this I mean no respeact to Zakk, Vinnie or Darrell in fact from a fans point of view it is the highest honor I can give the band!  I have good friends who are not really into this heavy of music however have feel in love with THC.  Everyone needs a little THC in their sound system.  Just one warning this form of THC is highly addictive!!