Hinder - 'Welcome To The Freakshow'


Austin Winkler - vocals
Mark King - guitar
Joe “Blower” Garvey -guitar
Mike Rodden - Bass
Cody Hanson - drums

1.) "Save Me" - The pre-intro of this track consisted of what sounded like a small backwards masking percussion drum line.  The main musical intro consisted  of the entire band.  The rhythm guitar arrangement was done with several simple riffs.  After each riff it sounded as if Austin sings a vocal accent.  There was a short drum fill connecting the musical intro with the musical verse.  Mark or Joe plays a lead guitar riff to connect the musical chorus with the verse.  Mark and Joe play two different rhythm  guitar arrangements for the musical chorus.  The last lyric line of the second verse consisted of just lyrics.  Connecting the second and third choruses together there is a vocal breakdown.  The lyrics of this breakdown was arranged in the style of rap.  This track contained no lead guitar solo.
2.) "Ladies Come First" -  This track opens with a single rhythm guitar riff coming out of just the left speaker.  The riff repeats three times before the guys add more notes to it.  Underneath the riff of the intro Cody plays a simple bass drum kick.  This bass drum kick sounded like the bass drum kicks you hear in dance music.  The bass drum kick comes out of just the right speaker.  Over the top of the second measure Mark or Joe plays several lead guitar licks.  Austin sings, "Let's turn it up, GO!" which leads to a snare drum fill.  This drum fill connects the intro with the musical verse.  Underneath the first three lyric lines the music arrangement consisted of just a drum and bass line.  The rhythm guitar does not kick-in until the musical chorus.  There is a repeat of the rhythm guitar of the intro connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  There also is a small minor lead solo rhythm over the top of the rhythm riff that connects the two.  The second verse is a basic repeat of the first verse.  There is a one line spoken vocal right in the middle of the second chorus.  There is a breakdown section connecting the second and third chorus. 
3.) "Shoulda Known Better" - This is a very simple ballad that really shows the guys writing talent.
4.) "Freakshow" -This intro opens with a snare drum fill.  Austin sings a vocal accent to connect the snare fill with the main intro.  There is a minor lead guitar solo over the top of the intro section.  There is a rhythm guitar change for the musical pre-verse.  The band used the same minor solo of the intro to connect the musical pre-verse with the musical verse.  The lyric arrangements within the choruses was very reminiscent to some of the stuff  Nikki Sixx wrote on Mötley  Crüe's last release titled, 'Saint's Of Hollywood' released in 2008.  After the second chorus there was a short rhythm guitar solo riff.  There was a lead guitar solo in between the second and third choruses.     
5.) "Talk To Me" - This very well could be one of the greatest ballads ever written!!!
6.) "Get Me Away From You" - The intro to this ballad consisted of an acoustic guitar rhythm  over the top of a very simple piano arrangement.  There was no rhythm arrangement change between the intro and the musical verse.  For the musical chorus it sounded like the band added a second piano.  Instead of Mark or Joe adding a second acoustic guitar rhythm to the chorus the band used a mandolin instead.  The mandolin really enhanced the musical arrangement.  
7.) "Is It Just Me" - This track opens a vocal accent over the top of electric rhythm riff.  The intro is very short.  The music verse consisted of a very simple rhythm guitar and drum line.  The first and third lyric line of the first verse was done using a vocal effect.  While the second and fourth lyric line had a very small echo attached to them.  For the fifth & sixth lyric line Austin double tracked his vocals.  There is a small arrangement change for the musical chorus.  The chorus had a very sweet hook.  There is a short lead guitar solo  after the second chorus. 
8.) "I Don't Wanna Believe" - This is another very cool ballad.
9.) "See You In Hell" - This is an amazing track that was very reminiscent to early Aerosmith.    
10.) "Anyone But You" -This is another amazing ballad!!!!
11.) "Wanna Be Rich" - From beginning to eng this is one hell of a song!!!!!

     Welcome To The Freakshow' is the fourth CD released by Hinder.  It also happens to be the fourth CD I have reviewed for the bands.  These days most major label hard rock/metal bands either burn out by their second release or their funding dries up due to poor record sells.  However with Hinder it's been just the opposite.  In fact, their songwriting has gotten tighter, stronger and argumentatively better than ever.