Tom Keifer - 'The Way life Goes'

Tom Keifer - vocals, backing vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, keyboards
Greg Morrow - drums & percussion
Michael Rhoades - bassist
Tony Harnell - (former TNT vocalist) - piano, B3, wurlitzer, clavinet

1.) "Solid Ground" - This track opens with a single electric guitar riff coming out of just the right speaker.  In between the first and second riff over the top of the first guitar   arrangement a second electric guitar arrangement kicks-in.  This second rhythm guitar arrangement is different than the underling guitar arrangement that opened the song.  About one measure into the intro Greg begins keeping time with his hi-hat.  He also added a few bass drum kicks here and there.  Over the top of the bass drum kicks there is a bass drum line.  Over the top of the two rhythm guitar arrangements of Over the top of the music arrangement Tom sings a vocal scream to connect the intro with the musical verse.   he last measure there is a couple lead guitar licks.  To connect the intro with the musical verse Tom sings one hell of a vocal scream.  This vocal scream shows you Tom still has it as a lead vocalist!  For the musical verse both the rhythm and lead guitar switches rhythm to where they are playing the same arrangement.  It's at the opening verse where the main drum line kicks-in.  After the vocal scream There is a whole-note lead lick.  The verse was very simple l arrangements he wrote on and straight forward.  The way Tom produced the song let the bass line bleed through.  There was a simple rhythm change for the musical chorus. Too me the way Tom arranged the lyrics was very reminiscent to the lyrical arrangements he wrote on Cinderella's last release titled, 'Still Climbing released on November 8, 1994.  There are two lead guita r solos back to back for this song.  After the solo there is a breakdown section that consisted of two different rhythm guitar riffs  underneath several Tom Keifer vocal lines.  Connecting the breakdown with the next chorus there is a short minor solo.
2.) "A Different  Light"  - This is a very simple song with a modern Country feel. 
3.) "It's Not Enough" -  This track opens with a single rhythm guitar riff.  Outside of a note or two  the riff sounded a lot like the Roy Orbison hit "Oh Pretty Woman" originally released August 1964.  Underneath this riff there is a small percussion section.  Over the top of the second riff a second rhythm guitar kicks-in.  This second guitar is playing the sane rhythm as the first. The band used the same rhythm riff for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  After the fifth lyric line there is a pick slide.  The drum line kicks-in underneath the sixth lyric line. Tom double-tracked his vocals for the seventh lyric line.  The rhythm and lyrical change of the chorus was very reminiscent to Cinderella's last studio CD titled 'Still Climbing' released November 8, 1994.  The lead guitar solo was fairly simple.  This would have been a great song outside of the fact he is constantly singing the title.     
4.) "Cold Day In Hell" - This track was amazing!!!!!
additional guitars and harmonica - Pat Buchanan, Sax - Jim Home, backing vocals - Etta Britt, Vicky Carraco & Crystal Taliafferro
5.) "Thick And Thin" - This track opens with the legendary vocalist and former TNT member Tony Harnell playing an arrangement on an clavinet with his right hand.  Then with his left hand he is playing an arrangement with a B3.  Underneath the lyric lines for the opening verse Tony lowered the organ an octave or two.  At the end of each lyric line Tom added a lot of vibrato to the last lyric.  This was something I'm not use to hearing the vocalist do a lot if.  In between the keyboard arrangement and lead vocal lines of the second verse there is a minor lead guitar solo.  It's hard to tell though it sounded as if the fourth lyric line of the second verse was double-tracked.  After the fourth chorus there is a set of four lyric lines.  There is a minor solo connecting the second and third lyric line.  There are little lead licks underneath the lyric lines of the coda.
6.) "Ask Me Yesterday" - The first half of this guitar riff of this intro was very reminiscent to Kiss's "Hard Luck Woman" taken off of  'Rock And Roll Over' originally released on November 11, 1976.   Over the of the twin rhythm guitar arrangements there is a short acoustic lead guitar solo.  This solo leads to a separate strumming rhythm.  The strumming rhythm over the top of the two rhythm guitars of the intro was the same strumming rhythm for the musical verse.  There is an acoustic rhythm change for the musical verse.  It is also at this time the band added a second guitar arrangement.  This second guitar was an electric guitar.  After the first chorus there is an intro repeat that leads to the second chorus.  Underneath the lyric lines of the second verse there are several lead guitar licks.  The was a well structured song!!!! 
7.) "Fools Paradise" - From beginning to end I felt this was a very cool song!! 
8.) "The Flower Song" -This intro opened with an acoustic guitar arrangement over the top of a small keyboard arrangement.  The drum line consisted of a very simple percussion drum line.  The acoustic guitar kind of had a seventies feel to it.  There is a short musical rest connecting the musical intro with the musical verse.  The way Tom arranged both the musical and lyrical arrangements gave the song a seventies feel.  There is a seventies sound for the musical verse. There are two different lead guitar lead licks underneath the lead vocals of the second verse.  This was an amazing song! 
9.) "Mood Elevator" -I just loved this song!!!!!!! 
10.) "Welcome To My Mind" - This track opens with a strange keyboard effect.  The main musical intro had a huge heavy metal sound.  After the main intro there was a musical change for the musical verse.  This musical change consisted of a blues arrangement.  Underneath the musical pre-verse Greg plays a tom-tom rhythm.  The guitar arrangements of the pre-verse had an abstract feel.  There is a rhythm change for the musical chorus.  The song basically repeats itself up to the solo and the solo wasn't much to brag about.    

11.) "You Showed Me" - This track opened with lead vocals over the top of an Anthony Harnell piano arrangement.  There is an acoustic guitar that kicks for the musical chorus.  There s a complete musical change for the second verse and chorus.  At time the song lyrically and vocally was very reminiscent to the stuff Steven Tyler has written.
12.) "Ain't That A Bitch" -This track opens with a rhythm guitar arrangement. Anthony plays a b3 arrangement to connect the intro with the musical verse.  There is an arrangement change for the musical verse.  The verse and chorus was very reminiscent to early seventies Aerosmith.  Connecting each verse with each chorus there was a minor lead guitar solo.  There was a minor solo over the top of the coda.
13.) "The Way Life Goes" - This track just has one hell of a solid heavy metal blues groove to it!!!!!
14.) "Babylon" -
This was a very simple song that had a solid groove too it!!

    It's been a long 19 years since Cinderella's lead singer has released a studio album.  His first solo release is titled, "The Way Life Is"
In a recent interview with Maine Music News, Tom Keifer had this to say about his soon-to-be-released solo debut, “The Way Life Goes” -
It was a long time in the making, and it was made purely for the love of making music. It was produced independently of a label. I just didn’t want the pressure of someone telling me when it was finished, or you are on this budget, this time frame, and this deadline. I just wanted to make a record that I really loved at the end of the day, and it was just about the music.” – Tom Keifer
     I have had friend's call and ask me if I've seen Tom Keifer's new video for "Solid Ground"?  And I say no because I don't watch may videos even on VH1 Classic.  There first response is it's fairly Country sounding.  As I was reviewing this release this was not what I heard!  Cause It sure wasn't what I heard!  What I heard musically songs that was very reminiscent to where Cinderella's - 'Still Climbing" released on  November 8, 1994,  seventies Aerosmith, older KISS, along with several Blues influences.
     "The Way Life Goes" would make any rock fan very happy!!!!