John Taglieri - 'Songs That Should Have Made Me Rich'




Disc I:

1.) " Leap Of Faith

2 .) "Reason To Believe

3.) "Stay With Me

4.) "Cross My Heart

5.) "What It Means

6.) "How Will I Know

7.) "Starring Role

8.) "Wide Awake & Dreaming

9.) "Everything We Are

10.) "Living Without You
Disc II:

11.) "The Lives Of Splattered Flies

12.) "Make A Mistake With Me

13.) "After Farewell

14.) "Say These Words

15.) "Fly

16.) "Ghost

17.) "Losing Me

18.) "Make Me Believe

19.) Bonus Track – "What I Wanted After All"

20.) Bonus Track – "Back To You"



'Leap of Faith' (1999)
'Half & Half'' (2003)
'NOW' (2005)
'Wide Awake & Dreaming' (2007)
'Everything We Are' EP (2008)
'Lives' EP
'Lives Volume II' EP (2009)
'FOREWARD' (2010) - with TAG'
'Lucky #9' (2012)
'The Very Best Of John Taglieri...The Songs That Should Have Made Me Rich!!!' (2012)


The Band:

John Taglieri – Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Percussion

John Calendrillo – Guitars (tracks 3, 5 & 6)

Brad Whitley – Guitars, backing vocals (tracks 9 – 16, 19-20)

Brian Fechino – Guitars (tracks 11, 12, 15, 16)

Lee J. Turner – Piano, Keyboards, Leslie, Hammond, Strings (tracks 10 – 16)

Sean Faust – Keyboards & Strings (track 6)

Bill Colletti – Piano & Strings (track 2)

Tom Darby – Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals (tracks 7, 8)

Drew Yowell – Guitars (tracks 7, 8)

Mike Tucillo – Bass (tracks 15 & 16)

Jeanette Ferguson – Backing Vocals (track 8)

Josh Rifkin – Backing Vocals (track 8)

Gina Gerzberg – Backing Vocals (track 8)

