Whitesnake  'Live At Donington 1990'

Released Through Frontiers Records on 6/3/211


David Coverdale – vocals

Steve Vai  guitars
AdrianVandenberg – guitars
Rudy Sarzo – bass
Tommy Aldridge – drums

disc I:
 1.) "Slip Of The Tongue"
2.) "Slide It In"
3.) "Judgement Day"
4.) "Slow An Easy"
5.) "Kitten's Got Claws"
6.) "Adagio For Strato"
7.) "Flying Dutchman Boogie"
8.) "Is This Love"
9. Cheap An Nasty"
disc II:
1.) "Crying In The Rain"
2.) " Fool For Your Loving"
3.)  "For The Love Of God"
4.)  "The Audience Is Listening"
5.)  "Here I Go Again"
6.)  "Bad Boys"
7.) "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City"
8.) " Still Of The Night"

SNAKEBITE (A Snake Bite history):
     Contrary to most general eighties hair metal bands David Coverdale actually formed Whitesnake in 1978 in Yorkshire England.  The line-up between 1978-1984 released one E.P. ('Snakebite' 1978, and five L.P's ('Trouble' Oct 1978, 'Lovehunter' Oct 1979, 'Ready an 'Willing' May 31, 1980, 'Come An' Get it', April 11, 1981, 'Saints & Sinners' November 20, 1982)
In April 1984, 'Slide It In' was released in the United States.  At the same time the band signed a major U.S. record deal with Geffen Records.  The Slide It In album had drawn mixed reviews, the negatives particularly focusing on its "flat" mix.  hile a personnel change saw the touring band replace Moody with former Thin Lizzy guitarist John Sykes, plus the return of bassist Neil Murray in place of Hodgkinson, producer David Geffen insisted that the album be remixed for the US release. In addition to the remix, Sykes and Murray re-recorded the lead guitar and bass parts.  Despite Coverdale's misgivings regarding the lack of edge in these new tracks, Slide It In just barely missed the US Top 40, and went double platinum there three years later after the release of the band's eighth album.
The band's next release entitled simply '1987' in Europe and 'Serpens Albus' in Japan and marked the band's first mainstream success in the US. This release was put on hold for much of 1986 due to Coverdale contracting a serious sinus infection that put his singing career in jeopardy. He eventually recovered, and the Whitesnake album was finished in 1987. But shortly before the album's release, Coverdale had dismissed Sykes, after Sykes tried to convince him to get a stand in vocalist to finish the record due to David's illness.  Adrian Vandenberg and Vivian Campbell mimed Sykes' guitar parts on the videos and played in the subsequent live shows.With the guidance of A&R guru John Kalodner, it has sold 8x platinum in the US. The success of Whitesnake also pushed sales of Slide It In from its RIAA certified gold status to platinum status, and made the band a bona fide arena headliner for the first time in North America. The album continued to sell throughout 1987 and 1988 and peaked at #2 in the US album charts. The album's biggest hits were the #2 power ballad "Is This Love" and the #1 hit single "Here I Go Again", a re-recording of a song originally on Saints & Sinners released in 1982. (Another track on the album, "Crying In The Rain," was also a redone song from Saints & Sinners.) Other hit singles from the album were "Still of the Night" (#79) and "Give Me All Your Love" (#48 in 1988). The album's exposure was boosted by heavy airplay of its videos on MTV, which featured actress Tawny Kitaen, whom Coverdale later married. None of the band members who played on the album appeared in these videos with the exception of Adrian Vandenberg, who had been hired to complete the album after the others had been fired by Coverdale. Vandenberg's only work on the album was the solo on "Here I Go Again" though he became a full time member of the band shortly afterwards. The resulting music videos from Whitesnake also featured new band members Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Aldridge and Vivian Campbell (who also re-recorded the solo for the "Give Me All Your Love" remix).
In 1988 Vivian Campbell left the band due to creative differences, and so the band's line-up changed yet again for the 1989 album 'Slip of the Tongue'.  While preparing for the recording of the album, guitarist Adrian Vandenberg sustained a serious wrist injury, making it impossible for him to play without experiencing great discomfort. Coverdale had no choice but to find a new guitar player. He eventually found former Frank Zappa and David Lee Roth guitar player Steve Vai, whom Coverdale had seen in the 1986 film Crossroads. Upon its release, Slip of the Tongue sold three million copies and hit #10 in both the US and UK album charts. The album also spawned three successful singles: a reworking of the band's 1980 classic "Fool for Your Loving" (#37 US and #43 UK), the melodic "The Deeper the Love" (#28 US and #35 UK) and "Now You're Gone" (#96 US and #31 UK). Steve Vai became an official member of the band and appeared in all of the band's new music videos.
With Vai as a full-time member, the band hit the road to support the album. Consumers' response was warm, and during the tour for 'Slip of the Tongue', the band co-headlined the 1990 Monsters of Rock festival (their third time appearing and second headlining). Coverdale decided to fold the band after the Slip of the Tongue "Liquor & Poker" -tour in 1990.

This CD and soon to be released DVD was recorded live at the 1990 Monsters Of Rock concert at Castle Donington  located in Castle Donington, Leicestershire.  The first time I heard of the band Whitesnake was in 1984 when the local radio station D98 out of Bowling Green Kentucky played the song "Slow N' Easy" off of  'Slide It In'.  I was bitten that night and I have been a fan ever since.  I wasn't too bothered when I read the news that Vivian Campbell had been let go, he's an easy replacement especially in the late eighties.  However, I was a little troubled by the fact that Adrian Vandenberg had injured his wrist and Steve Vai would be stepping in to do the recording of the guitar tracks.  Don't get me wrong Vai is one hell of a guitarist however the style of Vai's playing is more suited for an instrumental setting.  With David Lee Roth there was an equal talent in Billy Sheehan to balance the bands' sound out.  However I thought Vai's playing style may over shadow the song structures.  At times on the CD Steve's playing style does over shadow everything however for one reason or another these same songs balance out live.  The version of "Slow N' Easy" on this CD blew me away.  The guitar & vocals had an effect to where they echoed and weaving in and out of the speakers.  Steve's guitar solo leading into the intro to "Deeper The Love" was pretty cool sounding.  Track 3 on disc 2 "The Audience Is Listening" was taken off of Steve Vai's solo release 'Passion & Warfare' released in July 1990.  The guys chose a very well-rounded setlist picking what most fans would say are Whitesnake's best songs from the three CD's they released in the eighties.  This is a must have for all Whitesnake fans!