Queensrÿche - 'Dedicated To Chaos'

 Released through Roadrunner Records
on June 28th, 2011

Geoff Tate – lead vocals, keyboards, saxophone
Michael Wilton – lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Eddie Jackson – bass, backing vocals
Scott Rockenfield – drums, percussion, keyboards
Parker Lundgren– guitars, backing vocals

1.) "Get Started" -This intro opens with a single rhythm guitar riff before the main musical intro kicks-in. There is no rhythm guitar change for the main intro section. There is a small tom-tom fill connecting the musical intro with the musical verse.  The main instrumentation of the musical verse is the bass & drum line with the guitar rhythm playing fill-in riffs.  Eddie's bass line though simple had a huge sound to it.  The rhythm guitar kick-in is at the musical chorus.  After the second chorus there is a small breakdown section.  Over the top of this breakdown section Geoff sings several vocal accents.  The breakdown leads to a small lead guitar solo section.
2.) "Hot Spot Junkie" -This track opens with a short studio effect before going into the rhythm/lead guitar riff.  After the first measure Scott kicks the main intro-in with a snare fill.  Over the top of the main intro they incorporate a second rhythm guitar riff.  This second riff gives the song one hell of a mean sound!!!!  Instead of a musical change for the musical verse the guys drop the guitar arrangements and let Eddie's bass line become the main instrumentation.  The rhythm guitar arrangements kick back-in for the pre-chorus.  Rockenfield changes his drum line after the first chorus.  There is a small vocal line connecting the chorus with the second verse.  It sounded as if both Michael & Parker both played the guitar solo on this track.  The solo was very short for r
ÿche's standards.  However, this song does not need a huge solo.           
3.) "Got It Bad" - This track opens with a feedback effect.  The main intro section consisted of a sitar arrangement.  There is no arrangement change for the musical verse.  Geoff's vocal lines of the verse are very reminiscent of the way he sang on their 'Rage For Order' release.  Though I know a million drummers can do this now.  For one reason or another Scott's eighth-note opening of the hi-hat and snare crack blows me away!!!!  The bands backing harmonies are very reminiscent of their early eighties stuff.  The track has no lead guitar solo.
4.) "Around The World" - The intro to this track consisted of an orchestrated arrangement.  This leads to the musical pre-verse that consisted of Geoff on piano and Scott playing a percussion section.  Underneath the vocal lines Scott added a tambourine to the percussion line.  There is a musical change and the song picks up a little for the verse.  The backing harmonies run underneath the lead vocals of the chorus.  This is a huge ballad that only Queensryche could pull off!!!!!  
5.) "Higher" - This intro opens with an Eddie bass line along with a Scott drum rhythm.  As the intro progresses there are a couple rhythm riffs.  The guys change the rhythm arrangement for the musical verse.  It sounded as a couple of Geoff's vocal lines had an echo attached to them.  There is a small musical rest before the musical chorus kicks-in.  There is a small sax solo before the second musical verse.  Several of the lyric lines of the second verse are either
echoed or double-tracked.  The lead guitar solo is after the second chorus there is a small bass solo that leads to the third verse.  As the coda progresses it builds with anticipation.  Over the years the band has written several codas that where just amazing.  This one is no exception!!!!
6.) "Retail Therapy" -This track opens with a very simple picking riff.  As the riff progresses Eddie begins the bass line along with Scott playing a tom-tom rhythm.  For the main musical verse the band changes the main rhythm along with adding a repeated lead guitar lick.  For the musical verse Michael and Scott are playing two different rhythm arrangements.  There is a musical rest that consisted of a vocal repeat before going into the musical chorus. The chorus was pure R
ÿche!!!!  It sounded like there was a key change leading into the second chorus.  There is a minor solo that leads into a breakdown.  There is a vocal breakdown connecting the breakdown to the coda.
7.) "At The Edge" - The intro for this track was done with a slowed down piano part and vocal line.  This has a very Pink Floyd - 'Dark Side of The Moon' feel to it.  Underneath this odd little piano arrangement that leads into the musical verse Rockenfield starts playing a snare fill.  There is a two bar musical change leading into the musical verse.  Their musical rhythm leading into the musical change was perfectly written.  The pre-chorus was heavily laced with a progressive sound.  The coda had a weird feel to it. 
8.) "Broken" - Heavily influenced by early Pink Floyd.  This track was just spooky as Hell.  
9.) "Hard Times" - Queensr
ÿche from beginning to end.   
10.) "Drive" -The bass line & drum line of this track may be one of the best I've heard!  I stand corrected this is the best bas/drum line I've ever heard!!!!
11.) "I Believe" - The first half of this song has a jungle feel.  The second half is very syncopated.
12.) "Luvnu"- This track opens with a repeated guitar riff that switches between the right & left speakers.  The main intro consists of the same riff over the top of a bass and drum line.  There is a rhythm change for the musical verse.  For the musical chorus there are two different rhythm guitar arrangements.  This track is very reminiscent of the stuff the guys where writing for 'Empire'.
13.) "Wot We Do" - Weird sounding track.  However, it's weird in the way the band only knows how!
14.) "I Take You" -This track opens with a small snare fill.  There is a very cool vibratoed (if that's even a word!) minor lead guitar solo over the top of the intro section.  The guys use the same rhythm guitar riff for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  There is a backing harmony connecting the musical verse with the pre-chorus. The way the guys wrote and arranged the chorus was very reminiscent of a lot of the guys writing on 'Rage For Order'.  The chorus hook had a modern Beatles feel to it.  There is a minor lead guitar solo connecting the second chorus with the third verse. 
15.) "The Lie" - Just an amazing song!
16.) "Big Noize" -
This intro consisted of a twin minor lead guitar solo over the top of a heavily Pink Floyd influenced musical arrangement.   For me Eddie’s bass line and Scott’s drum rhythm made the intro section for me.  The musical verse consisted of an acoustic guitar arrangement.  For the musical verse, Eddie’s bass line has a huge sound to it.  There is a musical change for the musical chorus.  Geoff overdubbed most of the backing vocals on this track.  This track was a musical LSD trip.

