Fastway - ‘Eat Dog, Eat’


Fast” Eddie Clarke – guitars
Toby Jepson – vocals, bass
Matt Eldrige – drums

1.) “Deliver Me” - The intro to this track opens with a very simple “fast” Eddie double-tracked his rhythm guitar riff over the top of a simple drum line.  This gives the intro a very thick sound.  Two measures intro the intro there is a small snare fill.  It is at this point Toby kicks-in the bass line.  The band used the same rhythm guitar riffs for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  Though Eddie used the same rhythm, it sounded like he dropped it an octave.  Toby vocals along with the simple riff that Eddie plays give the intro and verse a heavy UFO sound.  There is a short snare fill connecting the music verse to the chorus.  Eddie changes the rhythm guitar riff for the musical chorus.  Eddie changes the rhythm guitar riff for the musical chorus.  I though Toby pulled off a perfect Phil Mogg up until I heard the chorus.  As a die-hard UFO fan if I did not know any better I would swear it was UFO!  There is a small snare drum fill connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  Over the top of the musical arrangement connecting the first chorus with the second verse there is one lyric line.  After the second verse, there is a breakdown section.  It sounds like the breakdown section was done with a talkbox effect.  Eddie’s lead guitar solo is very laid back and suits the song very well.  Eddie plays a minor lead guitar underneath the last two choruses before the coda.        
2.) “Fade Out” - This intro opens with Matt playing a rhythm on the cymbals underneath a Toby bass line.  Over the top Eddie is playing several lead guitar licks.  There is a snare/tom-tom fill connecting the musical intro with the musical verse.  There is a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  To me the rhythm of the opening verse had an early Michael Schenker (UFO, MSG) feel to it.  Underneath the vocal lines the main instrumentation is the bass and drum line.  The guitar rhythm kicks-back in or the musical pre-chorus.  A small drum fill connects the first chorus with the second verse.  After the second verse there is a small breakdown section.  The solo Eddie wrote for this track fit the song perfectly!  There are several musical rest throughout the coda.  
3.) “Only If You Want It”  - This track opens with a four bar drum line.  On the fifth measure, Eddie kicks-in the rhythm guitar riff.  So far, this is the first riff Eddie has played that is very reminiscent to the early Fastway sound.  The way the guys arranged the musical verse consisted of the bass & drum lines underneath Toby’s lyric lines, with Eddie connecting each lyric line with a rhythm guitar riff.  Eddie used the same rhythm riff connecting the lyric lines as the one for the main intro.  For the musical chorus Eddie changes the rhythm guitar riff.  Eddie main plays fill-in rhythm chords letting Toby’s vocals care the hook of the chorus.  There is a Fast Eddie lead guitar solo after the third chorus.
4.) “Lovin' Fool” - This intro opens with a build-up musical arrangement before going into the main musical intro section.  There is a small rhythm change for the main intro.  After the fourth measure, there is a small rhythm change for the musical verse.  For the musical verse underneath the lyrics Eddie used the same rhythm as the intro he just broke it down letting Toby’s vocals carry the song.  The chorus had a very simple laid back hook to it.  The opening few notes of the lead guitar solo is laced in between the rhythm arrangement.  All in all this is a very simple song.  Eddie plays a minor lead guitar solo underneath the last chorus and over the top of the coda.
5.) “Dead And Gone” - This track opens with a very simple amplified acoustic guitar arrangement.  When the lead vocals kick-in Eddie uses the same rhythm for the verse as the one he used for the intro.  Underneath the lyrics Toby plays a simple bass line to make the song more full.  A second standard acoustic kicks-in for the musical chorus.  The way the ended the second chorus was very cool.  After the second chorus there is a small musical rest.  The song kicks back-in with an electric guitar arrangement.  This second half of the song has a modern UFO sound to it. 
6.) “Sick As A Dog” - This is just a straight forward rock and roll song.
7.) “Freedom Song” - Another standard straightforward rock n roll song. 
8.) “Who Do You Believe?” - This track opens with open measure of a drum line before the main intro kicks-in.  Eddie kicks the rhythm guitar riff in with a very simple arrangement.  There are little lead licks laced in between the lyric lines of the musical verse.  The way the guys arranged the song has Eddie playing more lead licks than an actual rhythm arrangement.  All in all this is a fairly straight forward song.
9.) “Love I Need” - This track was heavily influenced by Jake E. Lee’s solo band Badlands.
10.) “On And On” -There was a short minor solo over the top of this short intro section.  There was an arrangement change for the musical verse.  Laced in between the lyric lines of the chorus Eddie places little lead likes.  This song is another straightforward rock n roll song.

     The first time I heard the name ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke was when he was with the band Motörhead.  Eddie was with the band between 1977 through 1982 and recorded 6 albums with the band (‘Motörhead’ 1977, ‘Overkill’ 1979, ‘Bomber’ 1979, ‘On Parole’ 1979, ‘Ace of Spades’ 1980, ‘Iron Fist’1982).  In 1982, while on tour in support for the U.S leg of ‘Iron Fist’ tour, Eddie began producing The Plasmatics - “Stand By Your Man” and made the decision to leave the band.
     ‘Fast’ Eddie’s first solo project titled ‘Fastway’ released in 1983.  Still to this day, their ‘Self-Titled’ album release is one of the first albums I put in when I am just kicking back to listening to music.
     In 1990 after the release of their sixth album titled, ‘Bad Bad Girls’ Eddie disbanded the group.
     In 2011, after a eleven year hiatus ‘fast’ Eddie began working on what would become ‘Dog Eat Dog’.  Knowing that not original vocalist, Dave King (currently with Flogging Molly) was not going to be on this CD however, none of the original band were either I must say I was little apprehensive on how Fastway was going to sound. All of those doubts went right out the window as soon as I put the CD in.  For the songs was a little more reminiscent to newer UFO than older Fastway, which, was fine with me, cause I like both!  I am so happy ‘Fast’ Eddie made the decision to start Fastway up again.  There is not a bad song on this release.  If a band could record an amazing comeback CD it would be ‘Eat Dog, Eat’!!!!