Krux - 'Live' DVD
                                                                                                                                                                    Released through Mascot Records in 2004
Leif Edling - Bass (Candlemass)
Mats Leven - Vocals (Yngwie Malmsteen Band)
Jorgen Sanström - Guitar (Entombed)
Fredrik Akesson - Guitar (Talisman)
Peter Stjärnvind - Drums (Entombed)
Carl Westholm - Keyboards (Carptree)

1.) "Intro"
2.) "Black Room"
3.) "Enigma Ezb"
4.) "Nimis"
5.) "Shadowplay"
6.) "Omfalos"
7.) "Popocatépetl"
8.) "Krux"
9.) "Abstrakt Sun"
10.) "Evel Rifaz"
11.) "Lunochod"

    The DVD contains a eleven song concert, a video for the song "Black Room" and a interview with the band.  The concert was taped in a very small venue, probably a pub, and if I had to guess the location I would say some where in the general area of Norway.  Because the venue was so small the concert footage has a very personal feeling to it.  Set up behind the band is a screen that flashes images of a skull, upside down cross, and text.  It doesn't take very long to realize that Krux is not your normal every day death metal band.  Leif's vocal style has a very modern rock feel to it.  The songs, "Black Room", "Enigma Ezb", Nimis", and  "Popocatépetl" completely blew me away. "Enigma Ezb" has a very cool twin guitar rhythm arrangement and sound.  As a general rule with death metal bands the songs are usually written and recorded in such away where the songs don't sound like they have very much of a structure.  This is not the case with Krux.  Leif's vocal style gives the songs a very progressive metal feel.
    If you are into progressive metal or death metal than this DVD is defiantly worth checking out.