Knock Out Kaine - ‘Set The Night On Fire'

Dean Foxx - vocals
Jimmy Bohemian - guitar
L F B - bass
Danny Krash - drums

1.) “Set The Night On Fire” -This track opens with a drum rhythm before going into the main intro section.  For the main intro there are two separate lead guitar effects.  The musical verse kicks-in with a very simple rhythm guitar riff.  The sixth lyric line of the lyrical verse was double-tracked.  There is a rhythm change for the musical chorus.  It is also at this time that the drum line switches from a tom-tom rhythm to a standard drum rhythm.  There is a musical rest that consisted of a lead guitar lick connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  The choruses of this track have a huge hook attached to them.  The bass line really doesn’t kick-in until the musical chorus.  After the second chorus over the top of the drum line leading into the lead guitar solo you can hear a cowbell.  The backing vocals along with the lead guitar solo gives this song a huge eighties metal feel.
2.) “Time” - A classic Steelheart blues style song!!!!    
3.) “Little Crystal” - This track consisted of a basic intro arrangement.  Over the top of the intro section there is a huge vocal scream.  There is a rhythm change for the musical verse.  The drum line of the musical verse was more percussion than drum rhythm.  Musically & lyrically, this track reminded me of the stuff L.A. Guns was writing on their first release.  There is a breakdown section after the second chorus.  The breakdown section leads to the echoed lead guitar solo. There is a minor lead guitar solo that runs underneath the lyrics of the third chorus. 
4.) “Coming Home” - This intro consisted of an acoustic guitar arrangement. There is a musical rest that separates the intro to the verse. The acoustic guitar arrangement of the musical verse is the same one they used for the intro arrangement.  The lyrics have almost a seventies feel to them.  There is a small musical rest connecting the verse to the chorus.  Over the top of the acoustic guitar, the band overdubbed an electric guitar rhythm.  There is a huge drum fill that connects the chorus with the second verse.  The lead guitar solo is after the second chorus.
5.) “Goin’ Down (She Goes)” -A simple classic eighties metal song!!!

     In 2007/8, the band was voted best-unsigned act by Kerrang! Magazine based out of West London.  While on a twenty-two date tour, opening for Adler’s Appetite (Steven Adler original drummer of Guns N Roses) the guys from Knock Out Kaine wrote enough songs to release two E.P.’s.   Why did the band take one album and cut it into two E.P.’s?  Who knows!  ‘Set The Night On Fire’ is the second of those E.P.’s. I heard everything from a lot of L.A. Gun’s to a little of Steelheart’s freshman release.  If you are into good solid American sounding eighties hard rock then Knock Out Kaine just may be the band for you.