Paul McCartney – “Back in the U.S.” DVD

Released on Capitol Records

         Paul McCartney do I really need to say anymore than that!!!  For those of you out there who have been living underneath a rock since 1962?  Or the younger generation out there who have no clue about music.  Paul McCartney played bass from ’62 to ’70 in a little band called the Beatles. (You should notice the sarcasm in my voice as I wrote that last sentence.)
             Paul, John (1940 to 1980), George (1943 to 2001), and Ringo changed not only the way music fans where to hear music from 1962 to present.  But also revolutionize the way you write, perform and use the full potential of the studio.  With out the help of what musicians these days take for granted.
             “Back in the U.S.” is 180 minutes that contains over thirty songs, a behind the scenes section, sound check, and special website.  The set list Paul chose for the DVD was almost perfect except for one or two songs that could have been added.  But with this being the first time getting to see him perform, and being a long time fan, I was not going to let that get me down.  The set list itself includes 21 Beatles songs, 5 Wings songs and a couple solo tracks.  As far as the 21 Beatles songs go there really isn’t anything they did not perform that I was disappointed with.  On the Wings stuff I with he had have added “Junior’s Farm” because it is a great live sounding song. 
               Paul’s voice has not change a bit in thirty years.  In fact you can close you eyes while this is playing and Paul sounds just like he did in ’62.  There was only a couple times where Paul’s vocals struggled with the vocal lines.  Once on the tribute, “Here Today/Something” he did for John and George and that was very understandable.  Because even though the Beatles had their share of arguments over the group and other things, there was and will always be a deep love between the four lads.  The other time Paul’s voice gets shacking was during the song “Long and Winding Road”.  At the beginning of the song several of Paul McCartney’s tour staff is out in the crowd and hold up these signs with a big pick heart painted on them.  Needless to say he was very touched, as I was just watching. 
               The McCartney band had to be one of the best back up bands I’ve ever heard in my life, especially their drummer.  He really made Paul’s older stuff come back to life.  The way the band broke “Eleanor Rigby” down acoustically was very very cool. 
               The Beatles and Paul McCartney have changed my life forever as I’m sure they will yours!! This DVD should and needs to be in everyone’s home across the world!!!