Pink Cream 69 ‘Past & Present’ (dvd)


1.) 20th Anniversary Concert At Karlsruhe
set list:
“ Children Of The Dawn”
“ Do You Like It Like That”
“ Hell’s Gone Crazy”
“ Lost In Illusions”
“ The Hour Of Freedom”
“ I’m Not Afraid”
“ Talk To The Moon”
“ Carnaby Road”
“ Break The Silence”
“ One Step Into Paradise”
“ That Was Yesterday”
“ The Spirit”
“ Livin’ My Life For You”
“ Welcome The Night”
“ Seas Of Madness”
“ Keep Your Eye On The Twisted”
“ No Way Out”
“ Shame”

2.) ’Das Fest’ Bonus Material
set list:
“ One Step Into Paradise” (acoustic)
“ The Spirit” (acoustic)
“ Better Days” (acoustic)

3.) Interview & Backstage Material
1.) Size It Up ‘Live In Japan’ Video
“ Take Those Tears”
“ Welcome The Night”
“ Do You Like It Like That”
“ Signs Of Danger”
“ Where The Eagle Learns To Fly”
“ Livin’ My Life For You”
“ Rolling Down A Thunder”
“ Talk To The Moon”
“ Hell’s Gone Crazy”
“ One Step Into Paradise”
“ Detroit Rock City”
“ White Men Do No Reggae”

2.) ’Masters Of Rock’ Bonus Material
“ Do You Like It Like That”
“ Lost In Illusion”
“ The Hour Of Freedom”
“ Seas of Madness”
“ Shame”

3.) Video Clips
“ One Step Into Paradise”
“ Livin’ My Life For You”
“ Signs of Danger”
“ Face In The Mirror”
“ Keep Your Eye On The Twisted”
“ 20th Century Boy”
“ Only The Good”
“ Shame”

