Iron Maiden - 'From Fear To Eternity' the best from 1990-2010'


Bruce Dickinson - vocals
Steve Harris - bass
Dave Murray - rhythm/lead guitar
Adrian Smith - rhythm/lead guitar
Janick - Gers - rhythm/lead guitars
Nicko McBrain - drums

Disc I:
1.) "The Wicker Man"
2.) "Holy Smoke"
3.) "El Dorado"
4.) "Pashendale"
5.) "Different World"
6.) "Man On The Edge"
7.) "The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg"
8.) "Blood Brothers"
9.) "Rainmaker"
10.) "Sign Of The Cross"
11.) "Brave New World"
12. ) "Fear Of The Dark" - Live

Disc II:
1.) "Be Quick Or Be Dead"
2.) "Tailgunner"
3.) "No More Lies"
4.) "Coming Home"
5.) "The Clansman" -Live
6.) "For The Greater Good"
7.) "These Colors Don't Run"
8.) "Bring You Daughter...To The Slaughter"
9.) "Afraid To Shoot Strangers"
10.) "Dance Of Death"
11.) "When The Wind Blows"

     After the tour for the 'Seventh Son of The Seventh Son' in '89 guitarist Adrian Smith released a solo CD with his band ASAP entitled, 'Silver And Gold'.  Also during this break lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson began working his first solo release with guitarist Janick Gers titled, 'Tattooed Millionaire' released in 1990.
Soon afterward, Iron Maiden regrouped to work on a new album. Adrian Smith left the band due to differences with Steve Harris regarding the direction the band should be taking. Janick Gers, having worked on Bruce Dickinson's solo project, was chosen to replace Smith and became the first new team member in seven years. The album, 'No Prayer for the Dying', was released during October 1990.
Dickinson performed a solo tour in 1991 before returning to studio work with Iron Maiden for the album Fear of the Dark. Released in 1992, the album was noticeably longer (due to this being Iron Maiden's first album recorded for CD rather than LP) and had several songs which became fan favorites, such as the title track and "Afraid to Shoot Strangers". The disc also featured "Wasting Love", one of the band's softer songs, and the #2 single "Be Quick or Be Dead". The album featured the first songwriting by Gers, and no collaboration at all between Harris and Dickinson on songs. The extensive worldwide tour that followed included their first ever Latin American leg (after a single concert during the World Slavery Tour), and being the headline act of "Monsters of Rock Festival" in seven European countries. Iron Maiden's second performance at Donington Park, gathering near to 80,000 festivalgoers, originated the album and video release Live at Donington.
In 1993, Bruce Dickinson left the band to further pursue his solo career but agreed to remain for a farewell tour and two live albums (later re-released in one package). The first, 'A Real Live One', featured songs from 1986 to 1992, and was released in March 1993. The second, 'A Real Dead One', featured songs from 1980 to 1984, and was released after Dickinson had left the band. He played his farewell show with Iron Maiden on 28 August 1993. The show was filmed, broadcast by the BBC, and released on video under the name Raising Hell.
In 1994,Bruce Dickinson left the band to concentrate on a solo career.  Bruce was replaced by Wolfsbane vocalist Blaze Bayley.  Blaze was with Iron Maiden for 5 years however his work with the band is not covered on this greatest hits.
In February 1999, Bayley left the band by mutual consent. At the same time, the band surprised their fans when they announced that both Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith were rejoining the band, and that Janick Gers would remain. Iron Maiden now had three guitarists and a hugely successful reunion tour, The Ed Hunter Tour. This tour also supported the band's newly released greatest hits Ed Hunter, which also contained a computer game of the same name starring the band's mascot.
Iron Maiden's first studio release after the reunion with Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith came in the form of 2000's 'Brave New World'. Thematic influences continued with "The Wicker Man" — based on the 1973 British cult film of the same name — and "Brave New World" — title taken from the Aldous Huxley novel of the same name. The album furthered the more progressive and melodic sound present in some earlier recordings, with elaborate song structures and keyboard orchestration.
Following their Give Me Ed... 'Til I'm Dead Tour in summer 2003, Iron Maiden released 'Dance of Death'. The release of this, their thirteenth studio album, was met by critical and commercial success worldwide. Some critics also felt that this release matched up to their earlier efforts such as "Piece of Mind" and "The Number of the Beast", including their darker imagery rather than the more upbeat reunion album. As usual, historical and literary influences continued, "Montsegur" in particular being about the Cathar stronghold conquered in 1244 and "Paschendale" relating to a significant battle during World War I. The supporting tour for this album, named Dance of Death World Tour was another landmark for the band, as they played to over 750,000 fans during 50 dates over a period of 4 months in 2003-04. This included sold out dates in South America, Europe, North America and Japan.
In autumn 2006, Iron Maiden released A Matter of Life and Death. While the album is not a concept album, war and religion are recurring themes in the lyrics, as well as in the album's artwork. The album continued the band's evolution into an outright progressive rock band, shedding much of the heavy metal aspects that defined the albums of the early 80s in favor of complex time changes and acoustic guitars. A successful tour followed, during which they played the new album in its entirety; response to this was mixed.

DISCOGRAPHY (1990-2010):

No Prayer for the Dying (1990)
Fear of the Dark (1992)
The X Factor (1995) - Blaze Bayley ('From Here To Eternity' consisted of no songs from this release.)
Virtual XI (1998)  -Blaze Bayley ('From Here To Eternity' consisted of no songs from this release.)
Brave New World (2000)
Dance of Death (2003)
A Matter of Life and Death (2006)
The Final Frontier (2010)

Lets face it for the most part greatest hits packages usually suck.  They usually just contain the bands biggest hits and half the time there are songs on the studio releases that are better.  If you are a fan of the band then chances are you own all their releases.  So unless there is an unreleased track on the hits package then there kind of useless to the die-hard fan.  However there great for the general fan. 
Now that I'm over my rant I can get to the review.  A lot of times especially in the early eighties I would by an L.P. just on the cover alone.  This is how my love affair began with Iron Maiden.  Since releasing their first album in 1980 they are one of the few bands who outside of the original singer (Paul Dianno) & drummer (Clive Burr) have not only had the same members however decided two guitarist wasn't enough and added a third!
Over the thirty year life span of Iron Maiden's career there has definitely been a huge shortage of greatest hits packages.  With the latest you definitely get you money worth with 2 CD's containing 23 tracks and over 2 1/2 hours of music. 
Blaze Bayley is nowhere to be found. The songs from the Bayley era albums (1995's The X Factor and 1998's Virtual XI) are live versions done by Bruce Dickinson: “Man On The Edge,” “Sign Of The Cross” and “The Clansman.”
Not only of the Iron Maiden Best Of... collection however every best of...collection I have ever heard this is by far the best!  This double CD is an absolute must buy!!!!