Dave Meniketti – lead vocals/lead guitar
Phil Kenmoore – bass/vocals
John Nymann – guitar/vocals (solo on “I WantYour Mpney”, 2nd solo on ‘Blind  Patriot”)
Mike Vanderhule – drums/percussion/vocals


1.) “Prelude, On With The Show” – There is a spoken vocal section over the top of the music arrangement of this prelude. 
2.) “On With The Show” – This track opens with “F*ck You Phil” bass line over the top of the rest of the band playing accent notes. The bass line was very reminiscent to some of the earlier bass lines Steve Harris of Iron Maiden has written. Mike plays a small snare drum fill to connect the intro with the opening musical verse. For the opening musical verse Phil’s switches his bass line to where he is playing the same notes as the rhythm guitar. For the musical verse Dave & John open the rhythm guitar arrangement with fill-in chords. As the musical verse progresses the two add more and more notes filling in the empty spaces. Underneath the first two lyric lines Dave plays two vibrato licks. There is a huge drum fill connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus. For the musical pre-chorus Dave & john switch the rhythm guitar arrangement to where each one is playing a different guitar riff. Even though the bass is underneath the guitar tracks the way Phil wrote this song musically gives the bass line the main instrumentation. There is a minor lead guitar solo connecting the first chorus with the second verse. After the second chorus there is a blistering lead guitar solo. The second half of the solo was double-tracked. After the solo connecting it with the third verse there is a small repeat of the opening bass line. The outro consisted of several lead guitar licks pieced together to make a solo.
3.) “How Long” – This track opens with a snare drum pattern and guitar riff. Over the top of this there are a few small lead guitar licks. After this there is a musical rest then it repeats. After the second time the main intro kicks-in. The way Dave wrote his guitar rhythm gives it a lead guitar feel. The musical verse consisted of two different rhythm guitar arrangements. John plays a very simple picking riff with Dave playing the same lead licks as the one for the intro over the top of it. For the lead lick leading into the first lyric line it sounded like Dave tweaked it just a little. Dave arranged the lyric lines of the verse in a way that was very reminiscent to their ‘Ten’ CD released in early 1990. In between the lyric lines Dave’s plays the small little lead licks. The build-up of the bridge and chorus both musically and lyrically is very reminiscent to the stuff Dave & Phil were writing on Y&T’s 1995 ‘Musically Incorrect’ CD. Which everyone should own a copy of!!! There was a small drum fill connecting the musical verse with the musical pre-chorus. The chorus had a huge Dave Meniketti hook attached to it. After the second chorus there is a breakdown section at times through the breakdown you can hear a small a small acoustic guitar bleeding through. The breakdown section leads to a classic laid back Meniketti solo section. Phil’s bass notes are amazing!!!! 
4.) “Shine On” - This track opens with Dave playing a simple riff over the top of John playing a fill-in riff. Though Dave may not be the first to play this type of riff, he sure as hell the one that mastered it. On the third time through a snare and bass line slowly begins getting louder as it progresses. This leads to the main intro that consisted of a minor lead guitar solo. There is a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse. The guitar riff Dave wrote for the musical verse of this track had a mean sound to it. Not putting any guitarist down however only Meniketti could pull this off in this way. Though both Dave & John was p-laying the same riff. It sounded like John was trailing the last note of his off just a little longer. There is a small snare/tom-tom fill connecting the opening musical verse to the actual lyric line. There is a small rhythm change for the musical chorus. The first half of Dave’s solo is more or less just notes strung together. This leads to the major solo. The major solo along with the breakdown afterwards is classic Y&T. The lead guitar solo leads to a repetition of the chorus.
5.) “I Want your Money” – This is Phil & Dave at their finest!!!!!!
6.) “Wild Child” – This track opens with a acoustic guitar arrangement. There is a small lead guitar lick leading into the first lyric line. Personally I would not call the opening acoustic an intro however I guess it could be. As Dave progresses through the vocal lines of the pre-verse he continuously adds accents here and there building up for the verse. The band kicks-in at the musical verse. There is not only a musical; change however the bans speeds the song up for the chorus. There is a lead guitar solo connecting the first chorus with second verse. For the second verse there was an echo attached to the end of the lyric lines. This was added to accent and put more focus on Dave’s vocals. Dave play’s little lead licks underneath his vocal lines of the second chorus. Dave is the master of this and this chorus is just one of the many examples that prove this! Underneath the lead guitar solo there is both a acoustic guitar & electric guitar rhythm. If I had to guess I would say John wrote the solo at the same time he wrote the main rhythm. I say this because it has that flowing feel to it. There is a minor lead guitar solo over the top of the outro section of the song. 
7.) “I’m Coming Home” – This is the first single as you can see from the video above. The intro opens with a very slow minor lead guitar solo. There was a drastic speed change for the main intro section. The main musical intro consisted of two different rhythm guitar arrangements. As soon as the first lyric line starts both John & Dave begin playing the same guitar rhythm. In between the musical verse and vocal lines Dave pulls away from the main guitar rhythm and plays these little lead guitar licks. Dave is the master of this!!! There is a small musical rest connecting the musical verse with chorus. The chorus musically & vocally has a huge Y&T hook. There is a snare & tom-tom fill connecting the first chorus with the second verse. The lead guitar solo was all Dave. After the third chorus there is a breakdown section. There is a minor lead guitar solo underneath the last chorus of the outro section. 
8.) “If You Want Me” – Dave & Phil’s ballad songwriting at its finest!!!
9.) “Hot Shot” – This song sounded like it was taken right from their ‘Down For The Count’ release.
10.) “Blind Patriot” – The intro of this track consists of Dave playing a rhythm guitar arrangement over the top of John playing a under layering fill-in riff. Phil’s bass line along with Mike’s drum line is the driving force behind this intro. For me the way they guys wrote the intro gave it an early Y&T sound. There is a small signature vibrato lick connecting the intro with the musical verse. There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse. There is a small rhythm change for the musical verse. There are two solos the first solo is played by Dave. The second is played by John. Dave plays a minor solo over the top of the outro section.
11.) “Gonna Go Blind” – This is just a good all around bluesy song.  That lyrically is funny as hell!!! 
12.) “Don’t Bring Me Down” – This track opens with a back-water acoustic guitar rhythm.  This is some of the best acoustic work I believe I have heard in a long time.  Dave ends the acoustic intro with a very subtle strum.  After this acoustic strum the arrangement leads right into the electric guitar rhythm.  After the riff is repeated for the third time the rest of the band kicks-in.  The band basically plays the same rhythm as the rhythm Dave is playing.  There is a rhythm change underneath the lyric lines of the verse.  The guys kept the song very simple.  I felt the song was reminiscent of Y&T’s 1997 ‘Endangered Species’ release.
13.) “One Life” – This is another very classic Y&T sounding song.

     Long before eighties bands such as Mötley Crüe, or Quiet Riot, hell even going back before such seventies artists like Kiss and AC/DC, Y&T was blazing the trail for hard rock/heavy metal.
Born in Oakland, California lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Meniketti formed Yesterday & Today in 1974.  The bands’ name was inspired by the 1966 Beatles release of the same name.  After the band’s second release titled ‘Struckdown’ the band shorted their name from Yesterday & Today to just Y&T.  Over the years outside of the obvious, the music, what has made Y&T consistent?  Dave Meniketti & Phil Kennemore!

‘Facemelter’ -     “Face-melting is a term that has been with Y&T since the mid-'70s, when a rabid fan ran backstage and told the band, "you melted my face," which inspired the group's first publishing company: "Facemelting Music."

     This is an absolute must have release!!!!!