Covered Call – ‘Money Never Sleeps’

Released through Blistering Records on 1/27/09

Ronny Svanströmer – Drums
Thomas Vikström - Lead vocals
Joel Carlsson – Guitar
Thomas Thulin – Bass
Morgan Rosenquist - Guitar

1.) “All Because Of Me” - This track opens with a very simple intro arrangement.  Over the top of the musical intro there is a vocal line that consisted of the name of the song.  It sounds as if there are two different rhythm guitar arrangements through the intro.  There is a musical rhythm change underneath the musical verse.  The guitar arrangement for the musical verse was done with this arrangement was done with an electric picking pattern.  There not only a rhythm change for the musical chorus but the drum line also changes.  Thomas’s vocals and the backing vocals underneath them are some of the best I have heard!!!!  There is a small fill-in rhythm connecting the musical chorus with the second musical verse.  After the second chorus there is a breakdown section that also consisted of a lead vocal & backing harmony section over the top of the musical breakdown.  There is a huge snare drum fill connecting the breakdown with the lead guitar solo. Much like the song the lead guitar solo is very laid back with a melodic hook.  There is a small drum fill connecting the lead guitar solo with the third chorus. 
2.) “Til’ The End” –A siren goes off to kick-in this intro section.  Instead of a standard rhythm guitar arrangement over the top of the intro the lead/rhythm guitars are playing lead licks arranged as a rhythm.  Outside of the underling rhythm riff underneath the lead riff the band basically used the same guitar arrangements for the musical verse.  There is a small rhythm change leading intro the pre-chorus then a second musical change for the chorus.  There is a minor lead guitar lick connecting the first musical chorus with the second verse.  There is a little lead lick that connects the first chorus to the second verse.  As the second chorus progresses they slowly slow the music down into a breakdown section.  This leads into a lead guitar solo section.  There is a couple twin lead guitar solo licks over the top of the outro.
3.) “Shine” –This track opens with an almost Yes backing harmony before going into the musical intro section.  The production of this song was turned up more than the rest.  This gives it a more intense sound!  There is a small rhythm change for the musical verse.  My only complaint so far is the production of the music was turned up equally with Thomas’s mic, so one downs out the other one.  There is a small section leading into the chorus where you can really hear the bass line.  This is one of the few times were you actually can.  Much like the title itself the guys kept the choruses very simple.  During the lyric arrangement there is a lyric line where Thomas’s sings “give it up”, my opinion is they should have added a backing harmony line right after. It may be my age however; I did not hear a lead guitar solo on this track.  
4.) “Never End” –There is a minor lead guitar solo over the top of this intro section.  The minor solo and rhythm guitar underneath it was heavily reminiscent of the stuff Theory of A Deadman wrote on their last release called ‘Scars & Souvenirs’.  For the musical verse the rhythm guitar plays a continuous simple fill-in riff underneath the lead guitar that is playing a different rhythm.  Every other lead vocal line of the verse was done using an echoed effect.  Starting at the fourth lyric line the lead guitar rhythm changes however, the rhythm guitar stays the same.  Though the music arrangement was slowly turned up for the chorus to give it a building-up effect, it almost causes the vocals to be over shadowed.  Coming from experience, and due to the way it made the chorus sound.  I do not know if I would have engineered this track this way.  What of the lead and backing vocals you can hear you can tell they are very melodic with a great hook! 
Footnote: I stepped out of the room for a second and listening to this section from a distance it sounded more balanced. So it just may be the settings on my home equipment.    There is a lead guitar solo connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  I loved the lyrical content of the second verse!  Thomas’s vocals on this track are huge!!!!  The major lead guitar solo connects the second chorus with a minor pre-chorus.
5.) “Anything You Want” – This ballad consisted of a heavily influenced classical music piano arrangement underneath lyrics.  If Air Supply & Dennis DeYoung had a love child it would be this song.  This may be the greatest ballad I’ve ever heard!!!!!
6.) “I Wanna Be Free” –You’ll love it!!!!!
7.) “Nothing At All” –This track opens with a simple rhythm guitar riffs over the top of several drum fills.  The main intro section consisted of two different guitar rhythms.  The rhythm riff underneath the vocal lines of the pre-verse was very simple with a laid back fill to them.  Instead of changing the main rhythm for the musical verse the guys added a second rhythm riff.  This lead rhythm is different than the main rhythm.  The guys kept the chorus very simple.  The backing harmony that leads into the second chorus was very influential to the seventies Glam band Sweet.  Much like the song itself the lead guitar solo was very laid back.  Ronny added a few drum fills underneath the chorus of the outro section.    
8.) “Money Never Sleeps” – The opening rhythm guitar riff of this track was heavily influenced by Bad Company’s guitarist Mick Ralphs.  The main intro also has a heavy early Bad Co. feel to it.  There is a small lead guitar riff connecting the intro with the musical verse.  The way the guitar tracks where recorded was cool a hell!  The chorus had a very sweet hook to it.  There is a small lead guitar riff connecting the intro with the musical verse.  The way the guitar tracks where recorded was cool a hell!  The chorus had a very sweet hook to it.  It sounded like a different singer sang the second verse.  This track was written much like sounds are supposed to be wrote!!!!   
9.) “What About Us” –There is a short snare drum fill that opens this track.  The rhythm guitar and lead guitar of the intro section were playing the same rhythm.  There is a tom-tom fill that connects the intro with the musical verse.  The musical verse starts slow then progressively builds up speed.  The musical change & the musical chorus had a huge hook attached to them.  All in all this song s very simple however, do not let that fool you this song was equally as good as the rest of the songs on the CD.
10.) “Let’s Make It Real” – This s is another track on the release where the intro is heavily reminiscent of Bad Company.  There is a small drum fill connecting the intro with the musical verse.  The drum line of the musical verse gave it a syncopated feel.  As the song progresses the rhythm guitar gets heavier.  The chorus was very laid back and melodic.  Once again in true rock –n- roll fashion the band wrote a much laid back melodic song.


In this line of work writers are very quick to through terms or phrases around such as, CD of the year, greatest CD ever recorded, a must have release, or my favorite, this release is an instant classic.  In the eleven years I’ve been writing reviews I must confess there is no telling many times I said them myself. However, in the case of 'Money Never Sleeps' all those statements stand true!!!!