Warrant - 'Born Again: The Delvis Video Diaries' (DVD)
                                                                                                                                                            Released through Deadline Records in 2007

Jaime St. "Matt Foley" James - vocals
Erik Turner - guitars
Jerry Dixon - bass
Steven "Sharon Osbourne" Sweet - drums
Joey Allen - guitars

I.) Video List:
1.) "Devils Juice"
2.) "Dirty Jack"
3.) "Bourbon County Line"
4.) "Hell, CA"
5.) "Angels"
6.) "Love Strikes Like Lightning"
7.) "Glimmer"
8.) "Roller Coaster"
9.) "Down In Diamonds"
10.) "Velvet Noose"
11.) "Roxy"
12.) "Good Times"

II.) Special Features:
1.) 'Tour Outtakes'
2.) 'In The Studio'
3.) 'Art Gallery'

From "32 Pennies" to platinum recording artist: (history)
Biography courtesy of our good friend, rhythm guitarist and Warrant co-founder Erik Turner.
    Jaime St. James, Julian Raymond, John Peters, Tommy Thayer, Virgil Rippers and Pete Holmes formed Black 'N' Blue in the fall of 1981.  About a year into rehearsals and against Jaime's wishes Virgil Roberts made the decision to leave the band.  As a suggestion from Patrick & Steve Young, Black 'N' Blue auditioned guitarist Jeff Warner.  Though Jaime did not like Jeff's audition Tommy insisted on giving him a chance.  For the next two years, Black N Blue will play one L.A. club after another.  After recording a five-song demo with Don Dokken and Michael Wagener the band began shopping for a record deal.  Though the band had several offers they made the decision to go with Geffen Records.  A little known fact is Black N Blue was the third L.A. metal band to get a deal in the eighties.  Black N Blue's self-titled freshman release was released in 1984 and featured such classic metal cuts as "Hold On To 18" and "Wicked Bitch" As Black N Blue was enjoying the spoils of the newly signed band, Erik Turner and Jerry Dixon were in a bar far, far away. getting ready to board a twenty-two year roller coaster of alcohol-induced debauchery! The original line-up of Warrant (1984)consisted of Erik Turner (lead guitars), Jerry Dixon (bass), Adam Shore (vocals), Josh Cohan (lead guitar) and Max Asher (drums).  A year later the band signed a development deal with A&M Records and recorded several demos for the label.  After a performance at the San Diego Triangle vocalist Adam Shore and Max Asher informed the band they were leaving.  Within two weeks of Adam and Max leaving Warrant, the guys ask Plain Jane vocalist Jani Lane, and their drummer Steven Sweet to join the band (1986).  Within 3 weeks the band played a sold out show at The Troubadour in Hollywood.  Lead guitarist, Josh Cohan was asked to leave the band in (1987)Joey Allen, Erik's friend and ex-band mate from OC (1983) auditions and is asked to join the band.  At this time there is no way Erik or Jerry could have foreseen that this would eventually be a normal routine.  On the other hand how Jaime St. James of Black N Blue would fit into the picture.  Even with the signing of a development deal, A& M was still dragging their feet about signing the band to the label.  In response Warrant signs with Columbia Records instead and the rest is Rock -n- Roll history.  'Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich' (DRFSR to Warrant fans) is released in February of '89 and goes double platinum within two years. After a year and half of touring the band hits the studio to begin work on their sophomore release.  'Cherry Pie' the band's second album is released in September of 1990 and ships gold.  "I bet the A&R Rep at A&M Records is kicking himself in the ass about now for not signing the band."  Columbia Records will release one more CD Dog Eat Dog before dropping the band due to Jani Lane quitting the band, they had a key man clause in their contract, which still had two more records guaranteed, at 2 million a piece recording budget.  Not long after the release of 'Dog Eat Dog' Jani announces he is leaving the band and starts a solo career (1993).  Just within 6 months of Jani's leaving, he realizes it was a rash decision and re-joins the band.  For the next seven years, Warrant will continue to release CD after CD but be a revolving door of musicians that include Scorpions drummer, James Kottak.  In 2001, the band releases the properly titled covers CD 'Under The Influence' (2001). Jani Lane quits the band again (2004). Erik reunites Warrant and the band begins writing songs for a yet untitled CD.  Needing a lead singer Erik & Jerry asks Black N Blue vocalist Jaime St. James to take permanent lead singer position.  After 1 rehearsal of 5 songs Erik, Jerry, and  Joey realize Jaime is Warrant's missing piece.  Jaime accepts the guys offer to join the band and Steven joins the band a month later. With renewed energy the band releases the properly titled, 'Born Again' in 2006.
Got The Devil Inside: (
    Since the main body of the 'Born Again...' DVD consisted of videos for the twelve tracks on the new CD.  I decided I had better familiarize myself with the music.  And since I am still waiting on a copy of the ‘Born Again’ CD that Erik promised to send I had to borrow a copy from a friend.  (I suppose Erik is busy working on his handicap… LOL)  I guess like most Warrant fans when I first listened to the ‘Born Again’ CD, I thought “What the Hell!”.  This is because the songs on ‘Born Again’ sounds like neither Warrant nor Black N Blue and logic tells you that the songs would sound like one or the other.  This in a sense will piss off many long time fans.  Filmed as live performances without the crowd the twelve videos follow the exact track listing as the CD version of ‘Born Again’.  I am going to hate saying this because am afraid it will keep Blast Magazine readers from buying the DVD, but at times the special effects used within the videos have a cheesy look to them.  However this is due to the fact of being done without major label support.  Nothing against Jani cause, I still feel that when sober he is one of the most premier rock vocalists from that era.  However when you watch the videos for the first time in a very long time the original members of Warrant actually act as if they are having a blast!  The only added factor in this is Jaime.  The special features included within the DVD are two home movies, one of the guys backstage, and the second of the band in the studio.  These are hilarious.  To the longtime fans please give this ‘Born Again’ Warrant a chance!  Every eighties hard rock fan needs to go to www.warrantweb.net and purchase both this DVD and CD