Steve West - of Danger Danger

DF- When did you start playing drums?

SW-When I was 16.


DF- What, if any, other instruments do you play?

SW-A little piano, guitar and bass guitar.


DF-Who are your greatest influences?

SW-Cheap Trick and John Waite.


DF- Who "founded" the band?

SW-Bruno and I.


DF- What was the reason for Ted Poley's departure?

SW-Money, what else?


DF- Is it factual that "Cockroach" was originally recorded with Ted Poley on vocals?
SW - Yes.


DF- Was "Cockroach" shelved due to Ted Poley's departure?

SW-No. Sony was happy we were rid of him. They told us to go get a new singer and re-record the lead vocals. We did. We asked Paul to join the band and he re-did all the vocals. Sony loved Paul and the new version. They were stoked. Then Ted sued Bruno and I, as well as Sony. He didn't want them to release the record with Paul. Sony decided not to release it, thus avoiding the hassle of defending themselves in the lawsuit. We won the lawsuit and the record will be out at the end of this year.


DF- I understand that you've re-recorded it with Paul Laine and plan on releasing both versions. Why?

SW-Because everyday we get letters from our fans asking for it. Our fans have been waiting for this album 7 long years. We finally got the rights to release it and that's what we're gonna do. We also happen to think it's a great fuckin' record.


DF- What is your relationship with Ted like now?

SW-Bruno and I have spoken with him, and everything was pretty cool. In recent interviews though, he's been talking shit about us again and re-hashing his tale of woe. It's sad, and boring as well. It's been 7 years already. You'd think he'd be over it by now.


DF- If for some reason you found yourself without a singer would you consider hiring him back?

SW- No.


DF- After Ted's separation from the group was Paul Laine your first choice for lead singer?

SW- Yes.


DF- Was "Dawn" the first actual recording with Paul Laine?

SW- No, it was ''Cockroach''.


DF- What has been the fan response with Paul Lain on vocals?

SW- They love him.


DF- Have you guys found a new guitarist yet? If not, is there any chance of Andy or Tony playing on the upcoming US tour since they played on the new album? If not what are you looking for in a guitarist?

SW-We're no longer looking. If we play live it will either be with Tony, who has done our last two tours or Andy, if he'd like to. Otherwise, we won't play live.


DF- Paul Laine wrote two of the songs on Gildersleeves. Is it difficult for you and Bruno, as the primary songwriting team, giving up that control?

SW- Actually, Paul wrote 3 songs and co-wrote one with Bruno and I. As far as giving up control, hell no! It's been nothing but great having Paul write. This isn't something new for us. Paul has been with us for 4 albums and has been an equal writer on the last 3. We are all equals in this band.


DF- Has song writing control ever caused friction between the members in the past?

SW- No.


DF- For the Blast readers that haven't had the opportunity to read the liner notes for "The Return of The Great Gildersleeves", would you care to elaborate on the story behind the title?

SW- It's named after our favorite rock club growing up, The Great Gildersleeves. It was a great club in New York City during the '70's. Bruno and I grew up there, and it had a major influence on us musically. A lot of famous NY rockers used to hang there and we got to rub elbows with 'em. It was quite a trip for two young teens.


DF- What is your tour plans this time around?

SW- We have none at the moment.


DF- When it came time to mix Gildersleeves did you have the orchestrated parts already in mind or was it just trial and error?

SW- Yes.


DF- What should fans expect from Danger Danger live this year?

SW- Great shows as always.


DF- How extensive of a tour is being planed?

SW-There are no current plans. Fans can visit our website at for tour dates and news.

Also, all of our albums and assorted merchandise are available for purchase as well.