Baltimoore - 'Ultimate Tribute'
                                                                                                                                                                                            Released on Lion Music in 2003

Bjorn Lodin - vocals
Thomas Larsson - guitar
Weine Johansson - bass
Ian Haugland - drums

1.) "Kill the King" (Rainbow)
2.) "Rock Candy" (Montrose)
3.) "Beggars Day" (Nazareth)
4.) "Never Say Die" (Black Sabbath)
5.) "Samurai" (MSG)
6.) "Freedom" (Jimi Hendrix)
7.) "She" (Kiss)
8.) "Love Child" (Deep Purple)
9.) "Mississippi Queen" (Mountain)
10.) "Solid Gold Brass" (Sweet)
11.) "Riff Raff" (AC/DC)
12.) "The Rocker" (Thin Lizzy)

    As you can very well see all twelve tracks on this latest Baltmoore release are cover songs.  Most of these songs if not all of them are songs bands perform in the beginning of their career playing the bar scene.  Musically all the tracks are dead on.  Even the drum intro of "Rock Candy" but I would have expected that from Ian Haugland of Europe fame.  At times Bjorns vocals are a little more deeper in sound than what you are use too.  But that is not a downfall to the CD, It is just Bjorns vocal style. This CD is as the title states "Ultimate Tribute" and if your into any of these twelve bands or like any of the twelve songs than this is a must have!!!