Great White - 'Elation'

Terry Ilous – Vocals
Mark Kendall – Guitar
Michael Lardie – Guitar, Keyboards
Scott Snyder – Bass
Audie Desbrow – Drums



1.) "(I’ve Got) Something For You" - This song opened with a snare drum fill.  It sounded as if the last couple of notes was played one handed.  By no means did Audie create the one stick drum fill.  However as a drummer myself I can say without a doubt Audie is one of the few drummers that has perfected it. The musical verse consisted of a simple Mark Kendall rhythm guitar riff.  Once the guitar rhythm kicks-in it won't make any difference who is singing because there will be no doubt who the band is.  For the rhythm riff underneath the lyric lines of the musical verse Mark switched his guitar rhythm to a very simple fill-in riff.  Though the vocal lines are very reminiscent to classic Great White you can definitely tell that the vocalist is Terry Illous and not Jack Russell.  The third lyric line had a backing harmony attached to it.  The guys kept the chorus very short & simple.  The second musical verse consisted of Mark and Michael playing two separate rhythm guitar arrangements.  There is a snare fill connecting the second chorus with the lead guitar solo.       
2.) "Feelin’ So Much Better" - This intro opens with a classic Audie snare drum fill. The guitar rhythm of the musical intro consisted of a very simple rhythm riff.  The first few lyric lines of the musical verse consisted of only a snare and bass drum line.  The rhythm guitar for the musical verse had a very simple feel to it.  There is a rhythm arrangement change for the musical chorus.  There are a couple lead guitar licks connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  There is a breakdown section after the second chorus connecting the second chorus with the lead guitar solo.  After the lead guitar solo there is a second breakdown section.  There is a minor lead guitar solo underneath Terry's lead vocals of the outro section.         
3.) "Love Train" - This track expresses the guys talent for picking the right vocalist!!!!
4.) "Heart Of A Man" -The intro to this track consisted of a classic Great White intro section.  There is a very short drum fill connecting the intro with the musical verse.  There is a short snare fill connecting the intro with the musical verse.  There band used the same rhythm guitar riff for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  Vocally this is the first track where Terry's stanza's are reminiscent to Jack's. There is a small musical build-up leading to the musical verse.  There is a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  The musical chorus had a huge hook attached to it.  Mark played a minor lead guitar solo to connect the second chorus with the third pre-chorus.  The major solo connected the third chorus with the outro chorus.          
5.) "Hard To Say Goodbye" - Terry's vocals make this amazing ballad!!!!!
6.) "Resolution" -This intro open with Mark playing a guitar rhythm over the top of Audie playing the same rhythm on his hi-hat.  Audie uses an opening and closing hi-ht pattern for this section of the intro.  For the second measure the guys switch to a standard intro arrangement. though the riff Mark wrote for this track had a very simple feel to it, it had one HELL of a sound!  There is a short musical rest connecting the intro with the musical verse.  The guys basically use the same rhythm guitar riffs as the intro with the exception of adding a few notes.  The second and sixth lyric line of the where double-tracked.  The musical chorus was kept very short.  There is a minor led guitar solo connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  Up to the major lead guitar solo after the second chorus the song basically repeats itself.
7.) "Shotgun Willie’s" - The first measure of this track opens with an Audie drum line.  The main intro section consisted of a minor lead guitar solo.  The guys used the same rhythm riff for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  The musical & lyrical chorus had a huge hook attached to it.  From beginning to end this song had a classic  Great White sound to it. 
8.) "Promise Land" -This intro consisted of a acoustic guitar along with what sounds like a mandolin over the top of an audie drum rhythm.  The musical verse consisted of vocals over the top of an Audie drum line.  Terry's vocal lines of the verse were huge!! For the musical chorus Mark dropped the acoustic for an electric guitar.  This track was very reminiscent of a lot of the stuff they wrote on their 'Sail Away' release.
9.) "Lowdown" - Just a musically and vocally perfect sound
10.) "Just For Tonight" -This track opens  with a slow drum rhythm. As the opening to intro the micing of Audie's  drums slowly get turned. up. What  great studio effect for the drums   The main verse consisted of the full band.  Audie closes his hi-hat underneath the opening lyric line.  There is a musical change under the opening lyric line.  Mark switches his guitar rhythm for the musical chorus.   After the third chorus  mark plays a guitar solos Mark plays little lead solos over Terry's vocals of the outro.
11.) "Love is Enough" -This track opens with Michael playing keyboards.  For the keyboard sound Michael switched it to give it a grand piano feel.  Michael is playing a string arrangement sound through his left hand.  The musical verse kicks-in With a very simple rhythm arrangement.  Mark plays a very minor lead guitar solo.  This solo lead right to Terry's first lyric line.  There is a minor solo riff connecting the fourth and fifth lyric lines.  There is a rhythm change for the chorus the switch is between Michael and Mark.   Mark's lead guitar solo is after the second verse.  After the second verse there is an acoustic guitar arrangement.  The song kick's back in fr the next chorus.
12.) "Complicated" -  All I can say about this track is that it just oozes classic Great White!!!!!!

     For a music fan there is nothing more heartening when a long time member leaves. Especially when it's the vocalist.  As I Listened to the first track titled, (I've Got) Something For You. I thought oh shit he his gonna sound like jack Russell.  on  every song..  However Terry makes every song his on.  There are time when you for great it's even Great White. 
      Terry is the best replacement the band could find.  You must buy this CD!!!!!!