Founded in 1987, by Andreas ‘Andi’  Deris vocals and guitarist Alfred Koffler of Germany along with Greek drummer Kosta Zafirou and American drummer Dennis Ward, Pink Cream 69 are in fact in many ways the United Nations of Rock.  Not long after forming the band signed up and won a local band competition and before they knew it was signed to Sony Records.
In the twenty years since their formation Pink Cream 69 has proved to be a major success in Germany and Japan and certainly achieved a great deal with breaks like getting the support slot for White Lion on the American band's 1989 European tour before headlining their own shows. Indeed, none other than British hopefuls Little Angels opened for the band in Germany during 1992.   Also the same year the band opened for Europe on their British tour the same year.
Unfortunately, some critics tended not to take the group too seriously and dubbed them ‘World Cup ‘66’, in reference to Germany’s defeat by England in the soccer World Cup Final at Wembley in back in 1966.  Even though the band had been criticized Sony saw enough in the band to give the green light for a second release and in 1991 Pink Cream 69 releases ‘One Size Fits All’.
The following year the strangely titled '49 Degrees / 8 Degrees' was released featuring live and demo recordings of the band’s material (including a cover of KISS’s- “Detroit Rock City”) as the group hit Japan for the first time. These dates resulted in the 'Size It Up' live offering that would appear in Japan during 1994 after the group had issued a brand new album in the shape of 'Games People Play' and followed it up with a very successful German tour.
By now personal and musical differences began to show between Andreas and the rest of the band.  So when the band Helloween offered him a position as lead vocalist neediest to say he jumped at the chance.  Like when most band members make a decision like this needless to say a great deal of bad blood is shed between the two parties in the press afterwards.
Pink Cream 69 replaced original vocalist Andreas with English born David Readman, the Brit singer made his debut on the aptly titled 'Change' album of 1995. The album was recorded in Los Angeles towards the end of 1994 with producer Shay Baby. The record not only marked a change in vocalist but also found the group had eschewed the typically 80s Hard Rock sound for a more modern, Grunge feel.              
1997's 'Food For Thought' highlighted the fact that the group hadn't had a change of heart in the two years away, but did include a cover of Queen's 'We Will Rock You'. In the autumn of the same year a new, more widely available live album ('Live') appeared.
Interestingly, amongst the unsuccessful hopefuls auditioning for the vacant vocalist position that David Readman ultimately captured was Scots born, ex Midnight Blue man Doogie White. Upon his return from the audition he was promptly offered a job with Rainbow!
The resulting album 1998's 'Electrified' featured Primal Fear man Ralf Scheepers on backing vocals and Royal Hunt’s DC Cooper on keyboards.
Both Readman- as vocalist- and Ward- as producer- would feature heavily on the Progressive Rock conceptual Adagio project album 'Sanctus Ignis' by French guitarist Stephan Forte. Ward would also gain credits for a remix service on the debut Edenbridge album 'Sunrise In Eden
Meantime Ward would act as producer and bassist to DC Cooper's 1999 solo album. Zafirou would supply drums. Koffler too would join in on the songwriting front and team up with Cooper for a Japanese acoustic tour.
Following on from the February 2000 album 'Sonic Dynamite' PINK CREAM 69 issued a limited edition mini album 'Mixery' during October of the same year. Included alongside reworked songs and acoustic takes was a cover version of Mötley Crüe’s 'Looks That Kill'. The group would prove their staying power with the October 2001 effort 'Endangered'.
2002 brought on an adventurous 'Rock Opera' project as a result of an alliance between Pink Cream 69 members, erstwhile Royal Hunt and current Silent Force vocalist D.C. Cooper and personnel from Vanden Plas. The Dennis Ward produced endeavour, entitled, Missa Mercuria, had lyrics penned by Cooper with music contributed by Alfred Koffler, Silent Force’s Alex Beyrodt and the Vanden Plas duo of Günter Werno and Stephan Lill. Musicians sessions numbered Pink Cream 69ers Alfred Koffler, Andreas Lill, and Dennis Ward with Vanden Plas men Stephan Lill on guitar, Günter Werno on keyboards and Silent Force’s Alex Beyrodt on guitar. David Readman would aid on narration and lead vocals as part of a vocal cast crediting 'Firegod' D.C. Cooper, Sabine Edelsbacher of Edenbridge as the 'Water goddess', Lori Williams playing the 'Earth goddess', Isolde Groß as 'Mercuria' and Vanden Plas singer Andy Kuntz as 'Airgod'.
News emerged in the Summer of 2003 that guitarist Alfred Koffler was suffering from the disease focal dystonia, this seriously affecting his left hand. Nevertheless PINK CREAM 69, drafting second guitarist Uwe Reitenauer to ease the pressure on Koffler, signed a new record deal with the SPV Steamhammer label for a new studio album that year.
Kosta Zafiriou would session on 2003 recordings for the Axxis album 'Time Machine' after their regular drummer Richard Michalski went missing. The band geared up for 2004 and a new album 'Thunderdome', which included a cover of The Knack’s 'My Sharona', by lining up a set of co-headline gigs allied with Axxis and Crystal Ball for March.
In early 2005 Pink Cream 69 members Dennis Ward, David Readman, Kosta Zafirou and Alfred Koffler all contributed to the Place Vendome AOR project, fronted by ex-Helloween singer Michael Kiske and mentored by Frontiers Records owner Serafino Perugino. Later that year it was revealed Pink Cream 69 frontman David Readman was recording a solo album, utilizing the talents of Adagio drummer Dirk Brunneburg and Cry Havoc bassist Paul Logue.
Also unveiled during 2005 would be the Andersen/ Laine/ Readman project, mentored by Royal hunt keyboard player Andre Andersen. The album 'III', issued through the Italian Frontiers label in March 2006, saw vocal duties shared between David Readman and Paul Laine of Danger Danger Subsequently, Readman announced the signature to Frontiers for a solo album.
2006 found both Dennis Ward and Uwe Reitenauer contributing to the Sunstorm debut fronted by former Rainbow and Deep Purple singer Joe Lynn Turner. Meantime, Pink Cream 69 signed to the Frontiers label in November. 'In10sity', released in March 2007, was recorded from October 2006 to January 2007 at the House Of Music studios near Stuttgart and was once again was produced by Dennis Ward. First slipcase editions hosted an extra track titled 'Last Train To Nowhere'.
In September 2008 AFM Records announced the signing of David Readman's latest band project Voodoo Circle. He would be joined on the eponymous album by colleagues Alex Beyrodt and Mel Gaynor plus bassist Mat Sinner, of Sinner and PRIMAL FEAR and keyboard player Jimmy Kresic.

1989: ‘Pink Cream 69’
1991: ‘One Size Fits All’
1993: ‘Games People Play’
1995: ‘Change’
1997: ‘Food for Thought’
1998: ‘Electrified’
2000: ‘Sonic Dynamite’
2000: ‘Mixery’ (EP)
2001: ‘Endangered’
2004: ‘Thunderdome’
2007: ‘In10sity’

The worst case scenario n the music magazine world is; 1.) Asking to do an interview a musician you know absolutely nothing about. 2.) Reviewing a live CD or DVD on a band you have never heard before.  The only difference between the CD & DVD version is the DVD consists of Interviews with the band along with a section that contains all of the bands videos.  The interview portion of the DVD had a few a couple humorous scenes and at times was very insightful on the Pink Cream 69 history.  This interview portion along with disc II that contains, as far as I know all the band’s videos are really the only difference between the CD & DVD.       
    First and foremost when a band has been together twenty years there is not going to be any mistakes!  The sound quality on both CD & DVD was phenomenal for a live recording.  Probably some of the best I’ve heard!  Not two songs into the CD and the band had their hooks in me deep enough to make me a fan.  In my opinion, it boils down to this if you’re a fan of the band then it’s a must have.  If your into live albums both of this will be great additions to your collection!!!!