Trixter - 'New Audio Machine'


Pete Loran – Vocals
Steve Brown – Guitar
P.J. Farley – Bass
Mark “Gus” Scott – Drums


1.) “Drag Me Down” -The intro to this track opens with Mark playing a hi-hat rhythm along with setting the time with his bass drum.  Over the top of Mark's hi-hat and bass drum Steve plays an acoustic guitar arrangement for the intro.  The guys used the same rhythm for the first verse as the one for the intro arrangement.  After the first verse there is a backing harmony section that connects the musical verse with the musical chorus.  Steve tweaks the musical chorus just a little to give it a different feel.  Steve's acoustic work is amazing through the chorus.  For the second verse the song kicks-in.  Mark played a very simple drum line for the second verse which is all it really needed.  At the end of each lyric line of the second verse Steve plays a little lead riff.  After the second chorus connecting the third verse there is a backing harmony section.  Steve solo fit the song perfectly. 
2.) “Get On It” - This song is very simple with a solid groove!!!!
3.) “Dirty Love” -This track opens with a pick slide.  The quarter-note was very close to Whitesnake's - "In The Still Of The Night".  There is a short rhythm riff connecting the musical intro with the musical verse. Steve kept the guitar riffs of the musical verse very simple letting Pete's vocals carry the song.  There was an arrangement change for the musical pre-chorus.  The backing vocals had a huge Poison feel to them.  The last few notes of the solo were a little more intense than the first few notes.  After the solo there is a breakdown section.       
4.) “Machine” -This track opens with a drum & bass line.  There is a rhythm guitar arrangement that connects the musical intro with the musical verse.  There is a vocal accent over the top of the rhythm guitar that connects the intro with the verse.  There is a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  The chorus and verse are but right up against one another.  I hate it when bands do this.  If it wasn't for Steve rhythm change you wouldn't have even begin to tell. Musically this is a great song however it is the lyric arrangement that just ruins it. 

5.) “Live For The Day” - The guitar of this into sounded like an amplified acoustic.  The band used the same rhythm for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  There is a snare drum fill connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus.  Steve over dubbed a very simple electric guitar arrangement over the top of his acoustic.  There is an amplified acoustic guitar rhythm connecting the first chorus with the second verse.   Steve plays a couple lead guitar like underneath the second chorus.  These lead guitar riffs really compliment Pete's vocals. The lead guitar solo was very short however it should have been.     
6.) “Ride” -Instead of an intro the track opens with several backing harmonies.  This harmonies are very cool.  After the third harmony the verse kicks-in.  Steve plays a classic eighties hard rock riff.  There was a rhythm change for the music verse.  Once again the guys but the chorus right into the verse.  The only distinction is the rhythm change.   If it had not been the songwriting on this song it would have been a good song.  However it's not. 
7.) “Physical Attraction” -For the intro of this Steve wrote a guitar riff that was heavily influenced by Tony Iommi. Steve used the same guitar arrangement for the verse as the one for the intro.  The only difference was he added a couple licks to it.  The pre-verse had a mean sound to it.  There was a rhythm for the musical verse which also had a very mean sound to it. So far this is Pete's best vocals I have ever heard!  There is a rhythm change for the musical verse'  It is also at this the entire  band licks-in. There is a small drum fill connecting the musical pre-chorus and chorus.  Steve over dub a few led guitar to connect the chorus with the second verse.  This song is just mean sounding!!!!!!
8.) “Tattoos & Misery” - This is a classic eighties hard rock song!!!!!
9.) “The Coolest Thing” -This tack opens with a guitar effect.  For the intro Steve used an acoustic guitar.  For the musical verse it sounded as if Steve over dubbed his guitar track with a second acoustic.  I'm not sure however it sounds as if Mark is using brushes.  For the musical chorus Mark switches to drum stick and Steve plats an electric guitar.  Even though Steve is playing an electric guitar the use the acoustic as a base instrument.  Lyrically this is one hell of a ballad!!!!! 
10.) “Save Your Soul” -This track has a very simple rhythm guitar riff.  The verse consisted of nothing but vocals and a rum line.  When Steve kicks-in the guitar he uses the same rhythm as the intro.  There are a couple lyric lines were Pete over dubbed his vocals  This gave the song a very cool sound. The chorus has a classic hard rock feel to it.  After the first chorus the song repeats itself.  For the solo Steve over dubbed two lead guitars
11.) “Walk With A Stranger” - It almost sounds as if this song was just a fill for the CD.  I did not care for this song much.
Acoustic bonus track:
12.) "Heart Of Steel" - This track was taken off the bands first release.  AWESOME!!!!

     I saw Trixter in 1992 on their 'Hear!' tour.  The show consisted of Trixter, Great White and Kiss.  I must admit  my girlfriend at the time was there to see trixter.  Where I was there for Great White (a must see live band) and as a drummer Eric Singer (Kiss).  Because the band was on their 'Hear!' tour most of the song they performed was off that release.  Instead of staying true to their sound and recording an album like their self-titled release.  Like a lot of bands during that era they wrote songs with a grunge sound trying to change with the times.
     In 2008 Steve Brown announced the original line-up was reuniting for a 'Give It To Me Good Tour'.  Enough time had passed that whatever caused the problems between them they were able to iron them out.  Sometime between 2008 & 2012 the guys began writing and recording what would become 'New Audio Machine'.
     Trixter took their freshman self-titled release added some C4 and blew the shit out of it leaving 'New Audio Machine'.  With just five months left in the year this is in a very close running of album of the year!!