Sinner - 'Touch Of Sin 2'

Matt Sinner - vocals & bass
Alex Beyrodt - guitar
Christof Leim - guitar
Alex Scholpp - guitar
Andre Hilgers - drums

1.) "Born To Rock"
2.) "Comin' Out Fighting"
3.) "Bad Girl"
4.) "Knife In My Heart"
5.) "Concrete Jungle"
6.) "Don't Believe A Word" - (Thin Lizzy cover)
7.) "Shout"
8.) "Germany Rocks"
9.) "Danger Zone"
10.) "Emerald"
11.) "Blood On The Sand" - new song
12.) "Lost In A Minute"
13.) "Masquerade"
14.) "Heat Of The City" - new song




     Based out of Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg Germany vocalist and bassist Mat Sinner formed Sinner in 1980.  Signed to Noise Records Sinner released their first L.P. titled, 'Wild 'N' Evil' through Srilanca Records who's parent label was GAMA International.  In 1983 Sinner released their second and final release through Srilanca Records titled, 'Fast Decision'.   Sometime between late 1983 and 1984 Sinner signed with Noise records.  While signed to Noise Records Sinner released four L.P.'s and/or cassettes titled, 'Danger Zone' (recorded between July & August 1984), 'Touch Of Sin' (released September 1985), 'Comin' Out Fighting' (released October 1986), and 'Dangerous Charm' (released October 1987).
     The story of the 'Touch Of Sin 2' release actually began fifteen ago when Noise Records release a Sinner - 'Best Of...' CD. At the time Mat wanted to remix some of the original songs however, he was told that the master tapes were lost even burned like many other master tapes in a fire in at the owner's house.  In the meantime, the rights of the original recordings have changed a handful of times and the current owner does not distribute the albums anymore. If you find a CD, it will cost you around $100.00. (Hence the reason it is called the Music Business)
     Since Matt was not allowed to remix the best of compilation and with the masters being lost Mat took the current members of Sinner and re-recorded his own best of release for the albums that are out of print. 
     'Touch Of Sin 2' consists of eleven re-recorded songs, two new tracks and one cover song.  The three new tracks are, "Don't Believe A Word" (Thin Lizzy Cover), "Blood On The Sand", "Heat Of The City".  Because these songs were re-recorded the current members of Sinner give the songs a modern 2013 sound instead of an early eighties sound when they were originally recorded.  With that being said Matt kept enough of the original mix that the songs still have an early eighties feel.  A lot of sites are saying that the Thin Lizzy cover was a waste of time and for a lot of people it very well may be.  However, for me Sinner's cover of "Don't Believe A Word" blows Metallica's thin Lizzy cover of "Whiskey In A Jar" away!!!!!  If you are a long time Sinner fan then 'Touch Of Sin 2' is for you because chances are you will not have most if not any of these songs.