Blast Magazine:  You have no formal music training, how did you teach yourself to play drums?

SR:  Just started playing along with my favorite music...

Blast Magazine:  Neil Peart was obviously a huge influence on your playing style, any other drummers or music styles influenced you?

SR: Everything from RUSH to, Boston, Van Halen, etc...

Blast Magazine:  You have created your own line on drum accessories, called Rockenwraps, how did that come about?

SR: It started a few years ago as something that I wanted to do for my own drums...I always wanted to look different. After I began doing it, all sorts of drummers became interested in the idea, and that really got me going on launching the company...

Blast Magazine:  You also have your own drum book in the works, what will the book consist of?

SR: It is called OPERATION:ROCKENFIELD and consists of some of my drumming history with Queensryche. It includes all sorts of great diagrams/pictures and an audio cd of just some of my drum performances...I am VERY happy with how it came out..!

Blast Magazine:  What’s the main difference between touring with Queensrÿche and your new project Slave To The System?

SR:  No bus with STTS...haha...!!

Blast Magazine:  Outside of Queensrÿche you have several different projects going on, how are you able too keep everything balanced giving all your project %100 of your time?

SR: Practice...i work very hard at balancing everything that comes my way..

Blast Magazine:  Over the years you have created some awesome and I mean awesome drum patterns and fills, do you go into the studio with a general idea of what you wanna do? Or do you create everything on the fly?

SR: A little bit of both....

Blast Magazine:  It took three weeks to write and record the ‘Slave To The System’ release were you guys in that big of a hurry? Or did the songs come out that easy?

SR:  We really wanted to just let our inner selves get released...No pressures, NO stress...I suppose it worked..haha!

Blast Magazine:  How involved were you in the writing process?

SR: We were all very involved with the collaboration...

Blast Magazine:  How much of the CD was recorded in your home studio?

SR: We setup a studio at Kelly Gray's house and just dug ourselves in. Everything was done there except for the songs Ragdoll and Cruise out of Control.  They were completed at A LOCAL SEATTLE STUDIO.

Blast Magazine:  If giving the opportunity you think Queensryche will ever perform any of these songs live?


Blast Magazine:  With the up and coming release of ‘Mindcrime II’ how much promotion will you be able to give to ‘Slave To The System’?

SR: We are constantly juggling the time with QR/Alice Cooper, and STTS...Just keep digging in that's all...

Blast Magazine:  Did you ever anticipate or expect Queensryche to be around as long as you have?

SR: No crystal ball...

Blast Magazine:  With Queensryche how involved are you with the songwriting?

SR: We have always worked together to get ach project to the end.

Blast Magazine:  I got to see you guys on the Empire tour in Evansville In., How difficult was it too perform the 'Mindcrime'CD in it’s entirety, with all the visuals?

SR: Piece of cake...haha!!

Blast Magazine:  Was re-visiting the project something you have discussed over the years?

SR:  Absolutely...!

Blast Magazine:  This time around Ronnie James Dio plays the character of Dr. X, When you were recording ‘Mindcrime I’ was this something that was discussed, or is this a fresh idea ?

SR:  Ronnie was a complete fresh idea....

Blast Magazine:  Without giving too much away what visuals () are planned? And please tell me there are plans for a DVD?

SR: If I told you then I would have to kill you  haha...!!  There are always plans for DVD releases....more to come soon...thanx..!