Baltimoore – ‘Quick Fix'


Released through BLP Music
in 2009

Björn Lodin – vocals
Örjan Fernkvist – organ
Emanuel Hedberg – guitar
Björn Bäck – drums

1.) “I’m All About Me” – The intro to this track opens with a very heavy yet laid back rhythm guitar riff.  There is a small hi-hat pattern that opens the musical verse.  Björn has such a scratchy sounding vocal sound that the rhythm guitar riff over shadows some of his words.  It sounded like there were a couple Björn vocal overdubs on the vocal lines of the pre-chorus.  There is a small rhythm guitar change for the musical chorus.  There is a heavy pick slide leading into the second verse.  After the second verse there is a small organ solo connected by a vocal line connected by a minor guitar solo.  After the next chorus there is an organ/lead guitar solo. 
2.) “Haze Of Wonder” –The organ solo and drum line of this intro section gives the song a funk feel.  The drum line of the musical verse was done as a snare/drum pattern.  The musical verse had a very abstract feel to it. There is a rhythm arrangement change for what I believe is the musical pre-chorus.  Björn added a swish effect to the way he opened the hi-hat for the musical chorus this gave the song a very nice effect.  There is an organ solo connecting the second chorus with the third verse.  After the third chorus there is a lead guitar solo.  This lead guitar solo leads into an organ solo. 
3.) “I am Who I Am When I Am Alone” – The organ/drum & bass line of the underling musical arrangements of the intro was heavily influenced by Deep Purple.  Over the top of this there is a minor lead guitar solo section.  The musical verse was arranged as lyric line/lead guitar fill/lyric line/lead guitar fill…etc…with the underling Deep Purple style rhythm of the verse staying the same as the intro.  After the verse there is a small musical arrangement change for the musical chorus.  The ending chorus section had a slowed down feel to it.  There is a major lead guitar solo after the second chorus.
4.) “Make Good” –The minor lead guitar solo over the top of this intro had a blues feel to it.  The main instrumentation underneath the lyric lines of the musical verse was drums & bass.  The guitar & organ does not kick back-in until the pre-chorus.  I loved the hook Björn wrote for the main chorus.  As the lead guitar solo progressed it built with intensity.  
5.) “How Can You Undo What’s Been Undone” –This ballad consisted of no intro section.  Instead the song opened with a Björn vocal line.  Toward the end of the first vocal line the organ kicks-in then the drums.  There is a small drum fill connecting the verse with the chorus.  In many ways this track was very reminiscent of the one-hit wonders of the 70’s.  So far as a Baltimoore fan this track is the best on the release.   Björn vocals literally blew me away!!!!!
6.) “The Shame Lingers On” – There is a minor organ solo over top this intro section.  There is a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  The musical verse of this track had a huge hook attached to it.  The band changes the arrangement of the chorus to give the song an even sweeter hook than the verse.  There is a small arrangement change connecting the musical chorus with the next musical verse.  There is an organ solo after the second chorus.  This organ solo leads into the musical breakdown. After the musical breakdown there is a minor lead guitar solo over the top of the outro section.
7.) “Tell Me Who You Wanna Be Today” –The intro to this track consisted of a very simple echoed rhythm guitar riff.  The highlight of the musical verse to me was the organ section.  As soon as the vocal line kicks-in there is a drastic laid back musical arrangement change.  There is such a huge hook for the verse that it makes the musical arrangements of the chorus very out of place. 
8.) “Somebody Look At Me” – The rhythm/lead guitar over the top of this intro had a very solid groove to it.  The lead guitar runs underneath the first couple of lyrics of the opening verse.  The rhythm guitar of the musical verse has a early Ritchie Blackmore with Rainbow feel to it.  There is a rhythm change connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus.  There is a small minor rhythm riff connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  The music arrangement that connects the second chorus with the third was heavily influenced by early Deep Purple.
9.) “Shoot The Dark” – Too me this track was just strange.
10.) “The Bet” –  This is another very abstract song that I just was not expecting from Björn.


            Of the three or four Baltimoore releases I have reviewed I have to say this is the worst.  I just did not get it and felt it was way too abstract.  However this is Baltimoore’s eleventh release and I’ve not heard anything prior to ‘Ultimate Tribute’ so as far as I know all the releases before ultimate may have sounded like this.  All I will commit to saying is this, Björn sounds as great as usual however please beware you may not like it and in this economy it may not be a good investment into your music collection!