Royal Hunt - ‘Closing The Chapter - Live In Japan 1996/98’ (double DVD)


DC Cooper - vocals

André Andersen - keyboards, acoustic guitar

Steen Mogensen - bass, keyboard

Jacob Kjaer - guitars

Kenneth Olsen - drums [disc 1]

Allan Sørensen - drums [disc 2]
Maria McTurk - backing vocals

Lise Hansen - backing vocals

Disc I:
Live in Japan 1996
1.) “Flight”
2.) “1348”
3.) “Wasted Time”
4.) “Stay Down”
5.) “On The Run”
6.) “Stranded”
7.) Keyboard Solo
8.) “Martial Arts”
9.) “Far Away”
10.) “Last Goodbye”
11.) “Land Of Broken Hearts”
12.) “Makin' A Mess”
13.) “Clown In The Mirror”
14.) Guitar Solo
15.) “Step By Step”
16.) Drums & Bass Solo
17.) “Running Wild”
18.) “Epilogue”
19.) “Age Gone Wild”
20.) “Ten To Life”
21.) “Legion Of The Damned”
22.) “Kingdom Dark”
23.) “Time”
Bonus Material

Disc II:
Paradox - Closing The Chapter / Live in Japan 1998
1.) “Ava Maria Guirani [Ennio Morricone]”
2.) “The Awakening”
3.) “River Of Pain”
4.) “Tearing Down The World”
5.) “Message To God”
6.) “Long Way Home”
7.) “Time Will Tell”
8.) “Silent Scream”
9.) “It's Over”
Bonus Material


     Royal Hunt is a progressive metal band based in Denmark, founded in 1989 by keyboardist Andre Andersen. The band is known for creating melodic music with a progressive and symphonic flair. They made a huge success during mid-90s with vocalist D.C. Cooper on their classic albums Moving Target and Paradox mainly in Japan and Europe. They have experienced several lineup changes throughout their history, in 2007 they acquired singer Mark Boals, who replaced former vocalist John West. In 2011 after numerous requests from fans and promoters worldwide they decided to reunite with their former vocalist D. C. Cooper for a special tour, covering the first four albums of the band. They have since recorded a new album entitled Show Me How to Live featuring the returning D.C. Cooper as their permanent vocalist moving forward. They have sold more than 1 million albums worldwide.
This double DVD consists of two concerts.  The concert on disc I was filmed on May 31, 1996 in Tokyo while the band was on tour in support for their ‘Moving Target’ release.  Filmed in 5.1 surround sound which gives the band an amazing sound however, if you’re watching it on a HDTV expect the distance shots to be blurry.  Though blurry it isn’t nearly as grainy as one may think.  In conjunction with the two back-up singers DC double-tracked his vocals for the backing vocal harmonies.  Though the band is amazing and I don’t want to make it sound as if I am putting them down however, it is DC’s vocals that make the live performance really stand out! The bonus features on disc I consisted of mainly studio footage.
Disc II of ‘Closing The Chapter’ was filmed in Japan in 1998 while the band was on tour in support of their 1997 release titled, ‘Paradox’.  Unlike the concert on disc I the audio was recorded in 2.0 which I found odd since this was a newer concert.  Because it was filmed in 4:3 there are times when the band members are shadowed out.  Outside of that this concert is just as good as the one on disc I.
Royal Hunt is an amazing live band and this double live DVD proves this!  After watching this double live DVD it is very easy to see why they have been around since 1989.  This double DVD is an absolute must have for all metal fans!