Nick Layton - guitars
Paul Kleff - guitars
David Fefolt - vocals
Zack Uidl - bass
Jay Schellen - drums

1.) “Air Attack” - Before going into the musical intro this track opens with a sound effect of a jet flying over.  The musical intro opened with four very simple electric picking riffs.  Theses riffs have some type of an echo effect attached to them.  As the intro progresses a second guitar kicks-in.  This second guitar plays the same notes as the bass and drum line.  There is a rhythm change underneath the opening lyric line of the first verse.  It is at this point both guitarists begin playing the rhythm arrangement.  David’s vocals are very reminiscent to an early Sammy Hagar sound.  There is a rhythm guitar change for the pre-chorus.  The backing vocals on the pre-choruses are amazingly tight.  The band used the same arrangement for the choruses as the one for the pre-choruses.  After the first chorus the band repeats the musical intro except added some special effects to it.  The lead guitar solo consisted of both Nick and Paul playing a solo.  Over the top of the last chorus and coda jay switches to a very simple yet driving double-bass drum rhythm.  The coda ends with the effects of a jet flying over.     
2.) “Unholy” - The riff that opens this intro has a lead guitar sound to it.  After the first measure, a second guitar kicks-in.  This second guitar rhythm is different from the first.  The bass and drum line kick-in is at the beginning of the third measure.  The opening musical pre-verse consisted of a minor twin lead guitar solo over the top of a rhythm riff.  Underneath the opening lyric line both guitarists begin playing the same rhythm riff.  Nick’s vocals are very reminiscent in sound to Joe Lynn Turner.  There is a rhythm change for the musical chorus.  The vocal lines of the chorus were very simple and straightforward with huge hooks.  The rhythm guitar riff that connects the first chorus with the second verse had a catchy feel to it.  After the third chorus, there is a twin lead guitar solo.  You would think the twin lead guitar solo that would make the solo section however, call it the drummer in me but the bass drum is what makes this lead guitar solo section.  There is a minor lead guitar solo underneath the coda of the song.          
3.) “Firew
ölfe” -This track opens with a very simple hard rock guitar riff over the top of Jay playing several drum fills.  After two measures, Jay switches from playing drum fills to playing a standard hi-hat rhythm.  There is a small rhythm guitar/tom-tom fill build-up to connect the musical intro with the musical verse.  For the musical pre-verse, there is a drastic musical change.  This drastic musical change consisted of a clean electric pick riff. Instead of changing the rhythm for the musical verse, the guys kick-in a second rhythm guitar arrangement.  This second arrangement is different from the first.  There is a huge double-bass drum lick connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus.  The speed changes that this song has show just how good these musicians are! Though the lad guitar solo section is an expression of the guitarist the way the underlining music arrangement was arranged lets Jay & Zack express their talent on the drum & bass line.      
4.) “Armed Forces” - This track opens with a single rhythm guitar riff before going into the main intro arrangement.  Jay drum line for the intro was done using a tom-tom pattern.  For the last measure of the intro Jay switches from a tom-tom pattern to a standard h-hat rhythm.  The musical verse consisted of a very intense double-bass drum pattern.  The double-bass drum pattern gives the song a swift kick in the ass!  The guitar riff and bass line of the musical verse follow along with the double-bass drum rhythm.  The double-bass drum rhythm gives the verse a very intense sound.  There is a small rhythm change for the musical verse.  For the lead guitar solo Jay altered the double-bass drum pattern.  The lead guitar solo for this track consisted of a twin guitar solo that built with intensity as it progressed.  After the first solo there is a chorus that lead to a second lead guitar solo arrangement.  Both of these solo sections could be considered as major solos.
5.) “Back From Hell” - This track opens with a very simple laid back heavy metal intro.  I must say I was the most impressed by Jay’s double-bass drum work.  Nick or Paul drag the last guitar note of the intro out and use it to connect the intro with the verse.  There is a small snare fill leading into the opening lyric line.  Underneath the electric rhythm riff of the verse nick or Paul switches rhythms to a clean electric rhythm. The musical change for the chorus had a huge intense feel to it.  Jay’s double-bass drum rhythm of the chorus alters the sound of the song and gives it a very intense feel.  The last lyric line of the chorus had an echo attached to it.  After the third chorus there is a drastic musical change for the breakdown section.  Underneath the lyric lines of the breakdown section there are several minor lead guitar licks.  The breakdown section leads to the lead guitar solo.  The lead guitar solo starts very laid back and melodic then builds with intensity as it progresses.  There is a minor lead guitar solo underneath the chorus of the coda.
6.) “Wicked Worlds” - This track is a straightforward hard rockin’ song. 
7.) “Ice Wizard -Instrumental
8.) “Tempter” - The intro to this track was heavily influenced by early seventies Black Sabbath.  There is a minor lead guitar solo connecting the intro with the musical verse.  The musical verse was one of the few on the CD that was very well-written.  Once again Jay’s double bass drum work is amazing!!!! There is no rhythm change between the music verse and pre-chorus.  The way they arranged the vocals aloud David to show his vocal talent.  After the second chorus there is a small breakdown section.  The lead guitar solo after the breakdown is by far one of the best on the release!!!!   
9.) “M.O.D.” - This is a very cool sounding song.  That musically sounds a lot like early Accept.
10.) “Feel The Thunder” - By far my favorite track on the release!!!!!!


     In 1988, the band I was in along with our girlfriends, were all huddled in the living room of my house watching MTV’s ‘Head Banger’s Ball’.  MASI’s -“God Promised A Paradise” came on and we all looked at each other and said ‘H#LY SH^T we have to learn this.  It was not until I done this review did I notice David Fefolt the vocalist of Firewolf was also the same guy that sang on “Downtown Dreamers”.  The other big name is Jay Shellen drummer of (John Payn’s ASIA &Hurricane)
Hannibal from the TV show The A-Team use to say, “I love it when a plan comes together!”.  I love it when a good release comes together!!!  Correction this isn’t just a good release however, it is an excellent release!!!  An absolute must own!!!