Judas Priest - 'Rising In The East' (DVD)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Released through Rhino Records in 2005
Rob Halford - vocals
Glenn Tipton - guitars
K.K. Downing - guitars
Ian Hill - bass
Scott Travis - drums

1.) "Hellion"
2.) "Electric Eye"
3.) "Metal Gods"
4.) "Riding On The Wind"
5.) "The Ripper"
6.) "A Touch Of Evil"
7.) "Judas Rising"
8.) "Revolution"
9.) "Hot Rockin'"
10.) "Breaking The Law"
11.) "I'm A Rocker"
12.) "Diamonds And Rust"
13.) "Worth Fighting For"
14.) "Deal With The Devil"
15.) "Beyond The Realms Of Death"
16.) "Turbo Lover"
17.) "Hellrider"
18.) "Victim Of Changes"
19.) "Exciter"
20.) "Painkiller"
21.) "Hell Bent For Leather"
22.) "Living After Midnight"
23.) "You've Got Another Thing Coming"

    Judas Priest was forged from the same industrial smoke of Birmingham, England as Black Sabbath.  And if Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are the grandfather and father of modern heavy metal then Judas Priest has to be the deranged uncle.  Throughout the seventies Judas Priest created many of the aspects of metal that would become clichés and eventually lead to it's self implosion of the late eighties.  This manly due to the existence of the much lesser practitioners of the day.  The metal gods were, and are still to this day, innovators everything from ear bleeding vocal screeches to being one of the first bands to use twin lead guitarist.  I remember as a child sneaking up into my older brother's bedroom and listening to Judas Priest's 'Sin After Sin' album and playing their cover of Joan Biaz's song "Diamonds And Rust" and just being blown away by the way K.K. and Glenn were almost of one mind with four limbs. Over the years Judas Priest's drum throne had been a revolving door of sorts until they enlisted drummer Scott Travis (Racer X).  Scott's hyper speed double bass drum work on the title track for the band's 1993 'Painkillers' CD gave the song a very intense thrash feel that would make speed metal drummers like Lars Ulrich cower in  fear. ( "When I played drums I would use the drum line to "Painkillers" as a warm up.  Believe me it's a great way to get a good solid workout".)  After the release of 'Painkillers' much to the dismay of the band, longtime vocalist Rob Halford made the decision to leave the group to concentrate on his solo project called Fight.  The remaining band members took a long needed vacation and could have easily went into retirement.  In 1997 Tim 'Ripper' Owens is hired to replace Rob Halford.  It is said that Priest was so impressed with Owens' vocal skills that an audition was set up in England just a few short days later, and after only singing the first verse of the Priest classic "Victim of Changes," landed the gig.  After recording three studio CD's with Priest rumors begin to surface of Rob rejoining the band.  In 2005 Judas Priest releases 'Angel of Retribution' through Sanctuary Records with original vocalist Rob Halford.
    The 'Rising In The East' DVD was recorded in Budakan Japan while on tour in support for their 'Angel Of Retribution' release.  Before I get into the performance let me just say this is one of the few DVD concert releases that has no extra footage outside of the concert.  As far as the set list goes I don't think any die hard Priest fan could have picked a better one.  I have not had the chance to listen to the latest Judas CD, so I can't tell you if Rob does this on the CD or not, but one of the things I noticed was on the songs the band perform from the new album was the fact that the sound engineer added a very cool vocal effect to the vocal lines.  In doing this the band were able to give the Priest sound a very modern feel.  Unlike most live performances it seems Rob changes outfits in between almost every song.  Over the years the band has perfected their live performance and with this DVD that is exactly what you get perfection.  The show opens with "The Hellion" which is off of the band's 1982 release 'Screaming For Vengeance'.  In the entire Judas Priest catalog there isn't one song outside of "The Hellion" that they could have opened this concert up with.  At times while watching the concert I found it very difficult to keep in mind the fact these guys are in there fifties.  When listening to the concert in 5.1 surround sound, you can hear Scott's drum fills traveling from one speaker to the next.  I found this to have a very cool effect on the listener.  Scott Travis has to be one of the smoothest drummers I have ever watched. During the intro for "Breaking The Law"  Rob, K.K., Glenn and Ian are each playing each others instrument at the same time.  This is something Judas created and have included it in just about every performance since.  Rob really gets the crowd involved during the choruses of this song.  Watching the guys perform "Diamonds And Rust" just blew me away!!!  Rob rides a Harley out to the stage for the opening of "Hell Bent For Leather".  The band closes the show with what probably is their biggest hit, "You've Got Another Thing Coming".
    If you are a fan of the Priest than this DVD is an absolute must have, especially for the longtime Judas Priest fans who have never had the chance to see the band.