Mad Max - 'Interceptor'

Michael Voss - lead vocals, lead guitars
ürgen Breforth - rhythm guitar
Roland Bergmann - bass, vocals
Axel Kruse - drums

1.) "Save Me" - This track opens with an electric guitar rhythm riff.  Over the top of the second measure Michael begins singing some of the lyrics lines of the chorus.  After the opening chorus the band kicks-in the song.  The musical verse had a huge hook attached to it.  Over the top of the opening musical verse Michael sings a few vocal accents.  There was a small drum fill connecting the musical verse with the second chorus.  There was a minor lead guitar solo connecting the second chorus with the second verse.  There are several minor lead guitar underneath the lyric lines of the second verse. 
2.) "Godzilla" - This song was very straight forward and simple.
3.) "Sons Of Anarchy" -The rhythm guitar that opened this song consisted of several musical rests.  There was a minor lead guitar solo connecting the intro with the musical verse.  The minor solo sounded double-tracked and gave it a twin lead guitar solo sound.   The lyrical verse really shows Michael Voss's vocal talent.  The choruses had a huge hook attached to them.  There was a minor lead guitar solo connecting the second chorus with the third verse.  There is a major lead guitar solo connecting the third verse and third chorus.    
4.) "Rock All Your Life" - This track was very reminiscent to late eighties and early nineties Def Leppard.

5.) "Five Minute Warning" - This intro opens with a very simple electric guitar arrangement.  Too me, in many ways the rhythm guitar that opened this track was very reminiscent to some of the guitar riffs The Scorpions have written over the years.  Underneath the second measure Axel plays several cymbal accents.  A second rhythm guitar kicks-in for the opening musical verse.  This second guitar rhythm is different from the first.  Michael sings several huge vocal accents at the beginning of the musical verse.  The choruses of this track where kept very simple.  After the second chorus there was a short minor twin lead guitar solo.  
6.) "Bring On The Night" -This track is pure classic eighties hard rock! 
7.) "Streets Of Tokyo" - (The lyrics to this song were penned by former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell)  This intro was very reminiscent to the guitar riff George Lynch wrote on Dokken's 1981 release titled, 'Breaking The Chains'.   There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  The chorus had a huge hook attached to it.  This ranked up there as one of my favorite songs on the CD.
8.) "Show No Mercy" - This track was pure magic!!!!
9.) "Revolution" - This was another just magical song!!!!
10.) "Turn It Down" - (Cover of The Sweet hit taken off of the European version of '
Desolation Boulevard', released in 1974.)

    'Interceptor' is just the tenth CD Mad Max has released in thirty-one years.  The CD contains nine new songs plus one cover song title, "Turn It Down" originally released by one of the first metal bands called Sweet.  Speaking of which Mad Max done Sweet justice, which, doesn't happen often enough on cover songs.  The other nine songs cover the gambit from everything to Mad Max to early Dokken to Def Leppard.  Though there isn't a bad song on the release I have to say one of the highlights was "Streets Of Tokyo" written by Herman Rarebell (formerly of The Scorpions).  This was an amazing CD and would make a great addition to anyone's collection!