Meroe - 'Sick Society'

Oliver - Vocals
Alex  - Guitar
Andy - Drums
Peter  - Bass

1.) "Wild Tonight" - The intro to this track opens with a very simple guitar riff.  This guitar riff is the type of riff you would hear underneath a lead guitar rhythm as a fill-in.  Andy's drum rhythm pays homage to the drum rhythm Tommy Lee played on the breakdown of Mötley's cover of the Brownsville Station hit "Smokin' In The Boys Room" (Taken off their album 'Yeah' released in 1973).  Mötley's version is featured on the band's third CD titled, 'Theater Of Pain'.  All these years and everyone claims Tommy Lee was a huge influence on them however this was the first time  you actually can hear it!  Andy plays a snare drum fill to connect the intro with the musical verse.  For the musical verse Andy switched from a tom-tom pattern to a standard hi-hat rhythm.  There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  It is at this time when Peter kicks-in the bass line.  For the measure leading into the musical verse and the opening lyric line Andy switches from his hi-hat to his ride cymbal.  The way the guys arranged the lyric lines gave the verse a early eighties feel.  There is a short snare drum fill connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus.  I believe Alex is playing the same guitar arrangement for the chorus as the one he played for the intro.  Oliver carries out the vocal note of the last lyric of the chorus.  There is a minor lead guitar solo connecting the second chorus with the breakdown section.  Andy used the same tom-tom pattern for the breakdown as the one he used for the intro.  There is a backing vocal harmony underneath the lead vocals of the breakdown section.   
2.) "Children Of The Innocence" -  Underneath the rhythm guitar arrangement of this intro Andy plays sixteenth-notes on his hi-hat and ride cymbal.  For me, it was the bass line that made the musical intro.  Andy played a tom-tom fill to connect the musical into with the musical verse.  The opening musical verse consisted of a very simple musical arrangement.  There was an arrangement change underneath the opening lyric line.  The drum line was very reminiscent to some of the drum rhythms Tommy Lee has written.  Connecting each lyric line Alex played one hell of a mean guitar riff.  I felt the lyrical verses had an almost seventies Alice Cooper feel to them.  The choruses had a sweet hook to it.  After the second chorus there is a breakdown section that consisted of a child's choir.  The lead guitar solo for this track had an amazing sound to it.      
3.) "Let It Rock" - This track opened with a very simple straight forward intro section.  There was a simple rhythm change for the musical verse.  The chorus was but right up against the verse.  The lyric arrangement of the musical chorus had an early Def Leppard sound to it.  There was a small snare & tom fill connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  The lead guitar solo is what made this track!
4.) "Last Days In Paradise" - This song is purely amazing!  The guitar work especially the solos are heavily influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen.
5.) "Here In My Heart" - This was an amazing song with sweet hooks.
6.) "Kissin' A Dream Goodbye" - This ballad shows the band's writing talent!
7.) "Never Let You Go" - This track was heavily influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen.
8.) "Show Your Love" -This intro consisted of a mean guitar riff.  There was a rhythm change for the musical verse.  For the chorus Andy switched from a hi-hat pattern to a rhythm on his tom-toms.  After the second chorus there was an amazing lead guitar solo.  The way the solo was double-tracked gave it a twin lead guitar sound. 
9.) "Sweet Sister" - There was a minor lead guitar solo over the top of this short intro.  There was a rhythm change for the pre-verse and then also the verse.  The chorus had an eighties feel to it.  After the first chorus there was a laid back minor solo.  The major solo connected the second and third choruses.
10.) "Let The Eyes Do The Talking" - Underneath the lead guitar riff of this intro Andy plays a tom-tom rhythm.  As the intro progresses it seemed to speed up.  There was a rhythm change for the verse.  The choruses were very simple.  After the third chorus there was a timing change.  This led to the lead guitar solo. After the fourth chorus there was a very intense double-tracked lead guitar solo.
11.) "Canadian Lady" -This track opened with a very simple intro arrangement.  There was a rhythm change for the musical verse.  The choruses were kept very short and simple.  The lead guitar solo for this track had a Malmsteen feel to it. 

     Originated from Munich Germany, in 2000.  'Sick Society' is the band's third release.  The press release that was sent with the CD stated"...Monroe has some amazing 1980's style heavy rock...".  This was an remarkably huge understatement!!!  Since writing reviews there hasn't been very many new artists that claim they have an eightis sound and actually do.  Meroe is one that definitely does!  I hit upon this breaking down the first track.  A lot of times you will hear a musician say so and so was a huge influence on me however you never hear the influence.  Though I have never read where Tommy Lee was an influence of Andy's there is no doubt he is.  Through the first couple songs I thought where did TSM get that Alex was heavily influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen however for the second half every solo sounded like it was written and played by Malmsteen himself!  From a songwriting stand point I don't know where they got they sound like old Bon Jovi or Kiss.  I didn't hear it I heard older Mötley Crüe however that is the beautiful thing about music it is in the ears of the listener.  If your into hard rock from the years between '81-'85 then Monroe's 'Sick Society' is for you!