Produced by former Queensrÿche guitarist Kelly Gray (Kelly was with the band between 1998-2001 and is featured on the band’s studio release titled, ‘Q2K’ released on September 14, 1999, and their 2001 live CD/DVD titled, ‘Live Evolution’ released on September 25, 2001)             ‘Dedicated To Chaos’ is Queensrÿche’s twelfth studio release and marks the band’s 30th Anniversary.
After reading several reviews from both online and newsstand publications, I was not only dumbfounded by how harsh the critic have been.  However, the only kind words that writers had to say was the CD was decent. With every review starting with almost the same sentence, if you are looking for an ‘Operation Mindcrime’ you need look elsewhere or this CD is no ‘Operation Mindcrime’. Too those critic’s writing another ‘Mindcrime’ I or II would be the same as Leonardo da Vinci trying to re-paint ‘The Last Supper’ instead of moving on to ‘The Mona Lisa’. An da Vinci was a perfectionist!!!! Form the standpoint of a longtime Queensrÿche fan reading these reviews pissed me off!
Lyrically, the guys are and always have been on the cutting edge of world events.  Now does this necessarily mean the lyrics on this release are the best the guys have written?  Not by a long shot however, when you take into account not including bonus tracks the guys have written one-hundred twenty-five songs in their thirty year career.  Even if you subtract the fifteen songs from ‘Operation Mindcrime’ that still leaves one-hundred and twenty-six counting the sixteen tracks on the new release. Musically the album is amazing especially Scott’s drum line (which I expected).  In my opinion, some of the bass lines on this release are the best bass lines Eddie has written in a very longtime.  ‘Dedicated To Chaos’ is not by any means the best CD the band has recorded however, it’s not the worse either.  It falls somewhere in between.
In good faith, I cannot tell our loyal readers to rush out and buy this release.  Therefore, what I will tell you is to thoroughly do your research by going to sites such as Amazon or FYE and listening to the audio samples.  Make your decision on the samples and not the many written reviews out there.