Bjön Lodin of Baltimoore

1.) Growing up, who were your early musical influences?
BL: Pippi Longstocking, The Sweet and T.Rex

2.) At what age were you when you made the decision a musicians life was for you?
BL: I didn’t know then, but looking back, I was 12

3.) Not only can you sing but you also play guitar and bass, which of the three did you learn first? And which is you favorite to do?
BL: I pretty much started with everything at once. I know got kind of pissed off at my band-mates for rather having me sing than play guitar so I didn’t get to play guitar in a band for a long time, although I kept writing songs on the guitar.

4.) How was Baltimoore formed?
BL: After we split with Six Feet Under, around 1985, I was in different bands for a while and the music scene was really good in Sweden. However, nothing came out of these bands so I decided to do my own thing.

5.) In 1987 Electra Records out of Scandinavia offered you a solo contract, can you tell our readers a little of why you chose to call the project Baltimoore rather than Björn Lodi?
BL: Somehow I felt more comfortable having a name for my project. I thought Baltimoore had a nice, disarming ring to it. I wasn’t clear on the style of music I was gonna do. I’m still not.

6.) Baltimoore has gone through several line-up changes, what has been the key to your longevity?
BL:Well, I don’t see the point in stoppingJ, It keeps getting better and better, and by now I think It’s gotten me to know, play and record with Swedens finest musicians. Another thing might be that I don’t have grunge, funk or wank, tattooed on my forehead – I can take any direction I choose.

7.) How did the invitation to join Krokus come about?
BL: I was out travelling in Europe for a while and had some sessions with a few Swiss bands, in the mid 80’s. Many Maurer, who later joined Krokus, was in one of those bands and a few years later when Krokus was looking for a singer they called me. I didn’t feel I was the right guy for the job so I threw in the towel pretty fast…but it’s a great storyJ

8.) Since we are on the subject of Krokus, I felt that ‘Fanatical reminded me a lot of the stuff Krokus has recorded last couple of years. How big of an influence are they?
BL: I think Marc Storace, might have the best tone of all singers today. He sounds more like Bon Scott than Bon Scott himselfJ - and Bon Scott had the ultimate tone! Musically, they haven’t influenced me at all.

9.) You’ve recorded several CD’s with Lars Eric Mattsson, did you have any input on any of the songs? Or did you just record the lyrics that Lars had written?
BL: No. I just did what I was told – for a change…

10.) What prompted the decision to re-record the tracks off of the 2001 ’Best of Baltimoore’ release?
BL: Well, I didn’t have any new songs to record in my new studio so I though I’d give those song another treatment. I wanted to try out my gear and at the same time “wash off” some old dust. I guess the main reason was - that I could do it.

11.) What brought about the ’Ultimate Tribute’ release?
BL: It was pretty much the same situation, if I recall correctly, no songs and no focus on what to do next. I’d just moved back to my hometown after many years and things were slowly getting back to normal. Lion released a whole bunch of tribute albums at that time, and UT was one of them. I think it’s a great album. Great line-up!

12.) How did you narrow the track listing down to the final twelve cover songs?
They’re all tunes we grew up with, did that thing in front of the mirror, you know!

13.) Looking back on the project are there any cover songs you wish you had of recorded but didn’t?
No I think those were enough. I remember it took a very long time to finish the project. We might do another cover album in the future.

14.) How did BLP Music get started?
I’ve had the company since 1996, but Kaleidoscope was the first release. BLP Music owns the rights to all titles that Lion released. Those titles are now released through BLP Music, as well.

15.) Was the recording sessions of ’Kaleidoscope’ easier without the pressure of a record label?
I have never felt any pressure from Lion Music. Actually, when we first started recording Kaleidoscope, I thought Lion was going to release it, but they couldn’t fit us in so one thing led to the other…

16.) Too me both ‘Fanatical’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’ have a late seventies and eighties feel to them, was this something you set out to do? Or did the songs just workout that way?
I’m just not into overdubs and keyboards at the moment and like to use the pan knobs on the guitars…also, they’ll sound pretty much the same live

17.) What is your approach to songwriting?
It’s how I communicate.

18.) Now that you have BLP Music and can release music on your own schedule do you have any projects in mind?
I will not work with other artists on this label. We’ve just started recording our 10th album “X”, due for release October 10, and another one is coming in April 2007. After that I don’t know…

19.) What does the future hold for Baltimoore?
We’re going to tour Sweden in November/December. It’s about time!