Jorn - 'Traveller'
June 11 (North America) June 14 (Europe)

Jorn Lande - vocals
Willy Bendkens - drums
Trod Holter - guitar
Jimmy Iversen - guitar
Brent Jansen - bass

1.) "Overlord" - This intro opens with a very simple orchestrated keyboard effect.  As after a few notes this fades to a huge bass line  The main musical intro kicks-in with the guitar/drums/bass playing the same pattern.  This automatically gives the song a huge sound.  There is a small musically rest consisting of a hi-hat count off connecting the musical intro with the musical verse.  Instead of completely changing the rhythm arrangement and bass line of the musical verse the guys just tweaked a note or two.  the drum line stayed the same.  The tweaked were very reminiscent to early Ronnie James Dio.  there is a short echo attached to Jorn's vocals after each lyric line.  There is an eight-note tom-tom fill connecting the verse with the pre-chorus.  The only musical change of the chorus was Wiily opened and closed his hi-hat a few times.  There is a rhythm guitar change for the musical chorus.  But the hi-light of the chorus was Jorn's vey eerie Dio-isk echoe!  There is a short drum fill connecting the musical chorus with the second musical verse.  Along with an echo after each other lyric line it sounded as if jorn also double-tracked toughs lines.  There is a drum fill connecting the second chorus with the breakdown section.  After the breakdown the band slowed the beats per minute down for the twin lead guitar solo section.  After the solo there was a strange rhythm guitar effect used.  Though the last pre-chorus and coda there was a minor lead guitar solo.      
2.) "Cancer Demon" - This track is just purely amazing!!!!
3.) "Traveller" - This was the first single taken off of the CD.   This track opens with a fairly standard Heavy Metal  intro section.  Over the top of the Intro Jorn sings two vocal accents.   Trod and Jimmy basically used the same rhythm guitar riffs as the ones for the intro they just tweaked them a little to give the verse a different feel.  The guitar riffs of this track are mean sounding!  After the opening lyric line connecting the first lyric line with the second Willy opens his hi-hat just a little.  there is a minor solo connecting the first and second lyric lines.  Jorn double-tracked the third lyric line of the verse.  There were several guitar/bass/drum accents connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus.  There is no doubt that Jorn had Dio in mind on the chorus.  These choruses would fit any Dio song!  The choruses have some of the sweetest hooks I believe I've ever heard!!  There is a small musical rest connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  I loved the Dio guitar lick underneath the second lyric line of the second verse.  It sounded like underneath the third lyric line they turned the bass amp up.  After the second chorus there is a breakdown section.  This breakdown section opened with a single guitar rhythm.  The band kicks back-in for a blistering twin lead guitar solo.  Underneath the third verse there are two separate rhythm guitar riffs.  There is a minor lead guitar solo over the top of the coda.        
4.) "Widow Maker" -This track fades in with a very intense rhythm guitar riff.  As the riff progresses the rest of the band join in.  There was a double-bass drum rhythm for the musical intro.  This drum line also consisted of several drum fills.  The main musical intro consisted of two independent rhythm guitar riffs.  There was a minor twin lead guitar solo connecting the intro with the musical verse.  There was a rhythm change for the musical verse.  The drum line switched from a double bass drum rhythm to a single bass drum for the musical verse.  The musical verse consisted of two separate rhythm guitar rhythms.  The double-bass rhythm of the musical chorus gave the chorus a very intense sound.  Underneath Jorn's vocals there was a minor lead guitar solo. For me the drum line and twin lead guitar solo is what made this song!!!  
5.) "Make Your Engine Scream" - The intro to this track consisted of a lead guitar rhythm over the top of a rhythm guitar riff.  At times the minor lead guitar solo connecting the intro arrangement with the musical verse sounded double-tracked.  There was a drastic rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  The way Jorn recorded the vocal lines of the verse blew me away!  Te rhythm change for the chorus gave the chorus a nice hook.  There is a twin lead guitar solo after the second chorus.  These were several lead licks underneath Jorn's vocals of the coda.
6.) "Legend Man" - This track opened with a strange studio effect.  This effect led to a single rhythm guitar riff.  After the single riff is played twice a second rhythm guitar kicks-in.  The band used the same rhythm riff of the intro as the one for the musical verse.  To lead into the musical chorus Willy plays a couple tom-tom fills.  There is a minor solo connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  Tere was a rhythm change for the second verse.  After the third verse there a small musical rest.  From beginning to in the track had a very melodic feel to it.
7.) "Carry The Black"  -This track consisted of a double-tracked twin lead guitar solo over the top of a rhythm guitar riff.  Just the intro itself was well structured.  There was a rhythm change for the musical verse.  Jorn double-tracked lyrics in between the lyrics.  The chorus had an amazing hook attached to it.  After the second chorus there is a tom-tom fill that leads to a twin lead guitar solo section.
8.) "Rev On"  - This track was very straight forward and a great sounding track!!!
 9.) "Monsoon" -This track was just amazing!!!
10.) "The Man Who Was King" - This song was just jaw dropping and in many ways reminded me of something Ronnie James Dio would have written.

     The first time I ever heard the name Jørn Lande was in 1998. It was while he was with a band called The Snakes and their release titled, 'Once Bitten'. For those that don't know The Snakes was founded by original Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden.
     Working on such collaborating projects as, The Snakes, Ark, Brazen Abbot, Masterplan and Allen/Lande outside of the United States, Jørn may be one of the top five most recognizable heavy metal lead vocalist.  Because of the Internet I think it's crazy he is not more known within the States!!!!!!!
     Since then I have had the pleasure of reviewing a few CD's featuring Jørn on vocals. However it was not until 2010 with his release titled, 'DIO (a tribute to RJD)' through Frontier Records that I have had the opportunity to review all of his releases since.
      After I reviewed the first Jørn CD for Blast Magazine I became an instant fan and I have since purchased %75 percent of his entire catalog.  Without dropping website names it seems after Jørn released 'Dio (A Tribute To Ronnie James)' everything he has recorded has been compared to DIO.  Why is this such a bad thing?  Most Heavy Metal songwriters would give anything to write one song half as good as Ronnie's worst!  With six months left in the year I can't say this will be CD of the years however I can say it will be in my top five!