Jaime Allen - 'The Storyteller'


Jaime Allen - lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Johnny Lima - backing vocals, bass & electric guitars, keyboards
Craig Launer - lead guitar
Bernie F. Diaz - drums

1.) “Smoke And Mirrors”- The intro to this track consisted of a chorus.  Johnny used an effect on this opening chorus that gave it the sound of recorded on a regular tape deck.  This opening chorus had a Country feel to it.  After this opening chorus, the song kicks-in.  Johnny’s rhythm guitar riff of the opening verse follows along with the drum line and tom-tom fills.  Johnny overdubbed a minor solo to connect the second & third lyric lines.  There are several lead guitar licks underneath the lead vocal lines of the chorus.  There is a rhythm change for the second half of the musical chorus.  Johnny connects the first and second chorus with a lead guitar solo.  Though this solo has a simple feel to it, it fits the songs arrangement perfectly!  There is a minor lead guitar solo underneath the last chorus leading into the coda.    
2.) “That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll” - There is a minor lead guitar solo over the top of this intro arrangement.  Johnny used almost the same electric rhythm for the musical verse as the one for the intro with one exception.  He added several musical rests.  Therefore, though it is the same rhythm as the intro the rests give it a different effect.  There is no doubt once the backing vocals kick-in you can hear Lima’s voce vocals. Lima’s backing vocals really accent the sound of Jaime’s voice.  Jaimie & Johnny’s vocals are very reminiscent to Joe Elliott of Def Leppard.  Which is cool considering Joe Elliot has not sounded that good in several years.  There is a minor lead guitar solo connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  The lead guitar solo connects the second chorus with the lead guitar solo.  There is a minor lead guitar solo over the top of the coda. 
3.) “The Way I Roll” -In writing this song Jaime & Johnny kept one songwriting rule in mind and that was K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
4.) “Superman” - In many ways this intro arrangement had a hard rock/fifties feel.  Over the top of the intro there was a minor lead guitar solo.  There is a simple guitar rhythm change for the musical pre-verse.  Each lyric line of the pre-verse was connected with a vocal echo.  For the musical verse the guys keep the lyric arrangement the same however, altered the rhythm guitar arrangement.  There is a small snare fill connecting the verse with the chorus.  The chorus has a huge Lima hook to it.  There is a lead guitar solo connecting the second chorus with the third pre-verse.     
5.) “Reminiscin’” - There was a minor lead guitar solo over the top of the intro.  The way the electric guitar was arrangement let Jaime’s acoustic bleed through giving the song a full sound.  For the musical verse, the guys dropped the electric guitar arrangement.  The main instrumentation for the verse is an acoustic guitar.  The acoustic guitar plus the way Jaime sings gives the song a very Bon Jovi feel.  Johnny kicks the electric rhythm back-in for the musical chorus. There is a lead guitar solo after the first chorus.  There is a minor solo underneath the second chorus.   
6.) “Let It Go” - This track is a very simple track that has huge hooks through the chorus.
7.) “Back In The Day” - This is a very simple mid-eighties Bon Jovi sounding song. 
8.) “Time Alone” - This track is heavily influenced by modern Country music.  However, do not let that fool you it is still a great song!
9.) “Ghost Of My Hometown” - This track opens with a fairly standard hard rock intro arrangement.  There is a small snare fill connecting the intro with the musical verse.  Johnny changes the electric rhythm arrangement for the musical verse.   Underneath the electric guitar rhythm there is a keyboard arrangement that is used to fill-in the emptiness of the musical rests.  There is a small musical change for the musical chorus.  The vocals of the chorus had a huge hook attached to it.  There is a minor solo connecting the second & third choruses.  There is a minor solo underneath the chorus of the outro.   
10.) “I’m On My Way” - One hell of a ballad!!!!
11.) “She Gets Around” - A very simple yet cool song!!!!!
12.) “Same Old Feelin”  - A very very cool track!!!!

     Most if not all the reviews, I have come across compare Jaime to Bret Michaels of Poison.  Though this mainly is due in part to Jaime fronting a Poison tribute band called Poison Overdose. There is times when his vocals are very reminiscent to Bret’s vocals. ‘Storyteller’ is by far better than anything Poison as recorded since ‘Flesh And Blood’ released in 2990, or better than anything Bret has ever recorded solo.  In addition, I felt because Johnny Lima had so much to do with co-writing all the songs along with playing on the CD the songs had more of a Lima sound than anyone.  You can really tell this on the backing harmonies.  I thought this was a great freshman release and if I had any advice to give to Jaime it would be to drop the Poison tribute band and concentrate full time on his solo career.  If you’re a fan of melodic hard rock with a 1980’s feel then you should really check this CD out!