STEVE BLAZE (Lillian Axe, NLE)

Few bands from the late 80's early 90's, ever got the respect that they deserved, Lillian Axe is one of those groups. In September of 1987, Lillian Axe and the members of another local touring band joined forces, what erupted was one major metal band. Just one month later a deal with MCA Records was in the can. In 1996 after extensive touring in support of their 1993 release "Psychoschizophrenia", Ron Taylor and Steve Blaze decided to put Lillian Axe on hold to experiment in other music styles. Now with the Millenium nearing a close, two solo projects, four studio CD's and one greatest hits Lillian Axe return to show the world they can have there cake and eat it too. Steve Blaze and Ron Taylor are enjoying success with Lillian Axe and as solo artist.

Darrell Finley: What brought on the desire for the making of "Fields of Yesterday"?
Steve Blaze: Z Records is an English-based indie label who contacted me concerning Lillian Axe as a current entity to see what we were doing. Being that we had called it a rest, I told him there was no new stuff but lots of unreleased demo material.

D.F.: Were the 12 tracks from "Fields of Yesterday" recorded with the original members then just cut and mixed adding the new members?
S.B.: These were recorded in different recording sessions from 1990-1996. They are the original demo recordings.

D.F.: Does "Fields of Yesterday" complete the whole catalog, and what I mean is, is this everything Lillian Axe has ever recorded and/or wrote?
S.B.: No. There's more

D.F.: Even though Lillian Axe never actually split up, will this new CD put The Bridge and Near Life Experience on hold?
S.B.: No. Near Life Experience is top priority for with me. However, we can still manage to keep Axe going.

D.F.: What's the tour schedule for Lillian Axe? Can we expect more U.S. dates in the future?
S.B.: Hopefully we can tour much more. It's really not up to me. I'm ready to go. Right now the shows are sporadic.

D.F.: There is rumor that the live shows you have done in America consist of Lillian Axe, The Bridge, and Near Life Experience performing. Is this a fact and, if so, how is that panning out for you?
S.B.: No just Lillian and Near Life, I would love The Bridge to do it as well. It's been great.

D.F.: What songs are you including in the set list?
S.B.: Misery Loves Company, Crucified, True Believer, Innocence, All's Fair, My Number, Nobody Knows, Ghost Of Winter, World Stopped Turning, Letters In The Rain, Waiting In The Dark, Pulling The Rats Out, Those Who Prey, Fools Paradise, etc.

D.F.: What has been the response so far from the shows?
S.B.: People seem to think we're better than ever.

D.F.: This year with the hand full of metal acts that are returning to a more 80's sound, do you feel that you could not have released this CD at a better time?
S.B.: I don't think there is an 80's sound. So I shy from thinking about it. It's always time for good music.

D.F.: Well that wraps up my questions for now. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to conduct this interview with you.
S.B.: Thanks for your support. You can stay in touch with me anytime. Let me know if there's anything I can do.