Court Jester - 'Gina'
                                                                                                                                                        Released through Cellar Records in 2003
James Azreal - guitars, vocals
Dan Boehne - guitars, vocals
Erick Koenig - bass
Bob 'The Birdman' Brady - drums
James Miller - B3 hammond & keyboards

1.) "Gina" -The vocal arrangement of the verse has an older rock feel.  The choruses arrangement is set up fairly simple.  Underneath the musical arrangement of the second verse there is a very simple but cool music effect being played that really sets the song off.  Between the second verse and through the second chorus is a very small lead guitar arrangement.  The backing vocals are very simple but effective.
2.) "Stand Up" -This track opens with a lead guitar scales over the top of a 38 Special style musical arrangement.  The vocal lines of the verse section also have a very 38 Special feel to them.  The keyboard arrangement is turned up through the second verse to fill in some of the empty spaces of the arrangement.  The twin guitar rhythm arrangement of the song makes the musical arrangement of the second chorus real heavy.  There are little lead guitar scales scattered throughout the song.  The song has a very cool but short solo section. 
3.) "Realize" -This track opens with a drum and bass intro section.  The main guitar rhythm underneath the vocal lines of the verse is done in a lead guitar style.  The musical arrangement underneath the chorus is simply structured.  The highlight of the song is the very laid back bass line.   The keyboard arrangement has a very Deep Purple feel.  The breakdown section has a vocal overdub that was done with a vocal effect.
4.) "Do We just Surrender" -The intro to this song has a very early heavy metal feel.  The guitar tracks of the verse section have a very heavy feel to them.  The choruses of the song are very short and simple.  The solo for the song has a very abstract metal feel to it. 
5.) "Give it up" -This track opens with a very Iron Maiden influenced intro section.  The vocal lines of the verse have a very demo feel to them.  The vocals of the verses follow along with the guitar arrangement.  At times the vocals have a very demo feel to them.  There is a very cool bass line underneath the musical arrangement.  The solo has an almost Eddy Van Halen sound to it at times.
6.) "Ugly" - This track open with a huge guitar arrangement.  The 'F*ckin' section of the first chorus is edited out so at times it sounds like the CD is skipping.  The choruses arrangement have a very early punk feel to it.  The verses are very influenced by Billy Joel.  This is a strange mix but the band finds a way to make it work. 
7.) "Low Down" -This track opens with a huge bass line.  The duet vocal lines of the verse gives the song a very progressive sound.   During the chorus there is a couple very cool lead guitar scales.  The solo to this song is very short but has an Eddy Van Halen influence to it.
8.) "Revenge of the Innocent" -The vocal; lines of the chorus on this track are set up in a duet style.  The verses musically are not nearly has intense as the chorus sections are.  The solo section has a very heavy metal feel to it. The main highlight is the bass line of the song.
9.) "All Hallows Eve" -The intro to this track opens in true horror movie fashion.  This is another track on the release where the vocal lines are set up in a duet feel.  The heavy vocal line of the verse does not really suit the song well.  The musical arrangement is kept fairly simple.  There is several places where the band could have placed a guitar solo, but they chose not to have one on this track. 
10.) "Is it wrong" -The intro to this track opens with a heavy metal/blues arrangement.  The keyboard arrangement through the verse really fills in a lot of the empty spaces.  The backing harmonies of this song are very tight. The song is very short.
11.) "You are the one" -This track opens with a bass line intro section.  The musical arrangement of the verses have almost an eighties modern rock feel to them.  Without the B3 harmmond this song would have been very barren sounding. 
12.) "Black Widow" -The opening guitar riff of this track has almost a Vixen feel to it.  There is a huge musical hook within the guitar arrangement of the chorus section.  The solo section has a very abstract metal influence to it and doesn't really fit the song well.  But at least there is a solo.
13.) "Welcome to Hell" -This track opens with a pipe organ intro.  The musical section of the verse is very laid back.  The chorus is very basic just repeating the title three times.  At times the musical arrangement of the song has an older metal feel to it.  The small minor solo for this song is by far the best on the release.  at times the song has an almost Metallica feel to it.
14.) "Court Jester" -This track opens with a very simple heavy metal musical arrangement.  The guitar tracks for the verse section have an older speed metal feel to them.  The chorus section is spoken more than sang.  After the first chorus the song makes a drastic musical change.  After the breakdown section there is a perfect spot for a guitar solo but once again the band chose not to write one.  

        I had several issues with this release.  But the two most important ones is the fact that most of the songs do not have guitar solo's.  In this day and time that fact alone spells death for a hard rock/heavy metal band.  The other main issue I have with this release is that there are a couple real good songs that are ruined because of the death metal vocals lines.  I have absolutely nothing against different styles of heavy metal, but mixing the two together just doesn't work.  There is a better quality of music with songs like "Stand Up" and "Gina" it is these styles of music that Court Jester needs to concentrate on.