Uriah Heep - 'Into The Wind'


Mick Box : Guitars, Vocals
Trevor Bolder: Bass, Vocals
Russell Gilbrook: Drums Vocals
Phil Lanzon: Keyboards, Vocals
Bernie Shaw: Lead Vocals



1.) "Nail on The Head" - The intro consisted of  a simple rhythm guitar riff and drum line.  The lead vocal lines of the verse are very reminiscent to Ian Gillian of Deep Purple.  There is no rhythm change for the musical verse.  Instead of changing the musical arrangement for the chorus the band added the bass line.  There is a rhythm arrangement change for the breakdown section.  After the third chorus there is a lead guitar solo section. There are several lead guitar licks underneath the choruses of the coda.
2.) "I Can See You" - This intro opens with a simple rhythm guitar riff along with Russell playing a hi-hat rhythm.  The band used the same guitar rhythm for the musical verse as the musical intro.  To separate the musical verse with the intro was the addition of a full drum line and keyboard arrangement.  There is a late sixties rhythm change and vocal line for the musical chorus.  There is a lead guitar solo after the second chorus.  There is a second lead guitar solo over the top of the coda.
3.) "Into The Wild" - This track opens with a single keyboard riff after the riff goes through about twice a second keyboard riff kicks-in.  The musical verse kicks-in with a drum line and sixties influenced guitar arrangement.  At the time the vocal line kicks-in the band changes the arrangement.  The musical chorus kind of had a Yes feel to it.  There is a keyboard/guitar solo after the second verse. 
4.) "Money Talk" - Phil's keyboards are the lead instrument on this intro giving the intro a heavy Jon Lord (Deep Purple) too it.  There is a bass/drum line underneath the keyboard arrangement.  The way the keyboard was written has several rests in between each single riff letting the bass/drum line bleed through.  Now I do not hear a rhythm guitar riff along with the keyboard riff however that does not mean there isn't one there.  The band changes the melody for musical verse however, keep the same arrangement.  This is a very cool idea.  The band switches back to the intro arrangement for the musical chorus.  There is a minor lead guitar solo connecting the first chorus with the second verse over the top of the solo there is three backing harmony sections.  This repeats itself to the musical keyboard breakdown section.  
5.) "I'm Ready" - This track opens with a very simple short intro section.  The last lyric of the first two lyric lines are carried out for what sounds line whole-notes.  This is nothing new bands of this vein where doing back in the day however for one reason or another this has a mind blowing sound.  The next three lyric lines where done with backing harmonies.  This is really the chorus though the two run into another.  After the second chorus there is a very cool musical lead in to the lead guitar solo.  This is an amazing track.
6.) "Trail Of Diamonds" - This ballad/rocker as a musician blew me away!  I only wish I had written it!!!!
7.) "Believe" - From beginning to end this is a very basically structured song.  
8.) "T-Bird Angel" - Another very simple strong. 
9.) "Lost" - This track opened with a very simple intro arrangement.  There is no arrangement change for the musical verse.  The way the guys set the lyric lines up consisted of lead vocal/backing vocal/lead vocal.....There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical chorus.  After the second chorus there is a lead guitar solo section. 
10.) "Demon Angel"
-Straight outta the eighties Deep Purple catalog!
11.)"Kiss Of Freedom" - Another amazing ballad!!!!!

     Though this line-up is not the same line-up that formed the band 41 years ago you could never tell.  Outside of "Easy Livin'" this band was never huge state-side probably due to bands like Deep Purple.  Uriah Heep keeps the songs on this release very straight forward and simple.  If you are a Heep fan this release is for you!