      John Taglieri (born August 19, 1967) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and record label owner. Born and raised in New Jersey, he attended college for sound engineering in New York City and has played in various New Jersey bands as a drummer, lead guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and vocalist. He released his first solo album Leap of Faith in 1999 on his own record company Leap Dog Music. His sixth & seventh independent releases, Lives & "Lives II", was a 2009 grouping of EPs and books. He is officially sponsored by Ovation Guitars. A persistent touring musician, much of his music is acoustic or in the AOR rock style.
      John Taglieri was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, and raised in the town of North Bergen, New Jersey, on the western side of the Hudson River. He began taking guitar lessons at age five and continued for two years, eventually quitting for a year to play drums, then returning to play guitar. He also learned to play bass guitar, keyboard, piano, trumpet, and sing. His first recordings were in early high school on a cheap 4 track recorder with his friends. He began playing and recording music professionally at age 15, and went on to earn a degree in Audio Engineering from The Center for the Media Arts in New York City.
     Since graduating, Taglieri has served in various New Jersey bands as either lead guitarist, drummer, bassist, keyboardist, or vocalist (lead and background). These bands have released various independent albums and toured on the local, regional, and national levels.
      The first real band Taglieri played in was American Heartbeat, where he was lead guitar and background vocalist. They played original music and Bruce Springsteen covers at show, fairs, and festivals for about two years before breaking up. After the breakup of American Heartbeat, Taglieri again played lead guitar and background vocals for the band Sneaks Noise. They released an album in 1988 titled A Surge Of Existence which sold some 1600 copies, and were successful in the college touring and radio circuit. He also served as a tour musician for the original and cover group Dr. Max. Taglieri played drums and sang lead and background vocals for a U.S. tour that encompassed over 260 live shows in one year. After the year touring with Dr. Max, he landed a job as the drummer and backing vocalist for the short-lived band Dayzanu. They played at the Beacon Theater in New York City and the now defunct Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey.
      In the early 1990s Taglieri founded the band Big Trouble with his friend, John Calendrillo.
     With an AOR sound, they received solid college airplay with the 6 song EP they released. With Taglieri as their frontman, they had a busy touring schedule in the Upper East Coast, doing a regional tour to support the album. During the tour, they played with Rick Derringer on the Reebok River Stage in New York City. The band broke up after experiencing personnel problems. Taglieri then joined the cover band King Tod, which had developed a decent following in the Northeast United States and did covers of classic 70's, 80's, and 90's rock. They played constantly for about 3 years, with Taglieri at different times playing guitar, bass, keyboards, and always sang. Taglieri and the King Tod drummer Tony Marchesani then joined the local cover band Bachelor Party, which did extensive local touring.
      In 1999 he started the private company Leap Dog Music, an independent record label and publishing company. Taglieri also owns and operates Dawg Pound Studios, a full service recording studio since 2005. Taglieri has recorded all of his own CDs there since 2005, as well as CDs by various local artists. He has also recorded voice overs for various TV commercials.
      In the spring of 1997, while still working a day job and playing night gigs with Bachelor Party, Taglieri began writing prolifically. He had 60 individual songs by summer. He picked 30 to consider for a CD, and that September he began a period of recording that lasted an entire year. He did vocals and played every instrument on the album except keyboard, which were played by the session engineer Bill Colletti. After he finished recording he took the mixes to Platinum Studios, where it was mastered by Bob Allecca. He released the solo CD Leap of Faith on January 12, 1999.
      He released Leap of Faith officially under Leap Productions, with the music publishing registered under ASCAP. He did all promotion and distribution himself. The album was being sold at Sam Goody, Tower Records, Compact Disc World, Borders Books, and Within a fews months he had secured spots on major radio stations for interviews and airplay, including performances and interviews on WTSR and WPLJ's Scott and Todd Morning Show in New York. The album was chosen as "1999 Pop Male CD of the Year" by Kweevaks Tracks, a large independent music website, as well as being in the Top 5 on the Rock Tracks website. In July 1999, the online retailer and indie music site Digital Cuts chose Taglieri as their Digital Cuts Artist of the month.
      In 2000 A2 Records took an interest in the album after seeing Taglieri perform at the Ulstrasound Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not long after he finished his initial self-financed supporting tour for the album, A2 signed a one-record worldwide licensing deal for the 'Leap of Faith'.  They released an identical version of the CD in Europe in July 2000, particularly in Tower Records - UK and Virgin Megastores - UK. A2 secured airplay in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. A2 also released the album in the United States. To date, the CD has sold over 7,500 units worldwide, and is currently no longer available except in digital format.
     His second solo release, Half & Half, was released on September 23, 2003 through Leap Dog Music. It was a 12 song album album with six studio tracks and six live tracks. All tracks are acoustic. The live tracks are from various shows over a two-year period, mostly from the Bottom Line in New York City, the same show where Taglieri was invited to open for guitar legend and Triumph founder Rik Emmett. The studio tracks were all new songs written by Taglieri and produced by Doug Mackie. It includes guest musicians Larry Chaney of the Edwin McCain Band, Taglieri's friend John Calendrillo, and guitarist Neil Rambaldi. It was released on, Borders Books & Music, Best Buy, Tower Records, and CD Baby. He started an acoustic tour on September 15, 2003 to support the album. The CD helped Taglieri earn the "UIMA Pop/Rock Artist of the Year" award.
     Taglieri released his third 12-track album, NOW, on Leap Dog Music, keeping up his touring schedule with the new material. He toured extensively in the Northeast to support this CD and quickly sold out the first two runs of it. It was also the first of Taglieri's solo CDs recorded in his own Dawg Pound Studios.
     His fourth album, Wide Awake & Dreaming, was released on Leap Dog Music in April 2007. The CD was produced by Drew Yowell and written mostly by Taglieri, Yowell and keyboardist Tom Darby. Taglieri also co-wrote a track with longtime collaborator John Calendrillo, and also covered the song "Waiting For Me", originally recorded by Blues artist Joe Bonamassa. Taglieri put a band together and toured the Eastern half of the US to support the CD.
     The 2008 Everything We Are EP was Taglieri's fifth release and was a departure from his usual acoustic style, and written with his friend and guitarist Brad Whitley. An extensive tour was booked to promote the CD along with a successful promotional tour with FYE. The CD has subsequently sold out all 1000 units and is now only available in digital format.
     'Lives' (April 2009) is a series of EP's and books chronicling the fictional characters Cate and Max, both professed unlucky rejects on a journey of discovery. Taglieri and his co-writer Brad Whitley had contacted storywriter Gil Gonzalez to formulate the combination of books and EPs, as well as graphic designer Tony Marchesani. The recordings for Lives were done at Dawg Pound Studios, with Taglieri & Brad Whitley handling most of the recording. Additional recordings were done at BoogieMan Studios in Nashville by Lee J. Turner (Darius Rucker Band) and Jason Gambill (Lady Antebellum), as well as at Room 56 in Congers, New York by Brian Fechino (Pat McGee Band). 'Lives Volume II', released in October 2009, was the second edition of the LIVES Project. It continued the story from Lives both musically and in book form.
     Taglieri formed TAG and released their debut CD, "FOREWARD" on 11/16/10. The band toured behind the CD subsequently selling out its first and only run of 1000 units. The CD is now only available in Digital Format.
     Taglieri released his ninth effort entitled 'Lucky #9' on 4/17/12. The release was a six-song EP featuring all new material and included songs Taglieri wrote on his own as well as with several co-writers. The EP has a very Modern Rock sound. The release sold strong and peaked at #2 on the "Hot New Releases Chart" and hit #18 on the Adult Alternative Best Sellers charts.
     The first single from 'Lucky #9'..."Make Me Believe"...hit #1 on the Hot New Releases - Adult Alternative chart & #13 on's Miscellaneous Chart, #22 on Pop Best Sellers, & #75 on the Main Pop "Hot New Releases" Chart. A second song, "Dying Alive'", peaked at #3 on AA as well. All Six songs from the release made it into the Top 10 in AA Hot New Releases.
     Taglieri release his 10th effort on 10/23/12. A 20-song Best Of package spanning his whole career with two songs off of each of his first nine CDs and two new unreleased tracks. Taglieri has sold over 19,000 physical CDs & digital downloads worldwide during his career to date.


     In the 13 years I've known john there are two things I can count on. His musical consistency and his strive for profection. One thing that makes a great composer is being able to interpret his own musical influences into his own musical style without losing the integrity of his own style. (Unlike some artists like the early 90' Country band Little Texas who started as a metal band however change their sound just too make it.) This greatest hit package is for every style of rock fan and is an absolute must buy!!!