Bill Leverty

Darrell Finley:  What prompted the "Wanderlust" project?

Bill Leverty: Nothing really. I have been writing songs for so long, and some of them just
really fit my voice well, so I finally had enough to make an album. I
recorded bits and pieces while Firehouse was off the road or out of the
studio, so that's why it's taken so long.

Darrell Finley: After being with a major rock band for 14 years, was it difficult to
(more or less) start over?

Bill Leverty: Not really. I think that this is just a way to express myself as a solo
artist. In a band there's always compromise, which I'm OK with, but with a
solo album, it's a direct reflection of the artist.

Darrell Finley: In your opinion, who does "Wanderlust" remind you of?

Bill Leverty: Wanderlust is a combination of all of my influences, but since I grew up in
The South, I think that the Southern influences come shining through in a
big way. Many of my biggest guitar heroes were influenced by Southern Music,
so I think it's come full circle.

Darrell Finley: What musical style is "Wanderlust" done in?

Bill Leverty: I think it's done in MY style, very honest, with the writing and
performances coming from the heart 100%. I didn't try to fit into any
category so that I could get on the radio or into certain magazines, etc.

Darrell Finley: Are there any tour plans?

Bill Leverty: My tour plans are with Firehouse. If Firehouse ever takes any time off,
which I seriously doubt will happen anytime soon, I'd love to put WANDERLUST
out on the road and play some gigs.

Darrell Finley: How many tracks are on the "Wanderlust" release?

Bill Leverty: 10

Darrell Finley: Can you give me a run down of the track listing and what the songs mean?

Bill Leverty: The titles are here: The Tunes Each song can have
several meanings to each individual listener, so I'd really rather let the
listener feel what the song is saying to them.

Darrell Finley: Are you performing songs from "Wanderlust" while on tour with Firehouse?

Bill Leverty: Not yet, but we'll see if we can fit a song in the set.

Darrell Finley: What were your reasons for choosing to use Michael and Bruce in the
recording of "Wanderlust" instead of someone outside of Firehouse?

Bill Leverty: When you've got the best, you don't need the rest! By the way, CJ co-wrote 2
songs with me on the album as well.

Darrell Finley: Are you hoping to be picked up by a label or are you wanting to just do
this on your own?

Bill Leverty: I'm perfectly happy doing this on my own. I'm not shopping the album to
labels. If a label hears the album and wants to talk, I'm all ears.

Darrell Finley:  Even though it's early, what's been the response so far about the solo

Bill Leverty: I've gotten nothing but overwhelmingly positive reactions from everybody.
This is just from the sound clips on the website. I hope that the fans feel
even better after they hear the entire album. I'm more proud of this than
anything I've ever done.

Darrell Finley: Do you recall where you were and how you found out about the passing of

Bill Leverty: I was at home, mixing the album, and I got a phone call from Michael Foster.
He told me what had happened. We were both crushed.

Darrell Finley:   Even though it's been hard, I'm sure, But but have you, CJ, and Mike found a
prospective replacement?

Bill Leverty: We have a great new bassist/vocalist named Allen McKenzie. He was the lead
singer/bassist for the best RUSH tribute band in America. He's awesome.

Darrell Finley: What do you feel are some of the contributing factors to Firehouse's

Bill Leverty: Credibility - when you get a FireHouse album, you know what it's going to
be: good quality, melodic hard rock, with diversity. We've also managed to
stay together through the ups and downs of the music business because we
really love to play live and we are still able to get good gigs. We all get
along well and love the music that we make together.